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6/9/80 <br />97 <br />cu 0 03. -2 U a <br />Helen Brookman, 4708 Lakeview Dr. <br />Robert W. Nelson, 4717 W. 60th St. <br />Joseph J. Kopstein, 4740 W. 70th St. <br />Ronn Hechter, 6805 Creston Rd. <br />David R. Mulligan, 7128 Bristol Blvd. <br />Frederick Matthews, 5201 Benton Ave. <br />Craig Corah, 4420 Judson Lane <br />Mark Idilkins, 5919 Tracy Ave. <br />Richard Andreen, 6320 Ridgeview Dr. <br />Barbara K. Bundt, 5312 W. 64th St. <br />Byron H. Armstrong, 4119 W. 62nd St. <br />J. Thomas Parry, 5521 Mirror Lakes Dr. <br />Rita F. Conover, 308 John St. <br />Susan M. Ohman, 6212 Hansen Rd. <br />Calhoun Collectors Society, Inc., 7401 <br />B.A.S.I.C. Properties . . .. <br />' Mrs. R. McDaniel, 5720 TJ. 70th St. <br />147,400 <br />97,000 <br />108 , 100 <br />84 , 000 <br />78,300 <br />56 , 800 <br />93,300 <br />81,900 <br />102,800 <br />95,300 <br />108 , 100 <br />49,500 <br />103,100 * <br />119,700 <br />93 , 600 <br />Cahill Rd. 796,000 <br />220,000 <br />No further business :.appearing, Mayor Van Valkenburg declared the meeting <br />adjourned at 6:35 p.m. and announced that the next meeting of the Board of <br />Review would be determined at the Council Meeting of June 16, 1980. <br />L- A- h, <br />City Clerk <br />MINUTES OF THE CONTINUED MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA BOARD OF REVIEW <br />HELD THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 1980, AT 4:OO P.M. <br />Answering rollcall for the continued meeting of the Board of Review were members <br />Bredesen , Courtney, Richards , .Schmidt and Mayor Van Valkenburg. <br />Mr. Johnson presented the objection of Bernard E. Johnsrud to the estimated <br />market value of $88,400 on his house at 6309 Tingdale Ave., based on the fact <br />that he has been unable to sell the house at a price near the Assessor's valu-': <br />ation. <br />The appeal of Mr. Leon Tichy, 7685 Parklawn Ave., was noted by the Board. Mr.. <br />Tichy objected to the Assessor's estimated market value of $436,700, stating that <br />he believed the market value should be $355,000, based on a July 9, 1979, sale <br />and on an appraisal of the property showing an estimated value of $400,000. <br />Mr. Edward Harter, 5237 Meadow Ridge, advised the Board that he would be satis- <br />fied with the Assessor's revised estimated market value of his house at $74,000. <br />Councilwoman Schmidt's motion was then seconded by Councilman Bredesen, authoriz- <br />ing homesteads for Apartment Nos. 112, 212, 312, 120, 220 and 320, Edina West <br />Homesteads, because property otjners could not live in their homes on January l., <br />1980, due to a December fire io the building. <br />Ayes : Bredesen, Courtney , Richards , Schmidt, Van Valkenbusg <br />Nays: None <br />Mot ion carried. <br />Councilman Richards ' motion was seconded by Councilman Courtney, accepting the <br />Assessor's recommendation for the reduction of the estimated market value for the <br />house at 4212 Scott Terrace, owned by Boyd Aldrich, from $81,600 to $71,000, <br />based on the reduction of estimated market value of .a similar house at 4023 Kip- <br />ling Ave. <br />'! <br />Ayes : Bredesen , Courtney , Richards, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: None * <br />' Bfotion carriea. <br />Councilwoman Schmidt's motion was then seconded by Councilman Bredesen approving <br />reduction of the following properties as recommended by the Assessor: <br />.. -