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210 J MILUTES <br />OF TIlE REGUTdf.11 IIEETING 03' THE - <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY K&LL <br />NOVEMBER 5, 1979 .* <br />Answering rollcall were members Bredesen, Courtney, Richards , Schmidt and Mayor <br />Van Valkenburg. <br />mittee and Leslie Turner of the Human Belations Commission. <br />. <br />Present also were llmes. Alison Fuhr of the Citizens' Safety' Com- <br />MINUTES of the Regular and Special Meetings of October 15 and the Special Meeting <br />of October 29, 1979, were approved as presented by motion of Councilwoman Schmldt, <br />seconded by Councilinan Bredesen. <br />Ayes: <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />Bredesen, Courtney, ~chards, Schmidt, Va Valkenburg <br />WILLIAM V. HOFFMAN RECOGNIZED UPON RETIREMENT FROM POLICE DEPARTMENT. Mayor Van <br />Valkenburg presented che following Resolution of Appreciation to Sergeant William _- <br />V. Hoffman, which resolution was &nimously approved by the Council: <br />WHEREAS, William V. Hoffman, Sergeant of the Edina Police Department, has given <br />RESOLUTION OF APPXECIATION <br />- <br />33 years of exemplary service to the citizens of Edina; and <br />WHEREAS, Sergeant Hoffman has been a Supervisor in the Department for 25 years; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, Sergeant Hoffman has earned Meritorious Service Commendations and Com- <br />inendations for Valor; and <br />KKEREAS, Sergeant Hoffman has earned other lesser commendations too numerous to <br />ment'ion; and <br />WHEREAS, Sergeant Hoffman has participated in the tra7hing of over 75 Edina Police <br />Officers; and <br />WHEREAS, Sergeant Hoffman is a long-tine resident of the City of Edina; <br />KOJ, THEREFOW, BE IT RESOLVED by the Edina City Council that sincere appreciation <br />of the Council and residents of the City of Edina be conferred upon <br />on this occasion of his retirement from service to the Edina Police Department. <br />YOUTH -APPRECIATION WEEK PROCLAMATION ISSUED. <br />I SERGEANT BILLW- V. HOFFMAN <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg issued the <br />following procianation which was unanimously approved by the Council:. .* <br />t TO'iJTEI APPRECIATI ai? W3:ER PROCLAXATIGN <br />WTEISAS, the vast majority of the youth are concerned, knowledgeable md respon-. <br />sible citizens; and <br />WHEXEAS , the accomplishments' and achievements of these young citizens deserve <br />recognition and praise of their elders; and <br />WEREAS, Opt5mist International has, since 1954, developed and promoted a program <br />entitled Youth Appreciation Week; and <br />TVEEREAS, the citizens of the City of Edba have indicated a desire to join with <br />the Optimists 51 expressing appreciation and approval of the contributions of <br />the youth, I, James Van Valkenburg, Xayor of the City of Edina, therefore pro- <br />claim the second week in November as <br />in the City of'Edina. <br />a5ility of today's youth as they assune responsible roles in the future of man- <br />kind. <br />r <br />YOUTii APPRECIATION WEEK <br />By this action, let it be known that we have faith in the <br />SALE OF $1,500,000 TEMPORARY IMPROVEMENT BONDS CONTINUED. <br />proper notice of the sale of $1,500,000 Temporary Improvement Bonds had not been <br />published, Councilwoxrian Schmidt' s mot ion continuing the sale until November 19, ' <br />Being advised that <br />1979, was seconded by Counci-lman Richards. <br />4. Ayes: Bredesen, Courtney, =chards, Schmidt, Van Vallcenburg <br />L I Nays: None <br />>io t ion c ar ried . <br />PORTION OF GOVERlENT LOT 2, SEC. 9, T. 116, R. 21 DIVISION APPROVED. Mr. Craig' <br />Larsen presented ths division of a portion of Governmznt Lot 2, Section 9, To&- <br />ship 116, Range 21, for Council's approval, which property is located West of . <br />Metro Drive 2nd South of Nine Kie Creek. <br />is in conjunction with the plat of One Corporate Center -Phase I11 and is neces- <br />sary to provide a suitable legal description for the property to be dedicated to <br />the City. No objections being heard, Coiincilman Courtney offered the following <br />resolution and moved its adoption as recommended by the Community Development I . <br />He recalled that this lot division I . :1: <br />'I and PlanXing Commission and the staff: .. RESOLUTION <br />WBREAS, the following described property is at present a single tract of land: