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173 <br />OF THE REGELAR MEETING OF THE <br />ELSLNA CITY C0I;"iiCIL HELD AT CITY IULL <br />1 . SEPrnBraigr, _l.g-, ' 1979. <br />Answering rollcall were membei-s Bredesen, Courtney, Richards , Schmidt and Nayor <br />Van Valkenburg. <br />ment and Planning Commission, Mr. Vern Moss from the Advisory Health Committee, <br />and Messrs. Tom Oye, Arthur Ruden, Raymond O'Connell and Hrs. Leslie Turner of <br />the Humarz Relations Commission. <br />Present also were Mrs. Helen McClelland of the Community Develop- <br />MINUTES of August 20, 1979, were approved as presented by motion of Councilwoman <br />Schmidt, seconded by Councilman Bredesen. <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: Xone I Motion carried. <br />l <br />EDIKA WOMEN'S SOFTBALL TEAM CONTRATULATED. <br />ing Resolution of Congratulations : <br />WHEREAS, during the 1979 Edina Adult Slo-Pitch Softball Season, seventeen young <br />ladies of the Edina Women's Softball Team, sponsored by County Seat, under the <br />able direction of Coach Dennis Wuebker, have continued to exemplify the highest <br />goals of good sportsmanship and outstanding proficiency; and <br />WHEWS, the team efforts have been rewarded by winning the Edina Women's Play- <br />offs Championship and also the BB Waxen's State Tournament; and <br />WHEREAS, during this past softball season, these young ladies have represented <br />Edina in the highest manner; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and City Council that the outstanding <br />accomplishments of the County Seat Softball Team deserve the sincere gratitude <br />of the citizeniy of Edina for the exemplary manner in which the team has conducted <br />itself and for the great credit the team has brought to the community; and <br />BE .IT FURTHER RESOLVED that appropriate copies of this resolution be presented to <br />Paula Buie, Mary Jo Colleral, Diane Friede, Karen Hopkins, Lisa Hopkins, Donna <br />Kolzow, Karen Kolzow, Gretchen Larson, Kari Lee, Lori Lemieux, Ann McBurney, <br />Barb Moeller, Lisa Nelson, Val Spann, Lynn Spelman, Deaise Vesper, Lisa Wuebker, <br />and to Coach Dennis Wuebker. <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg read the follow- <br />F3SOLUTION OF CONGRATULATIONS <br />CONSTITUTION WEEK PXOCLAMATIOE ISSTJED. <br />proclamation : <br />CONSTITUTION WEEK PRO CLAMAT ION <br />WHEREAS, SeptemSer 17, 1979, marks the one hundred ninety-second anniversary of <br />the adoption of the Constitution of the United States of Amrica by the Constitu- <br />tional Convention; and <br />WHEREPS, to accord official recognition to this memorable anniversary, and to <br />the patriotic exercise that will form a noteworthy feature of the occasion, seems <br />fitting and proper; and <br />WHEREAS, Public Law No. 915 guarantees the issuing of a proclamation each year by <br />the President of the United States of America designating September 17 through <br />23 as Constitution Week; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, I, JAMES VAN VALKZNBTJZJ,G, by virtue of the authority vested in me <br />as Mayor of tIrs City of Edina, in the State of Miniiesota,.do hereby proclaim the <br />week of Septexber 17 through 23, 1979, as <br />fn the City of Edina, and urge all our citizens to pay special attention during <br />that week to our Pederel Constitution and the advantages of American Citizenship. <br />Mayor Vm Valkeiiburg issued the following <br />CONSTITUTION WEEK <br />- l5"30 BUDGET PRESENTED. <br />as required by law. <br />Of the Council would be held on Septeder 13, 1973, at 4:OO p.m. in the City Hall <br />Conference Room and that the public is invited. No foml action was taken. <br />Mr. Dalen presented the proposed I980 Budget to the Council <br />>fayor Van Valkeilburg announced that the first working session <br />DON BERG CONS'T2,UCTION COI.IPI"Y VLAT AND PFa-2 ZOIJING REQbTST CONTINUED TO NEXT <br />MEETING. <br />to PRD-2 for property located Xorrh of the Crosstown Xighdzy znd West of the MN&S <br />b:i.lroac! tracks had bccn contfnucd from August 20, 1979, so that the staff could <br />prepare f5nSings for Council's review. Mr. Berg took issue with the Council Min- <br />utes of July 16: 1979, which stated that Mr. Berg withdrew his request for two <br />four unit buildings and said that he would submit lower density plans for the <br />site .o the Cornunity Developnent and Planning Commission". that his ixtilat had been only to gain rime to have the other prints prepared. In <br />response to Mr. Bei-g's objecrion chat residents objecting to his proposal did not <br />live within SO0 feet of the sd~ject property, the Mayor explairred that, while the <br />City is required to send notices to all property owners xithin 500 feet, there are no restricttons as to who speaks before the Council. <br />Ek. Buglies recalled thzt the petition of 1lr. Don Berg for a rezcjning <br />It <br />Mr. Berg sai'd <br />Mr. Berg showed drawings