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, If6 <br />MINUTES , ,* V” - I :‘1 . .I <br />OF THE IZEGU1,AR PlEETING OF THE <br />. EDINA CITY COUNCIL UELD i\l’ CITY HALL <br />JUNE 4, 1973 <br />. I .,w <br />Answering rollcall were members Courtney, Richards, Schmidt , and Pfayor Van Valkzn- <br />burg. <br />Planning Commission and Dr.Richard Simmons of the Advisory Ilealtli Board. <br />RECOGNITION OF EDLNA POLICE RESERVES. <br />resolution which was unanimously adopted, and made presentations to those named <br />as follows: <br />Present also were Mrs. Helen l4cCLelland of the Community Deve1opnient:hnd <br />Playor Van Valkenburg read the following <br />RESOLUTION OF CONGRATULATIONS <br />WHEREAS, the Edina Police Reserves are an integral service with the Edina Police <br />Department; and <br />IWEREAS, the Edina Police Reserves provided 1,738 hours of volunteer service to <br />the residents of the City of Edina during 1978; and <br />TJHEREAS, the Edina Police Reserves worked with the followhg activities during <br />the year: <br />Farch of Dimes . Special Park Patrol <br />Edina Jaycees Vice-president Mondale Visit <br />Wooddale School Carnival- . High School Football <br />School Patrol Special Holloween Patrol <br />Edina Fourth of July Celebration <br />and marry other duties; and <br />TEEREAS, the Edina Police Reserves save the residents of Edina countless dollars <br />while providing support to the Edina Police Department; and <br />WHEREAS, the Edina Police Reserves maintain the highest professional attitudes, <br />standards of performance, and ezhics; <br />EOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, b~7 the City Council of the City oE Edina, Minnesota, <br />that <br />(Name of Officer) <br />a member of the Edina Polibe Reserves having volunteered <br />(Number of Hours) <br />in the service of the City of Edina and the Edina Police Department be commended <br />and heartily thaked for excellent service to Edina. <br />Recognized were: Tim &ne, 294 1/2 hours; Loren Hallonquist, 267 hours; Plarc <br />Thielnan, 254 hours; Ronsld Craig, 204 3/4 hours; Sandi Quint, 167 3/4 hours; <br />Michael Bodeen, 165 1/4 hours; Scott Johnson, 133 3/4 hours; Jens Zovesrud, <br />106 hours; Kay Torbenson, 73 1/2 hours; and Peter Semenkewitz, 66 hours. <br />Hopkins Raspberry Festival <br />7 <br />I <br />PUBLIC HEARING CONDUCTED ON PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT. <br />sented by Acting Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed OIL file. <br />Affidavits of Notice were pre- <br />Due <br />notice having been given, public heasicg was conducted and actioz? taken as here- <br />iqafter set forth. <br />A. COWTRUCTION OF PE’ILLMENT STREET SUEFACING WITH C0NCP;ETE CURB AND GUTTER <br />.? <br />AND SIDEWALK IFPROVENEXT NO. P-BA-239 IN THE FOLLQWING: <br />York Avenue from I?. 74th Street to I?. 76th Street <br />Rorth slde of W. 76th Street froin Parlclaxnm to Xerxes Avenue <br />Sidewalk on East side of York.Avenue and North side of W. 75th Street from- <br />York A.renue to Xerxes Avenue , <br />West side of York Avenue from I.T. 74th Street to I?. 76th Street <br />‘N, 76th Street frcm York Avenue West to the West line of Ebenezer Society <br />Property <br />3. CO3STRUCTION OF SIDEWALK INPROVEMENT NO. P-S-26 <br />Hr. Rosland presented total estimated construction cost of $239,591.77 of which <br />$209,866.37 is proposed to be funded by tax-increment financing, and a portion <br />of the project is to be assessed against tlie following: <br />Lot A, Zbenezer Society 1st Addition; and Lot 5, Lyndale Builders Association. <br />The proposed rates of assessment are $20.00 per lineal fcot for property abatting <br />Pork Aveme €or a tokal of 1,208.72 assessable feet, and $10.00 per lineal foot <br />for property abutting the North side of W, 76th Street for a total of 555.C9 <br />ssessable feet. Xr. Hoffman advised that the sidewalk on the Kest side of York <br />Avenue Erom‘M. 74th Street to I$. 76th Street; and on W. 76th Street from York <br />Avenue Vest to the Nest line of Ebenezcr Society propsrty is proposcd to be a <br />separate- project to be funded by municipal state-aid fiinds. <br />the project evolved from an Agreement dated June 26, 1.978, between the Ediira <br />Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HM) and Yorkdale To&hcnies of Edina, JXd. , <br />and that rhe City will do the Work the KRA agreed LO do in said Agreeai&it. <br />Nr. Erickson stated that Council would need to authorize the executioii os a3 <br />A~reemeiit: between the City and the HRA in vhich the NlU ~Otlk? request the ‘City. to <br />do the Work and qon completion 3f the ‘Work the ‘HRA would pay tlie cost thereof to <br />the City. <br />improvement and is of the present opinion that the proposed j.mproven;cnt will add <br />Lot 1, Block 1 axd ‘ <br />He explained that <br />It was ais0 noted that thc Gity Assessor has reviewed the proposed