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I52 <br />MINUTES OF 11IE MEETING OF THE EDINA BOARD OP REVIEN <br />MELD MONDAY, JUHE 8, 1981 <br />AT 5 :OO P .M. , AT EDINA CITY HALL <br />-- .. <br />Answering rollcall were Ifembers Richards , Schmidt, Turner and Mayor Courtney, with <br />Member Bredesen arriving at the close of the meeting, <br />pursuant to published "Notice of Board of Review" in the Edina Sun and notices <br />posted on City Bulletin Boards. The Mayor announced that the purpose of this <br />meeting wzs to give persons who considered themselves aggrieved by their property <br />valuation, or those who wished to complain that the property of another is assessed <br />too low, an opportunity to show cause for having the assessment corrected. Mem- <br />bers of the audience were advised that theBoard of Review would make its decision <br />and that they would be notified of that decision prior to July 8, 1981, so that an <br />appeal could be made to the County Board of Review. <br />Mr. Francis Hayes was supported by Mr. Alvyn Pope in his objection that $106,500 <br />was too high a market value for his Dewey Hill West condominium (11312) at 5601 <br />Dewey Hill Road. They submitted comparisons of .other condominiums in the City <br />which they contended had a smaller per foot value than the per foot valuations <br />assigned to the Dewey Hill West condominiums. Mr. Hayes particularly pointed out <br />values for Point of France units. Also in attendance from Dewey Hill West condo- <br />miniums were Messrs. Donald Bergquist (11310) and Karl Diessner (8304) , Ms. Annette <br />Sukov (11112) and Dr. and Nrs. Karl Sandt (#212)who did not speak at the hearing- <br />but submitted sheets questioning the market value placed on their dwelling units. <br />The meeting was convened <br />I <br />Mr. R. S. Ylvisaker, 4360 Brookside Ct., (11103) objected to his assessed market <br />valuation of $64,500, saying that the valuation had increased from $50,700 last- <br />year, but that he had no idea of what the market value of the property should be. <br />Mr. W. D. Bynell, representing Mr. J. I?. Nolan, owner of property located at 61.33 <br />Kellogg Ave., valued by the Assessor at $94,000, and property at 4412 Valley View <br />Road, valued by the Assessor at $90,000, objected to the total estimated market . <br />value of the two properties. He said that business is not good in the area and <br />. asked that the values be reduced to last year's values. <br />has already reviewed the property and will recommend that the new market value for <br />property at 4412 Valley View Road be somewhat reduced. <br />from Mr. Ndlan requesting review of the property. <br />Mr. Leslie H. Hughes, 4206 W. 44th Street, objected to the fact that the market <br />value of his property had increased 72% over the past four years and suggested <br />that a realistic market value would be $45,000, rather than $55,000 as presently- <br />established by the Assessor. <br />. . <br />Mr. Johnson said that he <br />I A letter was also received . <br />Mr. Joseph Bard, 6400 York Ave., (11402) objected to the Assessor's market value of <br />$92,000. <br />of cheap building construction and that there is 6" of water in the garage when it <br />rains. le. Bard referred to other units that sold for more, but said that expen- <br />sive improvements had been made to those units. He cited the fact that the unit <br />of,Dr. Perlman netted $78,500 recently after paying points and agent's fees. <br />He sai'd that owners in his building have had expenses incurred because <br />The following letters were received objecting to the assessed valuation as estab7 <br />lished by the Assessor: <br />Dr. Barbara K. Bundt, 5312 TJ. 64th St., objected to the Assessor's estimated market <br />value of $114,500. <br />market value and considerably inore than offers recently received when the house <br />was up for sale. <br />Nr. Ralph Bulford, 6516 Ridgeview Dr., objected to the Assessor's estimated market <br />value of $117,500. <br />$100,000, including about $9,000 of personal property, and added that the property <br />is run down and in need of repair. <br />She said that this is a 18.5% increase over her 1980 estimated <br />I He said that he purchased the property in September? 1980 .for <br />Mrs. Betty J. McCauley, 6447 McCauiey <br />market value of $29,900 each for Lots <br />Addition. She said that she had been <br />that the sale had not been consumated <br />Mr. Paul F. Keller, 6412 Indian Hills <br />market value of $127,200, saying Lhat <br />$90,000. <br />Nr. R. G. Ische, 6617 Cheyenne Trail, <br />Terr., objected to the Assessor's estimated <br />1, 2 and 3, Block 1, McCauley Heights 8th <br />offered $25,000 for Lots 1 and 2 in 1980-but <br />and that the lots remain unsold. <br />Road, Objected to the Assessor's estimated <br />he believes the value should be reduced to <br />--. <br />objected to the estimated market value of <br />.$134,700, stating that t'he value is out of 1Snc xith othcr properties in the area.