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.. <br />(. . .- <br />IIINUTKS <br />OF TlIE RECXAR 3lEET'LNG OF THE <br />EDfNh CITY COUNCIL 1lELI) AT CITY HALL <br />. <br />APRIL 16, 1979 <br />hnswering rollcall r.7ere members Bredesen, Courtney, Ricnnrds, Schmi, <br />.1 x <br />I t "ani thy o r <br />Van '17alkenburg. Present also were Mr. tiomer Rinney of the Adviscry Health Coni- <br />'mittee, Plrs. Leslfe Turner and Plr. by O'Connell oE the Human Relntidns Conuiiission, <br />3ks. Helen McClellad of the CommunFty Development and Planning Commission , .and <br />YES. Alison Fuhr of the Citizens' Safety Committee. <br />EINUTES of April 2, 1979, were approved as presented by Eotion of Councilman' <br />Courtney, seconded by Couxilwoman Schmidt. <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: None <br />Notion carried. i. <br />BICYCLE SAFE!I'T WEEK NOTED. The folloxing resolution was unanimously approved: <br />T RESOLUTION <br />I.TfIEPEks, public interest in bicycling has increased tremendously in recent $i=es; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the rate of accidents involving bicycles hzs also increased, creating a <br />distinct need for continuing bicycle education; and <br />WBEREAS, during Bicycle Safety Week in the City of Edina, instruction in bicycle <br />safety will be protided by the Edina Police Department at the vzrious schoolsL <br />rwder the sponsorship of the PTA Council and the Citizens' Safety Council; <br />IiB, THEREPORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Edina City Council that all Edina younksters <br />be srged to paxticipate in Bicycle Safety Week which will be held from April 30 <br />through Nay 3, 1979, ia the City of Edina; and <br />EE IT RESOLVED FURTHER that all bicyclists in Edina be aware of their responsi- <br />Sility x&ile operating their .bicycles. <br />' <br />ST9RI-f SWR IWRGIrEEIEhT NO. P-ST.S-1Gl CONTINmD TO IW 7, 1979.Ur. Ejoffm& reviewed <br />proposals hezrd on February 5, 1979, fsr Improvement No. P-ST.Sz161j and advised <br />that new notices had been sent to property owners so that the storm sewer district <br />woGld he enlarged ro include Lot 3, Block .1, Howe's Addition; iots 2 thru 6;' IZac <br />i%llzn's First Addition; Lots 1 and 2, Block I, Code's First Addftion; Lots 6 thru <br />.lI, Virgizi-a Ave. Addition; Lots 10 thru 12, Xock I, Fairfax; Lats 12 thru 14, <br />Block 63 Fairfzx; Lots 13 thru 24, Block 10, Fairfax; ax2 Parcel 6201, Section 19, . T. 2'8, R. 24. Ye ad-vised that the total estimated construction cost of $3S7,438,36 <br />is pro~oseQ to be assessed against benefitted properties .at an estimated c?st of <br />4.*27$'per3square .. foot, with an estimated cost of $427 for the average property <br />omer, *and that discussions had been held with the School District but thst 'no <br />,decfsion had been reached. The Mzyor referred to letters which had been <br />recezvsd s+ce t5e meeting of April.2, 1979, from Mr. John N. Clausen, 4528 W..5Sth <br />St., and Xr. Leonard €1. l'iurray, 14 Woodland Road, both objecting to the propbsed <br />?qrovement. The Mayor elso referred to an article in the liinneapolis Star des- <br />cribicg plans for the County to fund a storm sewer project in thc, City of BlooznZng- <br />tori and -advised residents that ci;cumstmces the two situations are <br />different 2nd thst Edim would not be eligible for tax increment fmds fcr the <br />prcj-ject now under ccasideration. Nayor Van Vaikenburg referred tc serious: problem <br />~II which baseinents have been filled with water, causing severe daiilage to some hones. <br />He recelled thac+x~~c$ of the area was originally low land, that the City is neither <br />a propcnezlt or opponent of the improvement, arrd that no guarantee can be given that <br />the proposed improvesent will resolve $11 of the existing problems. Mayor Vsn <br />~%12:~n3urg advised that the drainage district Xnes are now based on a genera; <br />description and that these lines will be refir,eii by the Engineering Departlrent if <br />thz project is approved. Mr. John Olson, 5451 Ashcrcft Ave.;was told that it is <br />ZI-L a restrfctqd f10~. 1.i~~ Earl Isensee, 4617 Golf Terrace, wzs told by Mr. Hoffma <br />thzt the proposed improvement will not correct wet basements, t5at xhe project will. <br />cause sn additional problein for the School propqty 2nd that efkraorhinary benefits <br />have not yet Seen addressed. <br />storm'sewers were Lk6. Eleazor Perlich, 5808 Kellogg Am., and Xr. Ebgeiie Palmer, <br />5S2E .K;zllogg Ave. <br />heszrings for past storm sewers and. had urged that pipes be increased iil size. <br />couple living on Concord Ave. concurrdi? with Mr. Kinney that the City had made an <br />error at that time, and ?hat the cost 'apf the proposed stom sewr should, khcrefore, <br />be paid frog Genera!, Pmds an@ mi: assossed against property ovxel-s within ?he <br />, storm sewer district. Nr. Robert, Zicper, 4525 Tower St.: WIZS told by HI:. 'iiaE-Ema~1 <br />that an obstruction u'; bc blocking rhe pipe by his hone causing water to Stan6 5x1 <br />the street ari unusual lc~g;h, of ?Lice. Mr. Ziepcr and an midcntified lady abd <br />",ntIeman ir: -;he acdicncc *wetc told tlat the exist ing pipes bould 5e televised <br />I I. <br />I -propo'sed that the wstcr colle,cted in the schaol retention zrez :Jould be released <br />O'ojecting chat they have'already paid for existing <br />Mr, €lone$ Kinnsy, 4.513 Oak Drive, recalled that h& had zrtsnded <br />A <br />%.I <br />* *: ,.