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NINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETIZJG OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />AUGUST 4, 1980 <br />Answering rollcall were members Bredesen, 'Courtney , Richards and Mayor Van Vallcen- <br />burg. Present also were Mmes. Betty Carver of the Human Relations Commission, <br />Helen McClelland of the Community Development and Planning Commission and Alison <br />Fuhr of the Traffic Safety Committee. <br />MINUTES of July 21, 1980, were approved as submitted by motion of Councilman <br />Courtney, seconded by Councilman Bredesen. I Ayes: <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Van Valkenburg <br />EDINA MASONIC LODGE NO. 343 CONTRIBUTION MADE. Presentation of a check in the <br />amount of $1,000 was presented to the Mayor by the Edina &sonic Lodge No. 343. <br />Council was advised that these funds had been raised by the endeavors of members <br />of the Lodge and was to be put into the fund for the Edina Rescue Squad. <br />Nayor expressed the appreciation of the entire City for this generous gift. <br />The <br />PUBLIC MPROVEMENTS AUTHORIZED, Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, <br />approved as to form and ordered placed on file.' <br />public hearings were conducted and action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />Pursuant to due notice?ghkn,i <br />A. <br />B. <br />C. <br />D. <br />CONSTRUCT?ON OF SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. P-SS-356 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Frontage Road serving Citizens State Bank, Bradley Investment and Masonic <br />Lodge Property <br />Frontage Road serving Citizens State Bank, Bradley Investment and Masonic <br />Lodge Property <br />FOLLOWING : <br />Frontage Road serving Citizens State Bank, Bradley Investment and Masonic <br />Lodge Property <br />CONSTRUCTION OF BITUMINOUS STREET SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER ! . <br />CONSTRUCTION OF WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT NO. P-TM-340 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />CONSTRUCTION OF GRADING, GRAVELING, DRAINAGE IMPROVEHENT NO. P-C-132 IN THE <br />IMPROVEMENT NO. P-BA-245 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Frontage Road serving Citizens State Bank, Bradley Investment and Masonic$ 7; -4 LoGge Property I.+.. <br />The above public improvements affecting the same properties, hearings were con- <br />ducted concurrently. Mr. Rosland presented total estimated construction cost of <br />$41,310.55, proposed to be assessed at a rate of $.175 per square foot. <br />estimated construction cost for Watermain Improvement No. P-IJM-340 at $43,281.02, <br />proposed to be assessed at- $.192 per square foat. Total estimated construction cost <br />of Grading, Graveling and Drainage Improvement <br />$102,988.82, and proposed to be assessed at $.457 per assessable square foot. <br />Estimate3 construction cost for P-BA-245 was given at' $51,481.'14 and proposed to <br />be assessed against benefitted properties at the rate of $.228 per squzre foot. <br />Mr. Hoffman reviewed the history of the property, recalling that a portion of the <br />road is proposed to be constructed on County right-of-way and that, following <br />discussion with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the original price <br />of $2.00 per square foot has been reduced to $1.65 per square foot. He recalled <br />that these hearings had been continued from the Council Meeting of Jxly 21, 1980 <br />and that a narrow strip of property on the North and East side of the Citizens <br />State Bank is owned by a fourth individual with whom negotiations will probably <br />be necessary. <br />byCMr. Robert Hanson and the Masonic Lodge, but not by any of the other property <br />owners. Mr. Robert Schuffelbein, representing Viking Hills Homeowners Associ- <br />ation, <br />properties and that there would be two cul-de-sacs, rather than one street go- <br />ing straight thru the entire stretch of property. Mr. John Hedberg, represent- <br />ing the Masonic Lodge, expressed support €or the projects, and said that the <br />Lodge is concerned about the extraordinary high cost of the development but <br />questioned what eventual use the land could be put to which would support these <br />costs. He suggested that if the cost is too high, the improvements should be <br />dropped until the futureiland use is known, Mr. Robert Hanson, owner of property <br />adjacent to the Masonic Lodge, said that he favored the project as presented. He <br />said thac he had been advised by Caldwell Banker that the only way these improve- <br />ments could be financially feasible would be for development of 50 to 60 dwelling <br />units on the site. He said that at one point it had been proposed to construct <br />an office building on the site, along with twelve dwelling units per acre. Nr. <br />Hanson emphasized that he was not making any reservations in his support of the <br />improvements. <br />stand on its own regardless of cost and that no representation should be made'to <br />any potential buyer that the land could be developed with a higher density than <br />twelve units per acre. <br />Total <br />No. P-C-132 was given at <br />Mr. Hoffman also explained that the improvements had been requested <br />was told that there would be no assessments against the Arctic Way <br />Councilman Richards emphasized that this property would have to <br />Mr. Hedberg said that he could not speak for the Lodge as