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MINUTPS <br />OF THE 1GGUI.AR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA ClT? COUNCIL HELD A'l CITY HALL <br />FEBRUAKY 25, 1980 <br />293 <br />Answering rollcall were members Bredesen, Courtney, Kichards, Schmidt and Mayor <br />Van Valkenburg. Present also were Mmes.Helen McClelland of the Community <br />Development and Planning Commissioii and Leslie Turner of the Human Relations <br />Commission. <br />MINUTES of February 4, 1980, were approved as submitted by motion of Council- <br />woman Schmidt, seconded by Councilman Bredesen. <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: None <br />Blotion carried. <br />CROSSROADS DEVELOPMENT REQUEST FOR PJXD-3 ZONING CONTINUED TO MARCH 3, 1980. <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered <br />placed on file. Mr. Hughes recalled that the petition of Crossroads Development <br />for a zoning change from !A-1 Residential District to PRD-3 Planned Residential <br />District for the construction of moderate and low income housing for property <br />located generally South of W. 70th Street, West of Cahill Road and Southeast of <br />Cahill Elementary School had been continued from January 21, 1930, so that the <br />Council would have an opportunity to study and analyze the Housing Cminittee <br />roads Development had submitted a soil analysis which had been reviewed by the <br />staff. Mr. flyatt showed drawings of the proposed town houses, advising that many <br />units will be tucked into the hill to the north and will not be seen from the <br />single family district to the West. <br />have a lower profile than the Braemar Oaks apartmentsandadvised that the build- <br />ings would be 300 keet from the adjacent R-1 single family district. Mr. Hyatt . <br />said that the Minutes of January 21, 1980, should have stated that preliminary <br />approval had been granted in 1976 for PRD-3 zoning for 64 (rather than 60) units <br />for the subject property. <br />that it is proposed to construct 51 garages and 89 open parking stalls, so that <br />there will be 2.2 parking spaces per dwelling unit. <br />of the Section 8 Program, and advised that income limits range from approximately <br />$12,000 for a one person household to up EO $19,000 for a six person household. <br />He advised that a household with an income of $10,000 would pay $208 per month for <br />rent. In response to Mr. Hyatt's statement that the only government involvement <br />is in insuring the financing, providing permanent loan takeout and providing the <br />necessary rental assistance, Councilwoman Schmidt pointed out that the City would <br />also be involved in writing down the land cost and that this would be a very <br />expensive project. <br />unit each year in property taxes. and that. those taxes exceed a number of market <br />rate developments in the City. - He said that , through its Comunity Development <br />Funds, Edina gave Yorkdale Townhomes over $4,000 per dwelling unit and that Cross- <br />roads Development Corporation would be requesting $165,000 total. <br />pointed out that Yorkdale TownhGmes were assisted by tax increment financing and <br />that his development would be paid entirely from federal sources. <br />that Edina has fallen short of what other municipalities have done in this type of <br />housing, even though the City has requested the funds for assistance for devel- <br />opment of this sort of housing and has told the federal government that Edina <br />intends to construct 170 wits for assistance housing. <br />of Councilman Richards as to what taxes would be paid if the property were to be <br />developed as market rate housing, Mr. Bill Brussman of Northern Mortgage said <br />that this figure is difficult to determine because neither Yorkdale Townhomes ot <br />the Durham Apartments have yet been assessed, but that he would expect to pay <br />approximately half of the taxes that a simiTar market rate apartment would pay. <br />In response to a question of Councilman Bredesen, Mr. Hughes said that the City <br />would spend its Community Development Funds in other areas if they were not used <br />for the development under consideration. In response to questions of Mrs. Bar- <br />bara KcGlathery , 5 105 Duggan Plaza, Mr. Hughes explained Tax Increment Financing <br />and Mr. Rosland explained that the Richfield School District receives school tax <br />money for Yorkdale Townhomes, rather than the Edina School District. Mrs. Donna <br />Scudder of the Edina Housing Committee was told by Mr. Hughes that the City has <br />budgeted its Community Development Block Grant Funds of approximately $250,000 <br />per year for a variety of projects including public improvements in the Morning- <br />side Area, hocsing rehabilitation loans and grants , park improvements , handicapped <br />access programs and for land for low and moderate income housing. <br />explained that the City is not bound to fund aily particular project bgt that the <br />funds should probably be spent within two years. He added that no nore than 20% <br />of the total funds can be rebudgeted. Mr. Hughes explained that the Hetropolitan <br />. <br />Report. He advised that, as requested by the Council, Mr. Henry Hyatt of Cross- ! <br />He said that the two-story buildings will <br />Mr. Hyatt reviewed plans for the development, advising <br />He reviewed the basic terms <br />Mr. Hyatt responded that they expect to pay about $550 per <br />He also <br />Mr. Eyatt said <br />In response to a question <br />I <br />Mr. Hughes <br />P