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MINUTES <br />I OF THE REGUI.AE EIEISTINC OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD isr CITY HALL <br />SEPTEMBER 8, 1980 <br />157 <br />Answering rollcall were menbers Bredesen, Courtney, Richards , Schmidt and Mayor <br />Van Valkenburg . <br />1981 BUDGET FKESENTED. The Nayor recalled that, by law, the budget for the <br />ensuing year must be presented at this meeting, and advised that the Budget for <br />1981 will be studied by the Council on Seprember 15, 1980, at 4.:00 in the Con- <br />ference Room of the City Hall. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON VARIOUS ASSESSMENTS. <br />hearings on the proposed assessments for Storm Sewer Improvenent No. ST.S-161, <br />Lift Station Improvement No. LS-9knd Parking Lot Improvement No. P-12 had been <br />continued from the meeting of August 18, 1980. Continued public hearings were <br />then conducted and action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />Tihe Mayor recalled that public <br />A. STORM SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. ST.S-1'61 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Generally bounded by the Edina Country Club Golf Course, Wooddaie Ave., Edina <br />School Oistrict Complex and W. 6Uth Street as described in the Notice of <br />Public Hearing <br />Mr. Hoffman said that, following the continuation of this hearing, he made fur- <br />ther field investigations and that the Edina Country Club and 6008 Parneil Avenue <br />should be in the storm sewer district as proposed. He said that 4204 Philbrook <br />Lane and 6U04 Ashcroft drainage waters flow to other storm drainage districts. <br />Mr. Hoffman said that, in response to the comment that W. 50th Street was dam- <br />aged by dump trucks, the street does not show any more reflective cracking than <br />normal. Mr. Hoffman recommended that the School District assessment be reduced <br />by $6,500 for the area used as a storm retention area, adaing that this area <br />coiild be expected to contain water in any giver, year. He responded to a letter <br />from Mr. John Hedberg, At312 Lakeview Drive, by saying that in the past, the City <br />has assessed a lower rate for single tamily lots that exceeded 18,000 square <br />feet by assessing the first 18,UOO feet of the lot at the full rate, and the <br />remaining square footage being assessed at one-half rate. Be clarified that, <br />it this were done, a total of $3,124.81 would be reduced on a total of 27 homes <br />in the district. Nr. HoEfman suggested that, since bituminous work would have <br />been required for Tower St. within che nmt couple of ~aar~, COS'; of the reductisri in <br />assessmen% could be taken from the maintenance budget for street renovation. <br />Mr. John W. Hedberg referred to nis ietter oE August 21, 1980, and suggested <br />that, because theie was a scbstantial overrun, the increased costs should be <br />taken out of generai funds. <br />opinion in that everyone in a storm sewer distrj.ct benefits an6 recalled that <br />this policy of assessment has been held up in court. <br />4408 Philbrook Lane, was told by Mr. Hoffman that his entire yard drains to this <br />drainage district. No further comrr,ents were heard. (See Resolution Ordering <br />Assessment later in Minutes.) . <br />The Mayor said that he differs from Mr. Hedberg's <br />Mr. Kenneth iaidebrow; <br />3. SAZi.I.TA!SY SEWELI LIFT S'JXTION NO. LS-9 Ih THE FOLLOWIMG: <br />East side of France Ave. at W. 77th Street <br />iqr. Itosiand recalied that this Lift Station had been continued because Winfiald <br />Properties had said that they might not use the iift station for the5r proposed <br />development and had asked to be removed from the assessment. <br />of Bather, Ringrose ana Wolsfeid, representing Winkield Devefopment, said that <br />his clienis had developed a number of placs which provide alternatives which <br />would ali be capable of using gravity flow and asked that this property be <br />deleted trom the project. <br />said that it is possible to defer assessments for unimproved property, but Winfield <br />Development was asking that it not be assessed at all. If not assessed, there is <br />the possibility that. the City might never be paid for the improvement. <br />son said that the City could reassess a piece of property if a mistake is made or <br />the argument of .mis.take of illegality probably could not be macle. <br />he did not know if the assessment could be made and then forgiven and that he <br />would like to check the Statutes further. <br />ing the hearing until September 15, 1980, as reconmended by the City Attorney was <br />then seconded by CoLinciinan Bredesen. <br />, Nays: None <br />Mr. Frank Berg <br />In response to a question of the Hayor, Mr. Erickson <br />Mr. Erick- <br />' if the assessment is illegal or invalid, but that, knowing these facts in advance, <br />Aiso, he said <br />Councilman Courtney's motion continu- <br />Ayes : Courtney, Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Van Val-kenburg <br />Motion carried. <br />C . PARKING LOT IMPROVEMENT NO. P-12 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Colonial Church of Edina