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MINUTES <br />EDINA CITY COUHCIL IXLD AT CITY UALL <br />.. OF T€E KEGTJLAR EETING OF THE . *I *.? <br />OCTOBER 15, 1979 :, . ' <br />JL <br />I .*? <br />Aaswering rollcall were members Eredesen, Courtney, Richards , Schmidt and Hayor <br />Vnr, Valkenburg. <br />opment and Planning Comission <br />BffNUTES of October 1, 1979, were approved as presented by motion of Councilwon?ur <br />Schnidt, seconded by Councilman Courtney. <br />Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, SchIoidt, Van Vallcenburg <br />Present also were Nmes. HeleIi McClelland of the Cornunity Devel- <br />id Leslie Turner of 'the Human Relations Comission. <br />- <br />Ayes: <br />Nays: : None .: 1 <br />Motion carried. .. <br />KLODT'S ADDITION TO EDINA GRANTED FINAL PLAT APPROVAL CONDITIONALLY; ORDINANCE NO. <br />811-A130 ADOPTED ON SECOND READING. <br />for ,Xlodt's Addition to Edina and Second Reading of Ordinance No. SiI-Al30 had been <br />Council was reminded that final plat approval <br />continued from the meeting of October 1, 1979, so that the matter of'the scbdivision <br />dedication could be further studied. Mr. Paul Nodt, the developer, contended that <br />he had already made a fair dedication to the City and pointeci out that the property <br />had already been platted at one time and that no new subdivision is really necess7 <br />ary. open space easement. Mr. Roslznd pointed out that if a new plat is necessary, he <br />belis~ed that a $lS,OOO subdivisiori fee was realistic. In response to a question <br />OZ Mayor Van Valkenburg, Nr. Rosland explained that the special assessment on the <br />property included the cost of the right-of-way, which cost was paid to the former <br />owners. <br />hg resolution ad moved its adoption: <br />He referred also to the fact that he had already given the City a 50 foot <br />No filrther discussion being heard, Councilman Courtney offered the follpw- <br />RESOLUTION . GEL4NTIBG FINAL APPROVAL TO PAUL KLODT FIRST ADDITION <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Edina, Xinnesota, that that <br />czrtain plat entitled "Paul. IUodt First Addition", platted by Lakewest , a Gene& <br />Pzrtnership, Paul Rlodt, General Partner, Klodt Construction Corporstion, General <br />Partner, Paul Klodt, President, and by Northern Federal Savings & Loa Asspciation, <br />a gaited Scates Corporatiozl , and. presented at the October 15 1979 , Comcil Neeting <br />cf t>s CiQ of Edha, be znd is hereby grated final plat approval subject to trie <br />c.oilc13~ion chsc cne Ziq be granreri a 50 fuvt ~peu spats szis~iii~~ zzd 2 $lS,%!C! <br />. sublZvfsfan dedicztion, and further that a berm aid landscaping Ei? pro-..Sed to <br />screen tbe parkiag lot from __ I the adjacent residential area to tlze East. -- <br />3ktion fcr zdoption of the resolution was seconded by Councilman Bredesen. <br />aollcail: *i <br />Ayes: Bredeser;, Courtney, Schmidt, Van Vaaenburg <br />Mays : . Xic'nards (who considered the subdivhion dedication inadequate) <br />Zesolu~ icrn adopced. <br />Couzlciliazn Courtney then offered Ordinznce No. 811-A130 for Second Reading as fox;- <br />lows : <br />ORDISANCE NO. 811-A130 <br />AX OECDIXAHCE AHENDING THE ZONING ORDIXANCE (KO. 811) <br />BY ADDING TC THE OFPICE DISTiZTCT (0-1) <br />TEE CITY COUNCIL OF YdE CITY OF EDINA, IrlIN1U'ESGTA, ORDAIflS: <br />Section 1. Paragraph 1 of Sect5on 8 of Ordinance No. Si1 of the City is <br />"The extent of the Office District (Sub-District 0-1) is enlarged by the <br />That part of the Southeast Quarter of the Southmst Quarter of Section 32, <br />Tovnshiy 28, Range 24, described as follows: Camencing ca the North line <br />of said Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter at a point 52 1/12 rods <br />\?est from the Northeast corner thereof, thence South to the South line, <br />thereof, thence East 30 4/12 rods, thence North to a point discant 330 feet <br />South from th North line thereof? thence Wzst 188 feet , thence Ncrth 330 <br />-feet, thence West to.ths point of beginning, Section 32, Tomship 28, <br />Range 24,. -accordtag to the United States Government Survey thereof; and <br />'.I1 of tho, Sorth 73.435 rods of the East 25 3/4 rods c;f the Southeest - <br />cnerter of tne Southwest Quarter of Section 32, Toc?nalilp 28 Ilorth, W-ge <br />24 West of the.4th YriEcipal bferidTan, except the East 165 feet tliereof, <br />accordkg to the United States +Government Survey thereof (which is in Su3- <br />District 0-1) .I1 <br />Sec. 2. This ordina;lce shall be in fuil force snd effect upon ics pasgage <br />aieade6 by addizrg the following thereto: <br />addition .ccf the following described property: b. <br />I , <br />aod publication. <br />Zotioa for adoption of the ordinance was seconded by Councilman Bredesez.