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126 I <br />6/5/79 <br />M. I?. -Schneidcr, 5208 Birclicrest Drive, requcstbg review of the market val <br />of $89,100 on his property, based on ,the fact that he purchased 1t one- Gedk- <br />prior to Januzry 2, 1979, €or $84,000. <br />R. Waldo Anderson, 5209 Valley View Road, objecEing to a narket value of <br />$102,700 for the reason that the truck traffic noise on the Crosstom high^^^$ <br />has increased during the last few years an:! he would be unable to sell' t%e ~ * property at that value. e* <br />,; 5 <br />I Donald C. McGorman, 5917 Killarney Lane, objecting to a market valuk of" - * <br />$98,300 on his home and requesting Assessor'to view same. He stated t1;at . *-' <br />in his opinion the market value should be in the area of $85,OCO bo $98,000. <br />. James E. Donohue, representing Dale E. Johnson owner of 7519 Hyde Park Drzve, <br />objecting to estimated market value of $192,000, based on actual cost of <br />building the home as being $1'36,299. <br />Xr. Johnson then presented the fpllowing list of property values currently under <br />review by the Assessor's office and advised that the requests had beea mad2 by' <br />phone conversation with or by personal appearance of the property owners : <br />Xame and Address Estimated Market Valce James Rutherford, 5301 West 63rd 'Street $103,800 * 4. '* <br />Leo J. Raskind, 3 Orchard Line 100,500 <br />Betty Parsons, 5912 Grimes Avenue 56,300 <br />Nancy Birger, 5716 Xerxes Avenue 68,700 <br />Daniel Dodge, 6309 Virginia Avenue 99,000 <br />- Carol A. Wilson, 6844 Oaklawn Avenue 77,500 * <br />Donald McGorman, 5917 Killarney Lane 98,300 <br />There being no one else requesting to be heard, Mayor Van Vallcenkurg declared <br />the meeting adjcurned until 4 p.m. on June 19, 1979. Adjournmeat at 5:05 p.m. <br />Acting City Clerk <br />MINUTES OF THE CONTIBUED NEETING OF THE <br />EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />HELD TUESDAY , JUNE 19 , 1979 , AT 4 :00 P .MI <br />Answering rollcall for the continued meeting of the Board of Review were smi)zrs <br />Courtxey , Sclmidt and Xayor Van Valkeiiburg. <br />Xr. Robert EIifl, 5204 Richwood Dr., appeared again to protest the Assessor's <br />estiinated market vaiue of $69,800. He ad-viscd that, while lie could not sell <br />his hme for more than $75,000, his estimate6 market value is higher than otker <br />houses in his neiglhorhood which would sell for considerably nore. <br />Ta37lor of the Assessor's office advised that she had made comparisons with the <br />property at 5229 Richwood Drive nentioned by Pir. Hill, and had forind no as- <br />cregancies in the values of the two properties. <br />Property at 7201 Bark Ave. was represerited by Ms. Donna King wbo made comeats <br />additional to those made by Mr. Edxard H. Palmer at the Board of Review Neet- <br />ing of June 5, 1979. She conteiided that, until the building is completed 2nd <br />occupied-, the vdue should 5e proportionately lower. <br />Councilwoman Schmidt's nation was then seconded by Councilman Richards, for <br />reduction of values en the f0110~hg properties : <br />Xame Le gal Description Value <br />Arthur Buffington Lot 1, Bi. 1, Ovzrholt Hills Georgia 3rd $ i2,OOO <br />sdins Mascinic Lodge 8343 18,000 <br />Keith Carlson Lot 1, 33.. 3, Ediri~ Icterchauge Centzr 55,5@3 <br />Keith Carlsorr Lot 2, 13.1. 2, Nim: 8ile Vest t:;t Adcin. 324 > 500 <br />21s- Jo <br />Part 01 LO^ 23, iurtitor's Subc!ivision 196