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92 MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF <br />THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br />HELD JUNE 26, 1980 <br />4:OO P.h. <br />The Edina City Council met in special session in the City Hall Council Chambers <br />immediately pr5or to the Board of Review meeting which had been called for 4:OO <br />p.m. Answering rollcall were members Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Schmidt and <br />Mayor Van Valkenburg . <br />CABLE TELEVISION LOCAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ABOLISHED. Mr. Rosland advised Council <br />that, under the newly approved rules of the Minnesota Cable Communications Board, <br />there is no longer a need for the existance of the local board. As recommended <br />by Mr. Rosland, the Mayor said that he will write the Edina Cable Communications <br />Commietee advising them of the abolishment of the Committee and thanking them <br />for their services. No formal action was taken. <br />' DEVELOPMENT CONCEPT CONSIDERED FOR TJINFIELI) DEVELOPBENT PROPERTY. Mr . Hughes <br />advised that Winfield Development, owner of land West of York Ave. and South of <br />W. 76th StreeGhas proposed the possibility of developing its property with mod- <br />erately priced apartments and condominiums which would appeal to people with an <br />annual income between $17,000 and $35,000. Mr. Hughes recalled that this site <br />is now planned for office buildings and warehouses and said that the development <br />would give queity construction at affordable costs. He pointed out that den- <br />sity could be in the range of 25 units per acte and would probably set the tone <br />. for development of the balance of Southeast Edina. Council informally granted <br />Er. Hughes approval. to bring additional information to a future Co~cil. Meeting, <br />but emphasized that in SO doing, no commitment is being made to the developer. <br />No formal action was taken; <br />BID ON TYPEWRITER APPROVED.' Mr. Rosland requested approval of the Council for <br />purchase of one IBM Model 50 Electronic Typewriter at a cost of $1,335.00, advis- <br />ing that he is recommending th'e purchase at this time because of a forthcoming <br />price increase; <br />typewriter was seconded by Councilman Bredesen. <br />' <br />Councilman Richards' motion authorizing the purchase of the <br />Ayes : Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg . <br />Nays: None <br />KO tion carried. <br />The Special Meeting then adjourned and Council met as the 1980 Board of Review. <br />n \ *t <br />1 <br />. '4L- Q u .+ I <br />Florence Hdberg