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238 <br />IfINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAX IIEETING 01' THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL IIELD AT cm HALL <br />EECDIBER 17, 1979 <br />Answering rollcall were members Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Schnid t and Nayor <br />Van Van Valkenburg. <br />Development and Planning Conunission and llrs. Alison Fuhr of the Citizens' <br />Safety Council. <br />BIINUTES of December 3, 1979, were approved as presented by motion of Council- <br />woman Schmidt, seconded by Councj3man Bredesen. <br />Present also was Firs. Helen f4cClelland of the Community <br />Ayes: Eredesec, Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />Xays: None <br />Notion carried. <br />POLICE OFFICERS DAVID P. Hl9BRE Ah?) G. RONALD M"DALE RECOGNIZED. Nayor Van <br />Valkenburg read the following Resolution of Appreciation: <br />RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION <br />WHEREAS, for the past fourteen years the Edina Citizens Safety Council and the <br />Edina Police Department have cooperated in an on-going effort toward promoting <br />bicycle safety in the City of Edina; and <br />TJHEREtlS, as members of the Edina 'Police Department, Officers David P. Hembre <br />and G. Ronald Nundale have wholeheartedly participated in the Bicycle Safety <br />Program, using their expertise as police officers to take any action which <br />might prevent bicycle accidents; and <br />WHEREAS, the Bicycle Safety Brochure, produced by the Citizens' Safety Council <br />under the guidance of Officers Hembre and Xundale, has been circulated in the <br />schools and has been available in the Police Department for all residents; <br />NOT?, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Edina City Council joins the Edina <br />Citizens Safety Council in expressing appreciation to <br />DAVID P. HEMBRE <br />and <br />G. RONALD MUNDALE <br />for giving so generously of their time and expertise in the field of bicycle <br />safety. <br />Following the presentation of Certificates of Commendation by Xrs. Alison Fuhr, <br />Cnnairman of iiic Eiiiua CiLizefis' Safety ~ou~cfl, Cffkcr bdelc zxpxsecl Iris <br />appreciation in recognition of the efforts of the many who have worked on the <br />Bicycle Safety Progrvn over past years. <br />I <br />- <br />FINDELL 3RD ADDITION AX? ORDINANCE 811-Al31 CONTINUED TO JAF!!AXY- 21 1980 s <br />Mfidavits of Notice for Findell 3rd Addition were presented by Clerk, approved-as <br />to form and ordered plzced on'file. <br />for preliminary plat approval. and the petition of Findell and Clark for a zoning <br />change €or the site from R-1 and 11-3 Residential Districts to PRD-3 Planned <br />Residential District. <br />of W. 70th St. and West of Cahill School and is comprised of the following three <br />separate parcels: 1) Outlot A, Findell's Second Addition which measures approxi- <br />mately two acres ami is the most TJeszerly parcel; 2) A two-acre unplatted parcel <br />located immediately to the East of Outlot A; and 3) A 1.6 acre parcel having <br />frontage on &hill Road, the most Easterly parcel; <br />history of the site ad commended the developers, stating that the access, buiid- <br />ing placement and architecture are highly desirable. <br />density standpoint, the staff believes that the Easterly parcel which is pre- <br />sently zoned R-3 should retain the existing 12 unit per acre density,that Out- <br />lot A (the most IJesterly parcel) should be allokred 18 units which is consist- <br />ent with prior approvals, and that the middle parcel should be allowed 13 units. <br />The overall project, therefore, should contain apFroximately 48 units. Mr. <br />Hughes said that the Community Development and Planning Comroission had recommended <br />approval of the plat 2nd zoning subject to receipt of the' Developers' Agreement, <br />final. platting, and the subdivision dedication which should be based only upon the <br />two acre unplatted parcel located in the middle of the subject property. Devel- <br />opers Ronald Clark and Roger Findell were present with their architect, Mr. James <br />Cooperman. Nr. Clark urged, that approval be granted as quickly as possible. In <br />response to a question of Councilman Richards as to a possible tie-in with the <br />area to the South, Nr. Findell pointed out that the elevation between the two <br />parcels is too steep for any connection. Tile resident at 7510 Cahill Road was <br />told thar the proposed development would be market rate units. Following discus- <br />sion, Councilman KicharSs' motion vas seconded by Councilman Courtney, continuing <br />t5e hearing until Jacuary 21, 1980, to see what inpact the consideration of the <br />low and inoderate hcome hoiising proposal to the South might have on the develop- <br />ment. <br />Nr. Hughes presented Findell 3rd Addition <br />He advised that the property is. generally located South <br />Nr. Hughes reviewed the <br />He said that, from a <br />I