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138 <br />I '1 II I, <br />MINUTES <br />t 1. ' 5,. 5, ' OF THE REGULIR $lIEETIISG OF THE <br />+ *, EDINA CI~ COUNCIL I~ELD AT CITY HALL <br />I. <br />JULY 2, 1379 <br />r <br />Answering rollcall were members BredesFn, Schmidt and Nayor Van Valkenburg. <br />MINUTES of Nay 7 and June 4, 1979, werk approved as submitted by motion of <br />Co'uncilwoman Schnidt , seconded by kouncilmip Bredesen. <br />' <br />i <br />." <br />I <br />Ayes: . Bredesen, Schmidt, Vm Vdkenburg <br />nays: None <br />Motion carried. .. <br />..< <br />RADISSON SOUTH REQUEST FOR PC-2 PXWD COMMERCIAL DISTRICT PLAN MIENDEENT <br />APPROVED. <br />PC-2 Planned Commercial Plan to permit the hotel to construct a five story addi- <br />tion to the existiog two story shopping mall on the Edina side of the complex to <br />&low a three story height variance had been continued from the Council Meeting <br />of June 18, 1979, so that alternate plans for the parking lot could be studied. <br />He advzsed that the proposal of Radisson South to restripe the existinglotwould <br />result in a less functional lot which would not be-to everyone's best interest. <br />Xr. Hughes recommended that the City and liadisson South enter into a Proof of <br />Parking Agreement which has been used in the past with other office and commer- <br />cial buildings in the City whereby the Radisson would commit 'to construct a park- <br />ing rarcp on'the site or some other alternate means to provide additional parking. <br />He clarified that, in this way, the Radisccn would have an opportunity to con- <br />sider other means to ,solve the parking problem. Mr. David Constable of Radisson' <br />South said that the final decision as to whether to sign the Proof of Parking <br />Agreement would be up to their Finance Department. <br />sized that the City would determine the need for additional spaces. <br />Bredesen's-notion for approval of the PC-2 Planned Commercial District Plarr Amend- <br />ment, subject to receipt of the Proof of Par'king Agreement, was then seconded by . <br />Councilwoman Schmidt. <br />Er. Hughes recalled that the request of Radisson South to amend the <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg empha- <br />Comcilman <br />Rollc ail : <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />* Nays: None <br />EIUBING DATES SET Fog VARIOiJS PLANqING BL4TTEKS. As recommeEded bji Nr. Hughes, <br />Coiincilxoman ScIimidt 's motion was .seconded by Councilmm Bredesen, setting hearzng <br />?lotion carried. <br />date of July 16, 1979, for the following planning matters: <br />1) Fsbri-Telc - Release of Deed Restrictions - R.L.S. 1145 <br />2) <br />3) <br />Braemar Associates - R-1 Residential District to 0-1 Office District (Gen- <br />erally located Xorth of 1.7. 78th St. and W. of Cahill Road) <br />The Habitat - Preliminary. Plat-Approval and 22-1 Residential District to <br />~ K-2 Zesidential District -(Generally located North of Vernon Ave. and <br />West of L'incoln Drive) <br />Do5 Berg Construction Co. - Preliminary Plat Approval and R-1 Residential <br />F2dlg District to PRD-2 Planned Residential District (Generally located <br />Msrt'n of the Crosstom Bigliway and West of the m&S IEailroa.3 tracks) 1, <br />FaFrchild' s Prospect Hills - Preliminary Plat Approval (Generally located <br />Sogth of b?. 70th Street and West of Antrim Road , <br />4) <br />5) <br />LOT 2, <br />Xr. Hughes recalled that the hearing €or vacation of li drzin2ge easeiaknt bver a BLOCK 3, SCHZY'S PARK'VIEW TEIIRD ADDITION ZASEHEEZ' VACATION A3PROKD. - <br />- <br />part or' Lot 2, Block 3, Schey's Park View Third Additioii had been continued from <br />June 18, 1979, as requested by Mr. Ronald Kranli, owner of the property immediately <br />North of the property in question who had been concerned with the effect of the* <br />easement vacation on his property. Mr. Itrank was assured that by Erg Robert Ober- <br />meyer that the vacation would .have no advegsary effect on zdjaceat property. Mr. <br />Kranlc was also assured that the City would approve the grzding of the drivek-ay oE <br />the proposed dwelling and also approve any type of grading change that might take <br />place on the portion of the easement vfiich'is not being vacated. Council was, <br />reminded that, at che meeting of June 4, 1979, Nr. Hoffiimi had recommended the <br />vacation of che easement as pet5tioncd but also that the 2asement on the low <br />portion of the lot 5c irc:a;ined for drainage and 1.7.2ter storage, including the . . <br />storm sewer area, ad subject to retention of the Northcl-11 States Power ease- <br />ment ;long the Ncreh lot line. No further objections being heard, Councilman <br />Bi-edesen offered the following resolution and moved its adopticn, with the cond'i- <br />ticn that the Guilding Department cl)cck th2 elevat:fons of the drivecray and any <br />other possrble gradiag changes that might be made on the portion of the easeiient <br />being retained by the City: . . . .. <br />ESOLUTTON VACATING EASEI4EKT FOR STOR14 L7ATEI: DRIINAGX PU1:POSES ---. <br />IEERXAS, 2 resolfition of the City Coi:ncil, adopted the 7th clay of Ysy: 1979,, <br />fixed a date for a pu~~ic Iiearing'on a proposed vnF:itiim of easeacnt SOT stom <br />-