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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR NEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL NOLD AT CITY HALL <br />FEBRUARY 22, 1982 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Uredesen, Iiichards, Schnlid t, Tururs aid;yox <br />Courtney. <br />IILNUTES of February 1, 1982, were approved as submitted by motion of Member <br />Schmidt, seconded by Member Turner. <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner, Courtney <br />Nays: None <br />lfotion carried. <br />$4,500,000 HOSPITAL SYSTEElS REVENUE BONDS (FAIRVIEW COWUNITY HOSPITALS) GMNTZD <br />PRELIMINARY APPROVAL. The Mayor stated that this was the time and place fixed <br />by resolution of this council, adopted on February 1, 1982, for a public hear- <br />ing on the proposal that the City undertake and finance a Project on behalf of <br />Fairview Community Hospitals, a Minnesota non-profit corporation (Fairview) , <br />pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 474. The City Clerk presented affi- <br />davits showing publication of the Notice of Public Hearing at least once not <br />less than 15 or more than 30 days prior to the date fixed for the public hear- <br />ing, in the Edina Sun, being the official newspaper of the City and in the <br />Minneapolis Star and Tribune, being a newspaper of general circulation through- <br />out the City. <br />ordered placed on file with the City Clerk. <br />for the public hearing on the proposal to undertake and finance the Project <br />on behalf of Fairview. The purpose of the hearing was explained, the nature <br />of the Project and of :the proposed revenue bonds were discussed, the draft <br />copy of the Application to the Commissioner of Energy, Planning and Develop- <br />ment with all attachments and exhibits were available, and all persons who <br />desired to do so were afforded an opportunity to express their vlews with res- <br />pect to the proposal to undertake and finance the Project, in response to <br />which the following persons appeared, were. recognized and made statements, sum- <br />maries of which appear hereafter: Mr. Kirby Erickson, representing Fairview <br />Southdale Hospital introduced Messrs. Donald Ramsey, Jay Swanson and David Lit- <br />tle. <br />square foot addition which a completely new aad expar,ded program for <br />coronary care. He referred to the fact that the demographics of the commun'i'ty <br />show an aging population and that they have had an.12% annual increase in need <br />for additional facilities. In response to a question, the Gouncil .was advised <br />that, under State Statute 474, many types of health care facilities would bc <br />zuthorized to seek funding by revenue bonds. <br />view Southdale had expanded its parking facilities to over SO0 stalls and that <br />this is, in his opinion, within normal guidelinesfor Medical District 5onTng. <br />Erickson also recalled that the hospital is paying its share, along with S.A.C. ' . <br />charges for a new sanitary sewer system which was constructed in the area. <br />Attorney Erickson pointed out that approval of the bond issue does not mean ap- <br />proval of parking and zoning issues and noted also that the agreement recites <br />that Fairview Southdale will pay all City expenses in connection with the sale of <br />the bonds. Mr. Kirby Erickson also assured the Council that they would follow _-- <br />the Citizens League recornmeridations and 'will publish information in conjunction <br />with private hospitals in Minneapolis and St. Paul and that they will continue to <br />provide services in a cost effective way. <br />the sale of the bonds would encourage the hospital to provide certain health care <br />services for Edina residents which would otherwise be the responsibility of the <br />City. <br />costs SO that patients would have an opportunity to compare the costs of various <br />hospitals. Mr. Krby Erickson said that it is the hospital's start pub- <br />lishing costs of hospital care for those patients with the 25 most prevalent diag- <br />noses and that this is being done in conjunction with the majority of private <br />hospitals in the Twin Cities area. He added that Fairview Southdale's costs run <br />approximazely 15% below the cost of comparable hospitals, and that they intend to <br />continue to provide services in a cost effective manner. City Attorney Erickson <br />asked that the record indicate that his 'law firm represents both the City and the <br />hospital and requested that action recognizing and approving this fact be taken. <br />After all persons who wished to do so had stated their views on the proposal, <br />the Mayor declared the public hearing to be closed. <br />motion for the following resolution was Member Schmidt: <br />The affidavits were examined, found to be sati'sfactory and <br />The Mayor then opened the meeting <br />I Mr. Erickson explained that Fairview Southdale proposes to add a 22,000 <br />Mr. Kirby Erickson stated that Fair- <br />Mr. <br />City <br />Mr. Rosland expressed his hope that <br />Menber Turner asked Fairview Southdale's intentions of publishing their <br />- <br />After some discussion, <br />RESOLUTION DETERMINING TO PROCEED WITH A PROJECT WITH <br />FAIRVIEW COMMJNITY HOSPITALS AND ITS FINANCING UNDER <br />THE MUNICIPAL INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ACT ; REFERRING "HE PROPOSAL <br />TO THE CONMISSIONER OF ENERGY, PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT FOR <br />APPROVAL, AND AUTHORIZING PRI?,PARATION OF NECESSARY DOCUMENTS