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MINUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING <br />OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />SEPTENBER 14, 1981 <br />215 <br />4:OO P.M. <br />Answering rollcall were members Bredesen, Schmidt, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />PROPOSED 1982 BUDGET PRESENTED. Mr. Rosland presented the proposed Budget for 1982 <br />advising that although the State Legislature has imposed an eight percent maximum <br />expenditure limitation, the City's primary objectives for 1982 are: 1) to maintain <br />the current level of services, 2) to retain the excellent City staff, and 3) to <br />continue ongoing replacement of capital equipment and infrastructures. He noted <br />a proposed increase in the General Fund of $660,768 and in the Park Fund of <br />$49,299. <br />of fulltime employees remaining constant for 1982, and stated that the additional <br />inspector/firefighter provided for in this year's budget will not be hired. <br />ance benefit increases proposed range from $90 to $100 per month for employees <br />carrying both single and dependent coverage and are dictated by union contracts, <br />with firefighters and police contracts still to be settled, possibly by arbitration. <br />. Mr. Rosland pointed out that financial projections for 1982 indicate an increase <br />of 12.3 percent of assessed real estate value before fiscal disparities to exceed <br />$566 million; revenue sharing from the Federal Government and local aids from the <br />State will make up 15.3% of the budget; licenses/permits/fees/charges will make up <br />6.5%, with off-sale liquor fund providing 5.5% and other revenues will make up <br />7.8% of the proposed budget. Commodities eipenditure making up 5% of the budget <br />is expected to increase 11% and overall expenditures will increase 9.66% with the. <br />City attempting to retain a contingency account of under 1% in the tax supported <br />funds. <br />Mr. Rosland indicated an increase in wages of 9.5 percent with the number <br />Insur- <br />Proposed budget for commissions snd special projects were reviewed by Council. <br />South Hennepin Human Services Council, represented by Russ Stricker, Director, <br />requested funding in the amount of $3,520, plus an additional $5,000 for continu- <br />ing operation, necessitated by the elimination of human services from the' Hennepin <br />County budget for 1982. Mrs. Sally Tang, Mrs. Galene Erickson, and Mrs. June <br />Schmidt, members of SHHSC, also spoke in support of the funding request. Budget <br />proposed for Recycling Commission included $22,000 for purchase of one ton truck <br />with special attachment for loading which would be recovered iiithin three years <br />froin estirnated profits. 170 provision was made for funding the Bike Szfety Program <br />inasmuch as community service organizations could be approached for contributions. <br />Hi-. Rosland advised that the City would receiye no increase in State ,&id funds if <br />the tax levy is below 10 mills, but that the City may be eligible for State funds <br />in connection with energy savings at the Arena. It is estimated revenue sharing. <br />will be reduced by $18,000. Public health servi'ces, contracted with Bloomington, <br />will be based on amount of revenue received from Hennepin County for public health. <br />The election budget increase is based on primary and general elections which will <br />be held during 1982. Further, Mr. Rosland explained that the.Assessing Department <br />records will be computerized resulting in an increase of $11,000 for contractual <br />services. Budget increases in Planning, Administration, Finance, Public Works and <br />Engineering result mainly from wage raises, and cost's for legal and court services <br />are up because of raised fees. Maintenance of City streets constitutes the great- <br />est portion of the Public Works budget which is not assessed against property owners. <br />*u . <br />Mr. Roslmd indicated that increases for Police Protection and Fire Protection <br />have been budgeted keeping in mind that union contracts have not been settled. <br />He commented that the 12 Community Service Officers have proved very effective in <br />various functions in the Police Department, and that the Volunteer Firefighters <br />have completed initial training and are responding to calls. <br />are not available now, the request for air warning sirens has been reduced.': <br />The Council requested that 3k. Dalen, Finance Director, prepare additional budget': <br />reductions for consideration at the next meeting. Mr. Rosland presented Council . <br />with a schedule of proposed increases in fees and charges collected by the City- <br />for consideration in conjunction with the 1982 Budget. <br />Because matching funds <br />The Mayor declared the meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m. and continued to September 17, <br />1981, at 4:OO p.m. in the City Hall Conference Room. <br />3174%- u <br />Acting City Clerk