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MINUTES <br />OF REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING <br />OF EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />BlAIzcII 16, 1981 <br />70 <br />Answering rollcall were members Bredesen, Schmidt, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />MOKI CAW FIRE GROUP presented the colors and led in the salute to the Flag of <br />the United States. They then presented a cake to the Council. The Mayor wel- <br />comed the girls and issued the following proclamation : <br />CAMP FIRE WEEK PROCLANATION <br />WHEREAS, the National Council of Camp Fire has provided a program responding to <br />the diverse needs and interests of young people for 71 years; and <br />WHEREAS, Camp Fire is an organization open to all youth, regardless of race, <br />creed, sex, economic status or national background; and <br />WHEREAS, the National Council of Camp Fire shall set aside the week of March 15 <br />through 22, 1981, as a celebration, and shall by various public displays and <br />recognitions share this celebration with their communities; and <br />WHEREAS, Camp Fire provides "opportunities for youth to realize their potential <br />and to function effectively as caring, self-disciplined individuals responsible <br />to themselves and to others, and as an organization, to seek to improve those <br />conditions in society which affect youth"; and <br />\?HEREAS, Camp Fire is celebrating their 71st Anniversary since their founding -- <br />the first national organization for girls in the country; and <br />WHEREAS, the Law of Camp Fire states Worship God, Seek Beauty, Give Service, <br />Pursue Knowledge, Be Trustworthy, Hold on to Health, Glorify Work, Be Happy" and <br />WHEREAS, the Watchword of Camp Fire is "WOHELO", Vork, Health,Love; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, I, C. Wayne Courtney, Mayor of the City of Edina, do hereby pro- <br />claim the week of March 15 through 22, 1981, to be <br />C@ FIRE WEEK <br />in Edina, Minnesota- <br />I <br />EDINA HIG: SCHOOLS ' HOCKEY TEAMS COMMENDATION REAFFIRIIED. Councilwomaa Schmidt 's <br />motion reaffirming the Resolution of Commendation issued by tIie Xayor on Sunday, <br />March .15, 1981, was seconded by Councilwoman Turner:and unanimously carried. I RESOLUTION OF COH~ENDATION <br />TO THE EDINA HIGH SCHOOLS' HOCKEY TEAMS <br />WHEREAS, Edina has continued its domination of high school hockey in the State of <br />Minnesota, with the 1980-81 season being the last season in which the two high <br />school represented the City; and <br />WHEREAS, the Edina-West High School Hockey Team won the championships of the Lake <br />Conference and of Region Six, compiling a record of twenty-two wins and one loss <br />prior to the State Tournament and performed magnificently in the Minnesota State <br />Hockey Tournament ; and <br />TEIEREAS, the Edina-East High School Hockey Team finished second in the Lake Con- <br />ference and second in Region Six, compiling a record of eleven wins and five <br />losses; and <br />IJHEREAS, the members of both teams, under the able and dedicated leadership of <br />Edina-Mest Coach Bart Larson and Edina-East Coach Willard Ikola and Edina-Vest <br />Erector of Athletics Sara Lykken and Edina East Director of Athletics Bud <br />Bjerken, again exemplified the highest standards of good sportsmanship, athletic <br />proficiency and gentlemanly conduct as representatives of the City of Edina; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Edina, on be- <br />'half of the citizenry as a whole, that all members of the Edina High Schools' <br />Hockey teams be publicly commended for their outstanding accomplishments; and . <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that appropriate copies of this resolution be presented <br />to the members of the Edina West Hockey Team: <br />John Deasey, John DeVoe, Paul Fee, Scott Ferguson, Tom Frisk, Jeff IUoewer, <br />Jim,Lozinski, Dave Pfaley, Mike O'Connor, Mike Oliver, Wes Olsen, Mike Roberts, <br />Pat Rolfes, Tom Rzeszut, Mike Spear and Tom Vidmar, Student Managers Brad <br />Bredehoft and Dan bran, Coach Bart Larson, Assistant Coach Bob O'Connor, Dir- <br />ector of Athletics Sara Lykken and Principal James L. Cabalka; <br />AND TO MENBERS of the Edina-East Hockey Team: Dave Baker, 3ruce Benson, Bill <br />Brayer, Pat Carroll, Brian Cutshall, Andy Deckas, Kevin Galbraith, Jon Goetz, <br />Andy Kasid, Jeff Luger, Jay Nalmquist, Mike McCarthy, Greg McKush, Steve MC <br />Larnon, Mike Panchot, Paul Roff, Don Sockwell and Dave Soltau and to Student <br />Managers Jim Maley and Chris White, Coach Willard Ikola, Assistant Coach Ted <br />Greer, Director of Athletics Bud Bjerken and Principal Rolland J. Ring. <br />John Basill, Wally Chapinan, <br />EDINA-WEST GIRLS ' GYEQJASTICS TEAM COEPIENPED. <br />Resolution of Commendation to the Edina-West .Girls ' Gymnastics team, which reso- <br />lution vas unanimously approved: <br />Mayor Courtney read the following