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6/8/81 <br />155 <br />No further business appearing , the Mayor declared the meeting adj ournecl and <br />announced that the next meeting of the Board of Review wou1.d be at 5:OO p.m. on <br />Ifonday, June 22, 1981. Adjournment zt 6:OO p.m. <br />/ <br />MINUTES OF THE CONTIMUED Nf2ETING OF THE <br />EDINA BOARD OF IJEVIEI? <br />HELD MONDAY, JUNE 22, 1981 AT 5:OO P. M. <br />Answering rollcall for the continued meeting of the Board of Review were members <br />Schmidt, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />Mr. Maurice Lava, 4360 Brookside Court., Apt. 301, objected to the Assessor's esti- <br />mated market value for his condominium of $95,600, and stated that he had been <br />told by the Assessor's office that his property taxes would increase by 50%. <br />Lava also spoke in behalf of other residents of 4360 Brookside Court, approxi- <br />mately eighteen of whom were in attendance at the meeting. Ms. Helen Morton, Apt. <br />105, objected that residents of the building are senior citizens who have bought <br />their condominiums as a place in which to live, rather than as an investment. It: <br />was also noted that individual units do not have their own washers and dryers or <br />central air conditioning. Mr. Sanlcey advised chat the estimated market prices are <br />established by sales of comparable properties and cited sales made in the build- <br />ing between September, 1979 and September 1980. Members of the audience agreed <br />that Mr. Lava should be notified of the Board's decision and that he, in turn, <br />would advise residents. <br />Mr. <br />a 0 ffl 3 a a <br />Mr. Fred Wherland objected to the fact that the Assessor had denied his applica- <br />he had purchased the house on &y 28 and applied for a homestead on Nay 29, and <br />that his family has since spent "the majority of its time at 6400 Willow Wood Xd." <br />Mr. Wherland added that they had moved.some furniture themselves and that the <br />movers had taken the large pieces on June 12. He also advised that mail had been <br />changed from his former residence at 416 Griffit St. on June 12 and that he had <br />* applied for his new telephone on June 3. Mr. Wherland objected that the observa- <br />tion of the Assessor's staff made on June 2, 1981 was made from the first floor <br />only and that the sleeping quarters on the second floor could not be observed. <br />tion for a homestead on his property at 5400 Willow Wood Road. He said that ._ <br />, <br />Mr. Arnold C. Calvert objected that the Assessor's estimated market value of <br />$83,000 for his property at 7510 Cahill Road (Apt. 204-B) is inconsistant and <br />excessive, particularly in relation to the condominium units located directly over <br />and below his, and requested also the assistance of the Assessor in applying €or <br />an abatement on his current year's taxes. Mr. Calvert was advised that thc Asses- <br />sor had now recommended that the estimated market value be revised to $78,000 to <br />conform more closely to the units above and below his unit. <br />A letter from Err. H. Thomas Diehl 'c7as presented to the Board in which Hr. Diehl <br />objected to the Assessor's estilnated market value of $199,600 for property loca- <br />ted at 7303 Glouchester Dr. Mr. Diehl gave his estimated value at: $185,000. <br />A letter from Marilxyn J. Peterson, President of M & M Executive Services, Inc., <br />objected to the Assessorrs estimated market value of $672,800 for property located <br />at 5200 $1'. 73rd St. Ms. Peterson said that because of unoccupied office space, <br />they may be forced to close the business if their taxes increase at this time. <br />A letter from Mr. John 14. Gendler, representing First 'Ni.sconsin l4ortgage Company, <br />objected to the Assessor's estimated market value of $278,000 for vgcant land <br />located in the Northwest quadrant of Gleason Road and the Crosstown i3ighwa-y. <br />Enclosed with the letter was a letter from a professional appraisQr, citing com- <br />parable lznd sales and advising that they believe the estimated market value as <br />of October 1, 1980, to be $220,000. <br />No further objections being heard by the Coard, 'Member Schm:idt's motion was then <br />seconded by Member Turner, approving reduction of the following properties as <br />recommended by the Assessor: