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1. <br />Answering rollcall were members Bredcsen, Courtney , Richards , Schmidt and thyor <br />Van Valkenburg. <br />Development and Planning Commissim, Leslie Turner of the Human Relations Comiuis- <br />sion, .and Alisoil Fulir of the Traffic Safety Committee. <br />Present also were Mines. Iielen EkClelland of the Community <br />PUELIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON STEXET LIGHTING IMPROVEIEMTS. Affidavits of Notice <br />were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Due <br />notice having been given, public hearings were conducted and action taken as <br />herein recorded : <br />A. CONSTRUCTION OF OFWQENTAL LIGHTING IMPlIOVE$ENT NO. P-L-17 IN THE <br />FOLLOWING : <br />Scriver Road from Blake Road to the West line of Hyluld Acres Addition <br />Mr. Rosland presented total estimated -c.nstruction cost of $498.01 , proposed <br />to be assessed against 7 assessable lots at an estimated cost of $71.14 per <br />assessable lot, with the City of Edina paying $9.05 per lighting fixture. Fir. <br />Hoffman explained that it is proposed to use high pressure sodium lights which <br />will result in a 40% energy reduction, <br />requested a delay in the hearing until April 21, 1980, inasmuch as when the <br />residents petitioned for this improvement, they were maware of the type of <br />lights to be installed. He mentiozled that mazly residents are out of town and <br />should be here fok the hearing. Councilwoman Schmidt's motion continuing the <br />hearing until April 21, 1980, was seconded by Councilmaa Richards. <br />An unidentifiei! gentleman in the audience (u <br />3 <br />IQ <br />0 0 <br />Ayes : Bredesen, Courtney, Richards , Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />FOLLOWING: <br />Golf Terrace from Wooddale Ave. to Easterly LakevTew Drive <br />I&. Eosland presented total estimated construction cost at $2,403.81, proposed to <br />be assessed against 22 benefitted lots at an estimated cost of $109.49 per lot, <br />Mr. Hoffrcan explained that the petition was not 100% and said that it is only <br />proposed to replace four exiscltng ligits. in response to a request &aL ?he <br />proj ect be only a one year assessment , Councilman Courtney clarif'ied that that <br />mitter odd be determined at the assessment heartng. 170 further discussion <br />wirs heard. (See Resolution 4rdering Improvement later in Ninutes .) <br />a <br />8. CONSTRUCTION OF 0RNAIVE"AL LIGHTING IMPROVEMENT NO. P-L-18 IN THE <br />C. CONSTRUCTION OF OF3iMENTAL LIGETIIJG IMPX0'5TEXENT NO. P-L-19 IN THE FOLLONING: <br />Upper Terrace from West Shore Erive to Brittany Road <br />Pk. Rosland presented estimated construction cost at $3,709.75, proposed to be <br />assessed against 20 assessable Sots at en estimated cost of $185.49 per lot. <br />Mr. Donald Denzer, 4805 Upper Terrace, said that he had been unaware that a <br />petition had been circulated in his neighborhood. He was advised thst the wires <br />T'IOU~~ be installed under ground. No further discussion was heayd. <br />lution Ordering Inprovement later in L"finutes .) <br />Iz. COMSTRUCTION OF ORNhMENTAL LIGETIBG I>PEOVEXENT NO. I?-L-20 IN TZE FOLLWING : <br />(See Reso- <br />On lot line between 5817 and 5821 Eastview Drive <br />bk. Rosland presented total estinated construction cost of $655.49 propose6 to <br />be assessed against 4 assessable loks at an estimated cost of $163.87 per <br />assessable lot. Being advised by Kr. Iloffman that Ek. Naryellezl E. Smith, <br />5Si7 Eas~view Drive, had requested that the hearing be continued iaitil April <br />21, 1380, because three EamLlies are out of towx, Corzncilman Richards' notion <br />continuing the liearh-g as rsques ted was seconded by Councilman Courtney. <br />Ayes : Bredesen, Cov.rtney Richards, Schnidt, Van Valkenbm-g <br />Nays: Eone <br />Notion carried. <br />E.- COBSTRUCTION OF IISCET,LAINEOZI'S IMPROVEKEENTS OR I?. 56TH STREET were cvntiatled <br />untd April 7 <br />Hredesen. <br />1980, by motion of Councilman Courtney, secon6ed by Comcilman <br />Ayes : Bredesen, Courtney , Richards , Sc'mScit , Vaq Valkenburg <br />Eays: None <br />PBcion carried. <br />CounciXman Courtney thereupon ofZere9 Lh2 fol!.owing resolution and moved its <br />adoption : <br />liXSOLUTIO!\1 ORDER'L3G 0 pJ&NE?ITAL LIC~ITING IM?RO\ZPENTS 3'3s. <br />Couiicil heretofore cowed nutlicc of hearing to Le duly pihlished and mailed to <br />ownem of each parcel within the area proposed to br asacssed on t!ie iollowi,itg <br />proposed improvements :