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MINUTES 235 <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />DECEMBER 15, 1980 <br />Answering rolleall were members BYedesen, Courtney, Schmidt and Mayor Van Val - <br />kenburg. Councilman Richards arrived at the meeting at 9:05 p.m. following the <br />Cable Television Hearing, at which time Councilwoman Schmidt left the meeting. <br />CABLE TV ORDINANCE NO. 1120 GRANTED FIRST READING. Pursuant to due notice given, <br />public hearing was conducted on Ordinance No: 1120. The Mayor commented that <br />he was impressed with the proposals of Northern Cablevision and Teleprompter, <br />as well as Minnesota Cablesystems - Southwest. He emphasized that he had seen <br />the cable demonstration at Southdale Center but had not spoken to anyone at <br />that time. Mayor Van Valkenburg asked that the record show that, while Council- <br />man Richards was originally involved in working on preliminary sections of the <br />ordinance, he has never discussed any proposals with the Council. The Mayor <br />then read the following statement: "This meeting is to consider adoption by <br />the City of Edina of an ordinance granting a cable television system franchise <br />to Minnesota Cablesystems- Southwest, a Minnesota limited partnership, and of <br />certain findings required to be made by the City in connection with the franch- <br />ise grant. Edina, together with Richfield, Eden Prairie, Hopkins and Minne- <br />tonka, have been working together to achieve a similar franchise to be granted <br />O to one franchisee. The five cities have designed and implemented a franchise <br />process divided into two phases. The first phase involved the participation <br />of all five cities through their representatives on the Southwest Suburban <br />Cable Commission. The Commission's job was to prepare invitations to cable <br />Q companies, draft a preliminary franchise ordinance and other related documents, <br />Q receive and evaluate the proposals, hire cable consultants to assist the <br />evaluations, conduct public hearings, and, finally, make a recommendation to the <br />five cities. The Commission has now completed its work and has recommended to <br />the five cities that each grant a franchise to Minnesota Cablesystems - South= <br />west. Legally each city is the franchising authority and they are not bound by <br />the recommendation of the Commission. However, it was the expectation from the <br />outset that it would be advantageous to the five cities to attempt to arrive at <br />a common franchise with one company for all five cities. Also, all companies <br />which applied for the franchise urged the Commission to follow this process. <br />Therefore, each individual city should give careful consideration to the recom- <br />mendation of the Commission. We are now in the second phase. During this <br />phase each city will give separate consideration to the proposals, the consult- <br />ant reports, and information and comments given by interested persons, and, <br />finally, will consider adoption of the franchise itself. It is important to <br />stress that the overall process through both phases has been unified and con- <br />tinuous. Proceedings before the Commission have alternated with proceedings <br />before the separate city councils. Members of this City Council have attended <br />numerous hearings and meetings of the Commission as well as meetings of this <br />City Council relative to the franchise. It is the purpose of this meeting to <br />proceed toward completion of the second phase by considering adoption of an <br />ordinance granting a cable television system franchise to Minnesota Cablesy- <br />stems- Southwest, the applicant recommended by the Commission. We anticipate <br />that a number of people may wish to speak tonight. Therefore, to fulfill the <br />purpose of this meeting and to give as many persons as possible a chance to <br />speak, the following process will be used: <br />First, the Clerk will-read the ordinance; <br />Second, the City Manager will review the history of the franchising <br />process in this area and the other five cities; <br />Third, the City Attorney will summarize the Ordinance; <br />Fourth, the Commission's cable consultant will comment on Minnesota <br />Cablesystems- Southwest's technical ability, financial condition, <br />legal qualifications and character, and whether Minnesota Cablesy- <br />stems- Southwest's plans for constructing and operating the cable <br />system in the City are adequate and feasible; <br />Fifth, the Council members may have some questions; <br />Sixth, Minnesota Cablesystems - Southwest may make a statement. if it <br />wishes. <br />Then I presume that Northern Cablevision and Teleprompter will also wish to <br />speak. This Council has had two meetings already on cable television, one sep- <br />arately and one jointly with the other four cities. At both meetings all <br />three companies spoke. Also, the Council has received considerable informa- <br />tion from all companies and the Commission. Therefore, lengthy statements <br />should not be necessary. (At this point, Minnesota Cablesystems - Southwest <br />indicated that they should like to speak for approximately seven minutes, <br />Northern Cablevision indicates; that they would like to speak for fifteen min- <br />utes and Teleprompter said that they would like to speak for fifteen minutes.) <br />After the companies.are finished, others who wish to speak may do so. Each <br />