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MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />HELD MONDAY, JUNE 9, 1980 <br />AT 4:OO P.M., AT EDINA CITY HALL <br />Answering rollcall were members Bredesen, Schmidt and Mayor Van Valkenburg who <br />served as Board of Review, which meeting convened pursuant to <br />Board of Review Meeting" published in the Edina Sun on April 23, 1980, and <br />posted on City Bulletin Boards on April 18, 1980. The Mayor explained that the <br />purpose of this meeting was to give persons who considered themselves aggrieved <br />by their property valuation, or those who wishdto complain that the property <br />of another is assessed too low, an opportunity to show cause for having the <br />assessment corrected. Mr. Johnson, City Assessor, explained that almost 100% <br />of the residential property values had been increased 15% and that the real <br />decision comes down to the market value of the property. The Mayor advised that <br />the decision of the Board of Review could be appealed to the County Board of <br />Review and could then be appealed to the State Board of Review. <br />"Notice of <br />---. <br />Mr. Earl Nelson, owner of a commercial building at 4100 W. 76th Street, objected <br />that he has no objection to the assessment for the building, but that he consid- <br />ered $2.99 per square foot too high for the land value. <br />4401 W. 76th Street which, he said, was $2.00 per square foot and to 4175 W. <br />75th Street which he said was appraised at $2.90 per square foot and said that <br />he believed that all should be assessed at $2.50 per square foot. He also re- <br />ferred to a building on Parklawn Ave. which was sold in 1979 for $355,000, which <br />building was smaller than Mr. Nelson's building but on a larger lot. <br />property is presently assessed ;it $431,000. <br />Ms. Helen Letson, 4505 Garrison Lane, objected to the increased assessment for <br />her home from $78,200 in 1979 to the present value of $89,900, stating that she <br />believed that the value should be $80,000. <br />street from her house had recently sold between $95,000 and $110,000. <br />Mr. Nelson referred to <br />Mr. Nelson's <br />The property will be reviewed. <br />She said that larger homes across the <br />Mr. Wm. Holm, 6925 Southdale Road, objected to the $79,000 value set by the Asses- <br />sor, stating that, in comparison with values of neighboring property, his house-, <br />should be valued at $74,000. The .property will be' reviewed. <br />Mrs. Robert Cunningham, 6305 Maloney Ave., objected to the $500 market value for <br />a 7% foot wide strip of land which they bought for back taxes. <br />the land is useless for any practical purposes because it adjoins their property <br />on which there is a 5 foot utility easement. In the suggestion that <br />the properties be combined, Mrs. Cunningham said that she had been advised not <br />to take such action. <br />less" property to be valued at $100.00. <br />She explained that <br />She said that she was told that the City considered "worth- <br />A gentleman representing Metro Limited, owner of 7400 Metro Blvd., <br />the $3,100,000 value of this property which he said had increased $68,000 over <br />last year's value. <br />rate as One Corporate Center and requested a opportunity to compare his figures <br />with those of One Corporate Center. <br />objected to <br />He suggested that his building is being assessed at the same <br />Mr. James Grotz, 5513 Park Place, objected to the estimated market value of <br />$84,100, stating that he believes that the value should be $72,000, particularly <br />as his property compares with 5501 Park Place and in view of the.fact that 5528 <br />Park Place sold for $75,000 a couple of months ago. <br />perhaps the other properties were assessed too low and that the values of the <br />other properties could not be raised unless the owners are given notice that their <br />values are being reconsidered. Mr. Grotz Tiill furnish surmaries of his notes. <br />Mr. Kenneth Dragseth, 6904 Antrim Road, objected to his estimated market value 11 <br />of $89,300, stating that because of heavey traffic and speed on Antrim Road, his <br />value should not be as high as if the house.:was on a les's travelred street. Mr. <br />Dragseth said that his market value had been increased to $89,300 from last <br />year's value of $77,700 and that houses valued up to $125,000 had lower taxes <br />than his property. He also objected that residents on the West side of Antrim. <br />Road have no sidewalks and have'trouble crossing the street to reach the park. <br />Mr. Johnson advised that the location of a11 properties have been considered in <br />arriving at values. <br />Mr. W. A. Spanton, 4816 Roycar Road, objected to his market value of $108,700. <br />He referred to an article in Corporate Report -- and asked how the Assessor could <br />justify an increase of 15%. <br />apolis Tribune dated August 4, 1979, which was furnished by M.L.S., and said that <br />the two articles represented different time frames. He said that he had not used <br />either article in arriving at his assessment figures. <br />Mr. Johnson pointed out that <br />Mr. Johnson referred to an article in the Minne-