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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD m CITY HALL <br />FEBRUARY 4, 1980 283 i <br />Answering rollcall wzre members Bredesen, Richards , Schmidt and Mayor Van Valken- <br />burg. Present also were Mmes. Helen McClelland of the Community Development and <br />Planning Commission and Leslie Turner of the Human Relations Commission. <br />MINUTES. of January 21, 1980, were approved as submitted by motion of Councilwoman <br />Schmidt , seconded by Councilman Bredesen. <br />Ayes : Bredesen, Richards , Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />ORDINAXCE NO. 811-A133 (CONDOR CORPORATION) ADOPTED. Mr. Hughes presented the <br />petition of Condor Corporation for PRD-3 zoning, recalling that First Reading for <br />this property, generally located East of Lincoln Drive, North of the Crosstown <br />Highway and Edina West Apartments had been granted on December 17, 1979, and that <br />the plat would probably be presented for Council's approval on February 25, 1980. <br />He advised that, while the proponents had complied with some modifications of <br />the overall development plans and the plat, other elements required by ordinance <br />have not been included in the overall plan. He advised that the Community Devel- <br />opment and Planning Commission had recommended approval of the zoning and overall <br />plan approval, subject to final plat approval. Conditions set forth for plat <br />approval were as follows: 1) The most Easterly lot should be designated as an <br />outlot rather than as Lot 4; -2) Receipt of an executed Developer's Agreement and <br />Subdivision Dedication; 3) A conservation restriction covering the undevelopable <br />portion of the floodplain on the property and 4) A grading permit from the Nine <br />file Creek Watershed District. He noted that Engineers for the District find the <br />plans and proposed floodplain encroachment to be acceptable from a preliminary <br />standpoint. No objections being heard, Councilman Richards offered .the following <br />ordinance for Second Reading and moved its adoption, with publication to be with- <br />held pending final plat approval : <br />ORDINANCE NO. 811-A133 <br />AN ORDINANCE ANENDING THE ZONING ORDINANCE (NO. 811) <br />BY ADDING TO THE PLANNED RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT (PRD-3) <br />ilk CITY CGGXCIL OF EDIWA, PEMXESOTA, ORDAIKS: <br />enlarged by adding the following thereto: <br />enlarged by adding the following thereto: <br />Section 1. <br />"The extent of the Planned Residential District (Sub-Dis trict PRD-3) is <br />That part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 31, Township 117, Range 21, <br />described as beginning at a point on the West line of said Section 1589.04 <br />feet North of the Southwest comer of said Southwest Quarter; thence East to <br />a point 1529.21 feet North of the South line of said Section as measured <br />along a line drawn parallel to the East line of said Southwest Quarter of <br />Section 31 from a point on the North line of said Southwest Quarter 990 <br />feet West of the Northeast corner of said Southwest Quarter, the said South <br />line of said section being a straight line between the Southwest corner and <br />the South Quarter corner of said Section 31; thence South along said parallel <br />line 536.43 feet, more or less, to a point in said parallel line distant <br />1086.14 feet North of the South line of said Southwest Quarter, said South <br />line being a straight line between the closing corner for the Northwest corner <br />of Section 6, Township 116, Range 21, and the South Quarter corner of said <br />Section 31; thence West to a point on the West line of said Southwest <br />Quarter distant 1059.36 feet North of the Southwest corner of said South- <br />west Quarter; thence North along said West line 529.68 feet to the point of <br />beginning; except that part of the above described tract lying Westerly of <br />a line parallel with and 40 feet Easterly of the following described line: <br />Commencing at the closing corner for the Northwest corner of Section 6, ' <br />Township 116, Range 21; .thence South 87 degrees, 24 minutes and 02 seconds <br />East (assuming the West iine of the Northwest Quarter of said Section 6 as <br />bearing North 4 degrees, 19 xinutes and 05 seconds West) a distance of 693.43 <br />feet; thence North 4G degrees, 21 minutes and 27 seconds West a distance of, <br />854.85 feet to the acfiual point of beginning of the line to be described; <br />thence North 21 degrees, 55 minutes and 42 seconds West a distance of 617.2 <br />feet; thence along a tangential curve to the right with a radius of 1819.86 <br />feet and a central angle of 16 degrees, 16 minutes and 40 seconds, a distance <br />of 517.02 feet; thence Northerly, tangent to the above described curve, a <br />distance of 200 feet and there terminating, according to the Government Survey <br />thereof , which is in PRD-3". <br />Paragraph 4 of Section 5 of Ordinance No. 811 of the City is <br />' <br />Sec. 2. 'ihis ordinance shall be in full force and effect upon its <br />passage and publicat ion.