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'' , , <br />. MINUTES 1 - ' 2.e <br />' '* EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL- I+ <br />NAY 7, 1979 . v -3;- <br />OF THE KEGULAR XZETING OF THE .3r <br />, f- * I <br />f [j <br />Answering rollcsfl were members Bredesen, Courtney, Richards , Schmidt and Nayor <br />Vm Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES of April 16, 1979, were approved as submitted by motion' of CouncilwoA <br />Schm2dt , secon2ed by Councilman Courtney. <br />LDrcsent also pias Mr. Honer Kinney of the.Advisory Health Co&&ttee. <br />I -I) <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Van Valicenburg .I <br />Nays: Eone .E*. <br />,MotiGn carried. I' .+ <br />BOY SCOUT TROOPS R3ICOGNIZED. <br />fro= Good Samaritarr Church and Troop 196 from Diamond Lake Lutheran Church to the <br />Mayor Van Vzllcenburg welcomed Boy ScoutXTroop 68* <br />meeting. , r. t. t <br />RQBEXT ?I- BAHNEbfAH RECOGNIZED BY COUNCIL. <br />Robert X. Bahnemn a reproduction of the Erlina Seal which Mr. Bahneman had carved <br />and ichich he had presented to the City. <br />- and commended for his outstznding work in carving the seal. <br />"kSPECT FOR ' MI? WEEK'' PSOCLkMED. <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg presented to Nr. <br />Nr. Bahneman was thanked by the Council <br />-. . ,' <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg issued the followjng pro- <br />.e clamation: + <br />-,lmEREAs, crime and its effect upon the lives and property of our citizens continue <br />PROCWATION _. 1 f <br />u-dirr;irrished, despite efforts by government, citizens' organizations and my <br />individuals; and <br />'I@EREL4S, the problsms of-crime touch and affect all segments of our society, under- <br />,prkirig md erocting the moral and economic strength of our communities,and <br />cftfzens; and t. <br />'IZdE?EAS, there is still a reluctance on the part of many citizens to'knvolve <br />1 rshemselves in actions to insure the protection, rights and well being of their, <br />I , .f f ellqw, citizens ; 2nd <br />fpXEAS, Optimist clubs md their members continue to sponsor and suppor,t program <br />a%ned at coz5attirrg crime, ani! disrespect for law through year-roud efforts;,.,. <br />RW, TEEREWP', BE IT RZSOLVED that I, James Van Valkenburg, Mayor of the. City, of <br />Edina, $0 proclah the veek of May 1-7, 1979, as <br />I <br />,$ 1 P IiESPECT FOR LPJJ WEEK <br />, .=n$ askrail citizens of.the City of Edina to join with the Optimkts in cayrying - qik -nesszge ,of respect cfor law t3 other citizens, and by example, exercise <br />. rc.5:pon.sZd.e c?tizenship . <br />*:-i.-.- 5- ~ -; <br />-,~-. <br />WY 3rf . '..P3 6. <br />,- --- i STOI'X S~V~Z .WROVBiENT NC, ST.S-161 APPROVED. __ * .-hearkg ~cra Storia Sexer Improvement NO. P-ST.S-161 ha2 been continued from the; <br />*-. wr - Comcil. Xeetir-g -of April 16, 1979, so that results of the televisim of the. pipes <br />.,;.could be stndied. <br />Nr. Hoffman recalled that- thg public <br />Xr. -doffma advised that SKI blockages exist in the pipes, -i.r - w@+ would. cause ssweragz hackLvs and reconmended the construction of Revi.e@r - Altem&e C xhich would provide for retention of water on the sckcol property..& <br />Under -Nternste C, storin water pipes installed in Tower Street between <br />'I~qod&alr_s and St. Johns Avenues and in Wooddale Avenue from Tower Street to inter- <br />The project also would .tacludg,back <br />,$ard pipibg as jequested by owners of property with particular grobl6ms. <br />. - <br />,. <br />li*- I. ..d - <br />~ cept wZqh a large pipe to Ennehaha Creek. <br />% ma^; said that the assessment district would be more clossly defined if theipro.ject <br />- <br />.%,.:+*$off- <br />f" <br />. 'propssed to be assessed at an estimated ,$.0358 per square foot. <br />is approved and' recornended that, before the assessment hearing, extFaord$n,ayy. <br />assesperts bie recornended f 6r certain specially benefited areas. qost of. t1nk ' <br />rGcomeoded project (gevised Alternate C) was given by Kr. Hoffmzn at $325;438, <br />At%ention.wasl <br />called to a letter fram Dr. Dpald I. Pi-or, Assistani: Superintelident for-Busiiiess <br />Servicgs Services for Zdina School Distric'; 273, proposing that a r'iqn sych'a? <br />Brauelr lssocia-ies be einployd to represent thc interests of the Schop'lL District <br />.and Kto consul: with the City Engineering" Department on the design anC spebifica- <br />iions hr hthe work -io be done 011 their property. A letter &xpresainG bpposition <br />to the im2rovemer,t fron IJr. and Mrs. John E. Gadey was also noted. Councflman <br />Rr;c@ards saiii that he still is not convinced that the proposed-improvemedc.%ilZ <br />heI?-the Tower Strzei sanitary sewer bgckup problehs. <br />of CouncilmaT? Richzrds, City Attorney Erickson said that he did not -2hinlc.5.t wbdd <br />until a 12,ter ditr, Speakkg 5~ favcr QE the inprovenent were Els. Mikrgzret: .Bran& <br />e+&rg, 5813 iishcro5t iive:, '2nd ~r: Ro5ei-t ~ee~~e.r, 5805 Concord Ave. J In res?onse <br />tc conmats 'iwdz in +ospGsitimi to, th& -hprovzmer,t by Mr. 'Mich&el44. Jones 'axid" Er. <br />-vq <br />e <br />' <br />2, 'li - <br />x> <br />~ ' In C-sphse td a question <br />'b-2 legzl to Order the 2ntire'improvement a& postpone the Tower Stree't pbrt4bn- <br />I' <br />t. <br />t *;- lic?m& fci?r,ey, butl: of Oak* DrZ$@, 12&o su&e3Btedtthat the improvement be paid, fwin <br />, _. ." yr I. * . r '. L r.i I .* 3'. *.*I 6 '.b <br />'F f. -' ' ,* <br />!