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I44 PjIn'U'IZS <br />OF TI4E REGULA11 MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CII'Y COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />AUGUST 18, 1930 <br />Answering rollcall were members Bredesen , Courtney , Richards , ,Schmidt and Nayor <br />Van Valkenburg. <br />of the Human Relations Commission and Alison Fuhr of the Traffic Safety Committee. . <br />Present also were lhes. Betty Carver, Leslie Turner and Pat Llona <br />MINUTES of August 4, 1980, were approved as presented by motion <br />Bredesen, seconded by Councilman Courtney. <br />of Councilman <br />Ayes : Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg I Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON VARIOUS ASSESSPENTS . Affidavits of Notice were <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Pursuant to <br />due notice given, public hearings were conducted and action taken as hereinafter <br />set forth : <br />A. STORII SEbER IMPROVEMENT NO. S.T.S-161 IN THE FOLLOVING: <br />Generally bounded by the Edina Country Club Golf Course, Tooddale Ave.., Edina <br />School District Complex and W. 60th Street-as described in the Notice of Public <br />Hearing <br />Mr. Rosland presented total construction cost of $466,612.77, $9,500.00 of which <br />cost is proposed to be assessed against properties considered to be extraordinarily <br />beneffted. $457,112.77 of the total construction cost is proposed to be assessed <br />against 8,412,088 assessable square feet at a cost of $0.05434 per.assessable <br />square foot, against estimated assessment of $0.0427 per assessable square foot. <br />The proposed assessment for lots considered to be extraordinarily beaefited was <br />given as follows: <br />Concord Ave., $500; 5805 Ashcroft Ave., $1,000; 5809 Ashcroft Ave., $250; 5809 <br />St. Johns Ave., $500; 4513 Tower St., $1,000; 4516 Tower St., $500; and $250 each <br />for the following Tower St. addresses: 4520, 4524, 4528, 4532, 4536, 4600, 4517, <br />4521. 4525, 4529, 4601 and 5629 St. Johns Ave. <br />Mr. Hoffman explained that the storm sewer had provided for retention of water on <br />school property and provided for pipes in back yards in:the general area of 53th <br />Street and Concord and Ashcroft Avenues in an attempt to alleviate flooding in <br />this 2rea during heavy rains. Mr. Hoffman explained that-the cost of the improve- <br />ment had been increased because of additional sodding and excavation in the school <br />area and that cne assessment for che School Disrrict had gone from approximately <br />$60,000 to $90,000 because of this work. He clarifiec! that the School District <br />had been given credit for $6,500 because they had provided an easement to the City. <br />The Nayor noted receipt of letters from Mr..and Mrs. Vern Carlson, 6008 Parnell <br />Ave., who said that their property had already been assessed for Storm Sewer 51 in <br />1962, from Mr. R. G. Luck, 5929 Concord &e., who suggested that the "cost of. the <br />overrcn should be covered by other socrces best' determined by you", and from 3fr. Ken <br />Sm-dquist, 4708 W.60th St., who suggested that the properties owned by the Mayor <br />and City Attorney at 4204 Philbrook Laie and 6004 Ashcroft Ave. should also be <br />included in the drainage district. Mr. George Hastor, representing the Edizla <br />Country Club, said that the club was not benefited by the improvement inasmuch as <br />it soaked up more water than it contributed to any drainage and also said thatr <br />their water dralns to Willson Road. Mr. Hoffman explained that only the South end <br />of the golf course is included in the assessinent district. Dr. Donald Pryor, Dir- <br />ector of Business Services for the Edina Public Schools, questioned the amount of' <br />the School Districe's assessment and was toid by Mr. Hoffman that part of the South- <br />erly 3ail park and the soccer field were in the area for which credic was givea due <br />to the easement. Mr. James Seyko, 4513 Tower St., spoke of his extraordinary . ~ :r: <br />assessment and was reminded by E€r. Hoffman that he had the most severe problem in <br />his block. Xrs. Ruth Fisher, 4809 Concord Ave., concurred with Mr. Seyko that <br />property owners had additional expense because the City failed to take action zt <br />an earlier date to prevent flooding in the area. As recommended by the Mayor, <br />Councilman Courtney's motion was seconded by Councilwoman Schmidt, continuing <br />the hearing until the next meeting so that the Engineers could check the proper- <br />ties of the Mayor and City Attorney and the Country Club drainage. <br />I <br />. <br />- <br />. I Ayes : Bredesen, Courtney, Richards, Schmidt, Van Valkenburg <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />B. I?ATERELP,IN IMPROV'ZMENT NO. TJM-336 IN TKE FOLLOTJING: <br />East side of France Ave. from W. 76th Street to South City Limits <br />Mr. Bosland presented analysis of assessment showing total construction cost of <br />$41,024.13, proposed to be assessed against 1,285.62 assessable feet at $31.91' per <br />assessable foot against estimated assessment of $37.21 per assessable foot. KO objections were heard and no mitten objections to the proposed assessment were . . <br />received by the Clerk prior to the assessment hearing and no written objections to <br />the proposed assessment were presented at t?iis hearing to the Mayor. (See Resolu- tion Ordering Assessment later in these Minutes.)