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157 MINUTES <br />OF REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING <br />JUNE 15, 1981 <br />OF EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT wry HALL <br />Answering rollcall were members Schmidt, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />MINUTES of May 4, 1981, were approved as presented by motion of Member Schmidt, <br />seconded by Member Turner. <br />Ayes: Schmidt, Turner, Courtney <br />Nays: None <br />Moiion carried, <br />HONOR AMERICA PROCLAMATION ADOPTED. The Mayor issued the following Proclamation I which was unanimously adopted by the Council: <br />PROCLAMATION <br />The fervent outpouring of emotion by the American people is usually associated with <br />the waving of the Flag. <br />It has been stated that the American Flag represents all facets of our country. <br />What is good and also what needs to be changed. <br />only to maturity, but also to youth. <br />It symbolizes both the inalienable rights of each individual and his equally <br />inalienable responsibilities. The history of our flag and its development is a <br />dramatic part of our heritage. <br />To focus attention of the American people on their country’s character and heri- <br />tage, the Congress has set aside the 21 days froin Flag Day through Independence <br />Day as a period to honor America. Therefore, by virtue of the powers vested in <br />this office, I do hereby proclaim the twenty-one days, Flag Day through Inde- <br />pendence Day, as a period to HONOR AMERICA, that there be public gatherings and <br />activities at which the people can celebrate and honor their country in an <br />appropriate manner. <br />It belongs to all groups, not <br />PUBLIC HEALTH/COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSE WEEK NOTED. <br />Proclamation which was unanimously adopted by the Council: <br />WHEREAS, the City of Edina is concerned about the health and well being of its <br />people, and it is appropriate that we recognize the many contributions made to <br />the health of our residents by hblic Health/Community Health Nurses working in <br />a variety of settings; and <br />WJAEREAS, these nurses serve the people of Edina by promoting the highest level of <br />welhess, independence and self care that is possible for an individual’ to <br />attain; and <br />WHEREAS, services to the sick and disabled are provided in a manner that assists <br />many to convalesce quickly, others to regain higher functioning levels, and some <br />to die with dignity and comfort in their own homes; and <br />WHEREAS, these nurses have shown competence in the prevention of disease and <br />promotion of health; and <br />WHEREAS, these Public Nealth/Community Health Nurses have provided effective <br />leadership in developing comprehensive health services for residents in Edina; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, I, C. Wayne Courtney, Mayor of the City of Edina, Minnesota, <br />hereby proclaim the week of June 21 through 26, 1981, to be <br />PUBLIC HEALTH/CONMUXITY HEALTH NURSE WEEK <br />in the City of Edina. <br />The proclamation was accepted by Ms. Yvonne Hargens , Director o-f Public Health. <br />Nursing for the City of Bloomington. <br />SIDEWALK IMPROVEMENTS NOS. S-28 and S-29 AUTHORIZED; IMPROVEMENTS NOS. P-BA-248, <br />P-BA-249 and P-BA-250 CONTINUED TO JULY 6, 1981. Affidavits of Notice were pre- <br />sented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />notice given, public hearings were conducted and action taken as hereinafter Set <br />forth. <br />A. PERMANENT ’STREET SURFACING WITH CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER IIPROVEME” NO. P-BA- <br />248 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Grove Street from Johnson Drive to Cul-de-sac <br />The Mayor issued the following <br />PROCLAMATION I <br />. <br />, <br />‘ <br />Fursusnt to due <br />Only three members of the Comcil being present, iilember Schmidt’s motion was <br />seconded by Member Turner continuing the hearing of Street Improvement P-BA-248 <br />until July 6, 1981. Motion carried unanimously. <br />B, SIDEWALK IMPROVEMENT NO. P-S-28 (S.A.P. 120-020-10) IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Xerxes Ave. from Heritage Drive to W. 66th Street <br />W. 66th Street from Xerxes Ave. to France Ave. (S.A.P. 120-138-02) <br />C. SIDEIqALR LMPROVEF.IEY5’ NO. P-5-29 (S .A.P. 120-020-11) IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Jhiprovements Nos. P-S-28 and P-S-29 <br />affecting the same properties , the hearings were conducced concurrenrly . being paid from State Aid Funds and generally <br />Xr. I