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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF TT!E <br />PEERUARY 1, 1982 <br />EDINR C'L'L'Y COUNCIL HETJI AT CITY IIALL <br />17 <br />hiiswe~:liig rollcall were members Bredeseq I<lcha;-ds , Turner ant T1,;yoi- Courtmy. <br />JAYCEE WOMEN PROCLAMATION READ. <br />IJIIEREAS, the I\.iinnesota Jaycee Women have protnoted community service in Minnesota <br />for 32 years; and <br />WHEREAS, the Minnesota Jaycee Women is an organization of over 5,000 young women <br />of today in over 275 communities; and <br />WHEREAS, the Minnesota Jaycee Women shall set aside the week of February 7 thru <br />13 to educate the community in the areas of on-going projects in Accent on <br />Youth, Aid to Retarded Citizens, Community Service, Medical Health, Prevent <br />Child Abuse, Reye's Syndrome and Today's Woman; and <br />1HEF;EAS , the Minnesota Jaycee Women provide individual developnient to tomorrow' s <br />leaders; and <br />WHEREAS, their creed states, "May we leave the world a better place because we <br />lived and served within it"; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the week of February 7 through 13, 1982 be <br />proclaimed JAYCEE WOMEN WEEK. <br />The proclamation was accepted by Mrs. Barbara Byrne, President of Edina Jaycee <br />Women. <br />The Mayor issued the following proclamation: <br />PROCLAMATION <br />.-. ._ . ~ <br />YORK CONDO ASSOCIATION PROOF OF PARKING AMENDMENT APPROVED CONDIT.IONALLY. Mr. <br />Hughes recalled that the appeal of York Condo Association from a Boardof Appeals <br />and Adjustments decision had been continued from the meeting of August 3, 1981, <br />SL; that the AssocLatLon could bring in a aew site plan for 26 additional parking <br />spaces whicb would have been worked out with the Traffic Safety Committee and <br />approved by the staff. Council was advised that Association members had retained <br />Berlnet-Ringrose-Wolsfeld-Jarvis-Gardner, Inc. , and that both the. Yorlc Condo Home- <br />owners who feel there is a need for more parking and those who feel there is <br />already adequate parking facilities have agreed to a plan which provides twelve <br />additional parking - spaces. -. - - - - . . Mr. . Richard Wolsfeld of BRW explained that the major <br />problem has been that visi*Lors vodd have to park a considerable ?istarice from <br />where they wanted to go but that at no time were all available spaces utilized. <br />He said that there is no safe way to provide 26 additional spaces on the site <br />and that the twelve space plan now proposed is a reasonable conpromise. <br />response to Member Bredesen's concern that the problem would still remain unre- <br />sal-qed and that City ordinances are far from beicg xet, Er. .!kg!ies said that <br />the only other location for additional spaces would be ~n the lot to the West <br />but that lot would be so far away that it would not be useful. He said that a <br />small ramp could also be constructed.' Mr. Roy Bates said that more thought is <br />being given to parking spaces than to safety. Mr. Larry Everett said that, while <br />he was very vocal at the last hearing, he now feels that the proposal answers <br />safety issues and that for,the distant future, the proposed plan should be ade- <br />quate. <br />additional spaces could be created by restriping the lot. Mr. Ralph Lieberman, <br />secretary of the York Condo Board, emphasized that there is not enough land to <br />provide adequate parking. In response to a question of Council, Mr. Hughes said <br />that, at the time the building was constructed, the parking restrictions were <br />not set forth in the same manner as now required in Proof of Parking Agreements. <br />No further discussion being heard, Member Richards' motion was seconded by Mem- <br />ber Bredesen, to modify the Proof of Parking Agreement to allow twelve spaces <br />to be constructed and to reserve the ability to provide another fourteen sp" aces <br />if it should becoice necessary at a future date. <br />In <br />Mr. Wolsfeld said that as the trend toward smaller cars increases, <br />Rollcall : <br />A>7es : ' Bredesen, Richards, Tuner, Courtney <br />Nays: Noile <br />Motion carried. <br />COEPKJNITY DEVELOPI4ENT CORPORATION (YORK AVENUE SZEIOR CITIZEN HOTJSING) PROJECT - <br />APPROVED. Mr, Hughes, as stated in the Housing and Redevelopment Authority <br />Minutes of February 1, 1982, recommended the approval of creation of a neigh- <br />borhood based non-profit corporation, requested approval of the amendment to <br />the Over-All Redevelopment, and requested a hearing date be set for amend- <br />ment of the Community Development Block Grant Funds application. Menber Turner <br />thereupon offered the following resolution <br />RES OLUT I OB <br />BE IT RESOLVED that the Edina City Council does hereby approve the creation <br />of a neighborhood based non-profit corporation to facilitate use 02 Community <br />Developinent Block Grant funds. <br />and moved its adoption: