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34 MlNLJTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MISETING 017 THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIT, IIELD 1\11' CITY HALL <br />JANUARY 15, 1979 <br />Answering rollcall were members Uredesen, Richards, Schmidt and Mayor Van Valken- <br />burg. <br />Planning Commission and Eir. Ray O'Connor of the Human Relations Commission. <br />Present also were Mrs. Helen McClelland of the Community Development and <br />NINUTES'of January 8, 1979, were approved as corrected by motion of Councilwoman <br />Schmidt, seconded by Councilman Bredesen, that Councilman Courtney's motion relat- <br />ive to the donation of a bus by Farmers & Eiechanics Bank (on page 24 of this Min- <br />utes Book) be corrected to read that "the City accept with thanks the contribution <br />of Farmers 6 liechanics Bank of a van to be used for senior citizens and handi- <br />capped people and other City uses, with the understanding that the City will use <br />volunteers to drive the vehicle and that the bank understands that the vehicle <br />may not be in constant use". <br />were corrected to read that negotiations are continuing on the - use of the property, <br />rather than on the purchase. <br />I <br />Minutes regarding the Morningside School property <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: Eone <br />Notion carried, <br />MRS. LOIS COON RECOGNIZED BY COUNCIL. <br />to Hrs. Lois Coon <br />mittee and as Chairman of the Edina Citizens Safety Council. <br />A Certificate of Recognition was presented <br />for her selfless efforts as a member of the Traffic Safety Com- <br />JOHN J. VELIE APPEAL FROM BOARD OF APPEALS AND ADJUSTMINTS DECISION CONTINUED. <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered <br />placed on file. As requested by Mr. Velie, Councilman Bredesen's motion was sec- <br />onded by Councilwoman Schmidt, continuing the hearing until February 5, 1979, on <br />variances for pzoperty located at 4300-4302 Valley View Road. <br />Bredesen, Richards , Schmidt , Van Valkenburg Ayes : <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />SUPERAMERICA APPEAL FROM BOARD OF APPEALS AND ADJUSTMENTS DECISION DENIED. Mr. <br />Bighes recalled.that the appeal of Superamerica from the Board of Appeals and Ad- <br />justaients decision €or approval of a driveway setback variance for Lot 2, Block I, <br />Enroth's First Addition (5205 Vernon Ave.) had been continued from December 4, <br />1978, as requested by Superamerica. Mr. Hughes advised that Superamerica is pro- <br />posing to remove its single pump island and replace it: with two rows of pump islands <br />covered by a canopy. <br />be reduced in size and the small landscaped area adjacent to the service road is <br />proposed to be eliminated. The proposed construction would cover the five foot <br />setback area required by City ordinance between all commercial drive aisles and <br />the street right-of-way line. Mr. Hughes advised that the Board of Appeals and <br />Adjustments had denied the variance in view of the fact that the property is already <br />a non-conforming site that the staff has recommended be upgraded, and not reduced <br />in conformity, that any hardship for Superamerica is self -imposed, that conformance <br />to the ordinance is easily possible and that the lack of adequate landscaping in <br />ihs area of the proposed variance will be detrimental to the public welfare. Mr. <br />John Hokanson, 5904 Code Ave., Engineering Manager for Superamerica, presented a <br />drawing of the proposal, advising that cars are stacking up during peak hours and <br />that the proposed larger drive would allow manguvering space to alleviate this con- <br />gestion. <br />many customers leave their cars to shop while parking at the punip island. In <br />response to a question of Councilman Bredesen, Nr. Leon Felmeyer of Superamerica <br />said that it would be very difficult to landscape the strip adjacent to the drive-. <br />way because the removal of snow and salty snow would be too hard on any plantings. <br />He clarified that trees and low evergreens are proposed to be planted in the green <br />area in the rear of the site and that it would be too costly to tear down the <br />building and construct another. Mr. James Coon of Superamerica concurred with <br />Mr. Felmeyer's comments and added that the site was adequate at the time it was <br />built but that it is not adequate to serve customers at the present time, much <br />less for any possible future increase in business. Elr. Richard Weigal, repres- <br />enting the Fred Watson Company, owner of the Typhoon Car Wash and Mr. Steak, <br />objected that the proposed construction would cause additional congestion for the <br />site. <br />provide additional parking spaces. <br />believe that a variance should'be granted simply because of the growth of a <br />business. <br />Richards then moved that the appeal from the Board of Appeals and Adjustments <br />decision be denied. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Schmidt. <br />He explained that the sidewalk in front of the building will <br />He explained further that Superamerica is a convenience shop and that <br />- <br />He added that Mr: Steak would also like to reduce its green area so as to <br />Nayor Van Valkenburg said that he did not <br />Stating that he sees nothing to substantiate a hardship, Councilman