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I82 MINUTES <br />MINUTES of Sepceinber 10, 1979, were approved as submitted by motion of Council- <br />man Cocrtney> secondej. by Councilwomn Schmidt. <br />MRS. SHIRLEY 7EEESEN --- RECOGNIZED.' Hayor Vm Valkenburg read the following kesolu- <br />tion of Xecognitioii for Yis. Shirley Petersen: <br />hTE%3AS, the 3dim Park and Recreaticiz Department has begm to operate a green- <br />house at hesca Acres, Edina's ar3oretuix; and <br />WHEREAS, Shirley Petersen, a resident of the City of Edina has organized, during <br />1979, "Lhe first year of the greenhouse opn,ration, the Edina Garden Clubs for the <br />purpose of transplx..tb= plants and other flora to establish the greenhouse pro- <br />grain; and <br />TJF,EP!-G , Shirlq Peters= hes gezerallqr organized, in conjunction with the Edina <br />Park md !kcreation EqarZi~snt , the operation of the greenhouse at Arneson Acres ; <br />aid <br />Edina as a vX!.uncees; <br />NOW, THEY.?3PGXE, 3E IT %SOLVED that the Edina City Council does hereby recognize <br />for hcr creatLve and productive leadership toward providing the residents of the <br />Cizp of Edka a li-~jlig~ responsLve, and on-going greenhouse program. <br />:I 1 <br />.. RESOLUTION OF WCOGNITION <br />. TEEGAS, St-ir-iey letersen kas perforined thls valuable service for the City of <br />SHIR-i.1 PETERSEN I' <br />3Sr. Wrton Arxsca, the gentleman who donated the fifteen acre tract knom as . "hkeson Acres': adder1 his remarks of appreciation to Mrs. Petersen. <br />E3IWi 3L4SOXIC LOXF 81,000 CHECK PRESZNTED TO CITY. <br />Da-gid HuIi mi Jwicz- Steward Lo~ire11 Holiaan of Edina Mesonic Lodge No. 243, I <br />presmted a c:?rcit in C;i3 awunt of $l,OOp to the City of Edirrs for the purchase <br />~f Iztn, s;nypm-t_ ?n,~i.i.pme~'~, sa5.d fiiuris being earned ay the 1,ori~e's Second Annual <br />22's.l 5~13y2~ Flqjack Festival. Chspla-in Eull exprsssed the gratitude of the Lodgr; <br />for thc assis;az~ce of the City ?ire and Police Depertments, Edine Eastern Star and <br />Job's 3a-qgli;crz for hzlping to make the breakfast a success. The Mayor expressed <br />&E z-?precizticjn cf the City for the gezlerous gift. <br />3U3I3C HZAXIXGS CC!&G?ZCTED ON' NL)?@X03S SFECLAL BSSESSXEWTS FOR PUBLIC I$PROVEIlENTS - <br />Master Ted Rane, Chaplain I <br />. <br />&=fld~~,i ,Lq iL of lhtic~ ~7ere presented by Clerk, appsoved as to form and ordered <br />Flsccd GD fZIp,, <br />actioa taken-as hereinafter rscorded: <br />A- VAYEraaf?? iIPRO'iTEHi3NT NO. ln4-334 il; THE FOLLOVIXG: <br />Due xotice having 3ecn ~iveri, public Ilearings weri? conducted ad <br />Sk=zn$messy goad Zromi4est 78th Street North to the South line or' Lotsqll <br />aci i2, ljlock 3, Dsmy Eli. Second Additio,i. <br />E. %slam3 pr~,scnted Analysis of Assessment showing total constructioa cost at <br />$f7,222.C3, 2roposeli 23 be assessed agz-h~s: 10 lots at. $1,267.37, with Outlot 3, <br />Dewq EilX 2nd Acldition being assessed a zdditional $6,548.33, against estimated <br />asscssm2_;lt of $927.80. No objections were heard and none had been received, <br />prLor thereto. (See Resofutioz Ordering Assessinznt later in Hicutes.) . <br />3. G&!LDLX'G AXil GRAVELING DIPROVE>EhrT XO. C-128 I!? THE FOLLOWING: -I <br />= S'nqugixiessy Rmid fro2 k'. 78th Szreet to Cul-de-sac <br />Xr. F,osla2 presented -4naiysis of ,lssessrnmt shoving total constr-xtion cost of <br />$13,220.33, proposed to ba assessed agaiilst 932.05 sssessable fer: at $16.33 per <br />foot agahst estzmnted assessment of $10.94 pzr assessable foot. No objections <br />were hezrii and acme :?ad been receive2 prior thcrato. <br />Assessment larn-r in 3E.nutcs .> <br />?4r. 2csian?l preskntcd total constructlon cost cf $32,586.66, proposed to 3e assessed <br />agairist: 13 ssxoszhlc lots at $l,J.25.5?, with Outlot By Devey Eill 2nd AdditLoa be- <br />ing assessed a3 zdditional $21,329.96. <br />recei-ed pricr thereto. <br />$1,045.04. <br />(S2e "nesolutioii Ordezi9g Assessment later in Xinutes. ) <br />2. STGXX SELEB GPRCITXEXT NO. ST.S. I60 Ih' T2.3 BOLLOWING: <br />St. Albar,'s Circlt. frox Gleacoa 2cad to Cul-de-sac <br />x- Lqz. - <br />$12,712.S6, nropoacd to be assrxised a,aa&st niae assessable 102s at $1,412.54 <br />DC.F 3-3~ ag;rzL>st: crcisztcd rzr;.;essmtnf of $1,471.35 per loc. <br />(See Xesolution Orderzrig <br />I <br />C. SAXIT.QY SEWEX IXPROPEXEUT NO. SS-350 D! 733s FOLLOWIYG: <br />Eo objections were hsard and none had been <br />(Se Resolution Ordering Assessment later in Finutes. <br />So oh-jccrioos '1.;2re heard ail& none hat; been receiver! prior thereto. <br />~cxfa;lcl pcseii:.-d tLiiaLysks of Assessment showing 'io2A. csnstrzction CCS? uf <br />MJ &jcctior,s wzre