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a 0 <br />219 <br />MINUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING <br />OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />SEPTEMBER 17, 1981 <br />4:OO P.M. <br />Answering rollcall were Members Bredesen, Schmidt, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />1982 BUDGET ADOPTED. <br />Mr. Rosland advised that an increase in budget for Animal Control is based mainly <br />on increased kennel fees charged by Bloomington, and that animal control is <br />the function of one fulltine Officer assisted by Community Service Officers. <br />Lower contract cost with the City of Bloomington for Public Health services is <br />offset by increase in payroll costs. <br />higher cost of payroll, with all other cost self-supported. <br />pointed out that the Contingencies budget was cut last year to $60,000 and that <br />this fund possibly could provide monies for programs cut back by Hennepin County. <br />The budget for Special Assessments on City property provides for the City's <br />share of such assessments on various improvement projects. <br />Capital Outlay request covers replacements only for 1982, and the Capital <br />Improvements budget remains constant at $50,000. <br />Continuing the review of the proposed 1982 Budget, <br />Inspections budget increase is due to <br />Mr. Rosland <br />Central Services- <br />me Park and Recreation budget was reviewed by Council. Mr. Rosland noted that <br />the recreation portion is partially self-sustaining by fees charged; that services <br />to Senior Citizens are encouraged to be self-sustaining, and that the City parks <br />are not. He stated further that although the City has acquired a tremendous <br />amount of property for parks, no personnel has been added for maintenance. <br />Mr. Dalen advised that there are no outstanding Park bonds and that the budget <br />of $120,000 for Capital Outlay plus $80,000 in Capital Improvement (allocated <br />from Liquor Dispensary Fund) is used for capital replacement of maintenance <br />equipment, capital repair of equipment, and capital improvements. <br />As requested by Council, Mr. Rosland presented -a schedule of adjustments as <br />prepared by Mr. Dalen, of $85,910 in reductions, for a total proposed increase <br />for 1982 of $589,434 or 8.02%. The 1982 Budget as revised will total $7,974,227 <br />with a total tax levy of $4,855,433, based on an assessed value of $545,025,802. <br />It was pointed out that the budget will produce an estimated mill rate of 8.909. <br />Member Schmidt thereuyon offered the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION ADOPTING BUDGET FOR THE CITY OF EDINA <br />FOR THE YEAR 1982, AND ESTABLISHING TAX LEVY FOR <br />THE YEAR 1981 PAYABLE IN 1982 <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF TEE CITY OF EDINA, MINNESOTA, DOES RESOLVE AS FOLL0W.S; <br />Section 1. <br />adopted as hereinafter set forth; and funds are hereby approprTated therefore:. <br />The Budget for tfie Clty of Edina for the calendar year i982 <br />GENERAL FUND <br />GENERAL GOVERPSmNT ~ ~ <br />Mayor and Council $ 32,800 <br />Planning , 111,568 <br />Administration 239,273 <br />Finance 193,356 <br />Election 45 , 908 <br />Assessing 171,450 <br />Legal and Court Services 119,000 <br />TOTAL GENERAL GOVEKNMENT $ 913,355 <br />PUBLIC' WORKS <br />Administ ration $ 68,314 <br />Engineering 249,582 <br />Highways 1,834,689 <br />TOTAL PUBLIC WORKS 2,152,585 <br />PROTECTIOM OF PERSONS AXD PROPERTY <br />Police ' $1,964,905 <br />Fire 1,241,812 <br />Civilian Defense 18,341 <br />Public Health 194,851 <br />Animal Control 32,528 <br />Inspect ion 142,592 <br />TOTAL PROTECTION OF <br />PERSONS AND PRaPERlY .- $3,595,029