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,316 <br />MINUTES <br />OF TIlE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUXCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />DECENBER 30, 1981 - 4:30 P.M. <br />Answering rollcall were >embers Richards, Schmidt, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />METROPOLITAN HEALTH BOARD NENBER APPOINTSENT DISCUSSED. Council- was .reminded * <br />that a vacaiicy exists on the Metropolitan Council Health Board for District 11. <br />Nember Schmidt's motion was seconded by Member Turner that the name of 1Irs. <br />Sally Tang be submitted for membership, if she is willing to accept the appoint- <br />ment. <br />her name if she is agreeable. I The Clerk will contact Mrs. Tang to see if she is interested and submit <br />Ayes: RLchards, Schmidt, Turner, Courtney <br />No tion carried. <br />. Nays: None <br />ORDINANCE NO. 171-A5 GRANTED SECOND READING, <br />no obiections had been received to the proposed increase in sanitary sewer rates, <br />Being advised by Nr. Rosland that <br />I. <br />- <br />Member Richads offered Ordinance No. 171-A5 for First Reading and moved its <br />adoption as follows : <br />ORDINANCE NO. 17l-G <br />TO CHAKGE THE SEWER RENTAL CHARGES FOR USE <br />.- . . AN ORDINANCE AEiENDING ORDINANCE NO. 171 . - <br />OF THE MUNICIPAL SANITARY SEWER SYSTEN <br />THE CITY COUNCIL CF THE CITY OF EDINA, MINNESOTA, ORDAINS: <br />A to Ordinance No. 171 are amended to read as follows: <br />Section I; The amounts of the following described &e Numbers of Schedu3.e <br />ORD. SEC. PURPOSE OF E333 <br />NO. NO. FEE/CHARGE 210. AMOUNT 7 -- <br />Net - 1101 l(a) Sewer rental Gross <br />Single family dwellings, Based upon water usage during 37a <br />town houses, two-family winter quarter. (Three month <br />dwellings, apartment build- period falling between Nov. 1 <br />ings containing four or less <br />dwelling units: <br />To and izcluding 2,000 cubic <br />feet <br />From 2,001 to and including <br />4,000 cubic feet <br />I *.I and >larch 1.) <br />$6.05 per mo. <br />$9.63 per mo.' <br />$5.50 per mo. <br />$8.75 per mo. ! <br />From 4,001 to'and including $16.50 per mo. $15.00 per W. <br />7,OOq cubic feet <br />From .7,00 1 cubic feet and <br />over cubic feet <br />$.98 per 100 $.88 per 100 <br />cubic feet <br />.. <br />Apartment Buildings with $74.25 plus <br />more than four dwelling $13.75 for each <br />units unit over four, <br />or 96 cents per <br />hundred cu. ft. <br />during the <br />quarter, which- <br />Wer is greater. <br />Lof water used <br />$67.50 plus 37b <br />$12.50 for each <br />unit over four, <br />or 88 cents Per <br />hundred cu ft. <br />of water used <br />during the <br />quarter, ~7hich- 1 <br />ever is greater <br />Commercial. and industrial $18.56 per $16.88 per 32C : <br />buildings, including schools water meter or water meter or <br />and churches approved sewage approved sew2g.e <br />metering device metering dextce <br />on premises, or on premises, or <br />96 cents per <br />hundred cu.. ft . hundred cu. fr. <br />of water used of mter used <br />during the quar- during the qnar- <br />ter , whichever <br />is greater is greater <br />I 88 cents per <br />ter , whichever <br />Sec, 2. This ordinance shal; be in full force and effect immediately upn . <br />its passage and publication. <br />Council was assured that notices olr explaination would be sent out with the new <br />.statements.