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,34 MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA cIw COUNCIL HELD AT CITY IIAT~L <br />NARCH 1, 1982 <br />Answering rollcall were Members 'Rikhards , Schmidt , Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />CLYDE E. HEGMAB RESOLUTION OF CONDOLENCE ADOPTED. <br />ing Resolution of Condolence which was unanimously approved. <br />RESOLUTION OF CONDOLENCE <br />WHEREAS, Clyde E. Hegman has been active in civic and community affairs in the <br />City of Edina, being Chairman of the Edina Good Government Group for many years; <br />and <br />'IJHEREAS, Clyde E. Hegman retired as a Vice President from the Finance Depart- <br />ment of Cargill, Inc., after giving over forty years of service; and <br />WEREAS, Clyde Hegman was active in Minnesota Masonry, being a 33rd Degree <br />Mason, Peast Grant Master of the State of Minnesota, and having served his fellow <br />man further as President of the Board of Directors of the Masonic Memorial <br />Hospital Fund, retiring as President Emeritus; and <br />"HEREAS, Clyde Hegman passed axay after a long illness on February, 21, 1982, at <br />the age of 73; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that members of the Edina City Council do hereby <br />express the respect and affection of all Edina residents for the achievements <br />of Clyde E. Hegman in making this City a better place in which to live; and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Edina City Council does express its heartfelt <br />sympathy to his wife, Elsie, to his daughter, Nancy and to his son, Mark; and <br />BE IT RESOLVED FURTdER that a copy of this resolution be spread upon the pages <br />of the Minutes Book of the Edina City Council and that appropriate copies be <br />given to the family of <br />in recognition of his respected place <br />The Mayor read the follow- <br />.= <br />. I <br />CLYDE E. HEGMAN <br />in this community. <br />EDINA SOY SCOUTS THANKED FOR HYDRANT SHOVELING PROJECT. <br />thanks of the Council and staff of the City to the following Boy Scout Troops <br />for their outstanding cooperation in shoveling fire hydrants following the. <br />The Mayor expessed the <br />I heavy snows this past winter: Boy Scout Troop 1/62 (St. Stephen's Episcopal <br />Church) , Nr . Michael Zeiler , Scoutmaster; <br />teriar: Ckrch), Rr. Jecob ?a'T Lam?, Scoutmaster; <br />herd of the Hills Lutheran C'nurch of Edina), Efr. Rod Priebe, Scoutmaster; <br />Scout Troop #123 <br />Mogck,; Boy Scout Troop 1/68 (Good Samaritan United Methodist Church of <br />Edina), Hr. Edward Rippee and Mr. Bill Wright, Scoutmasters; Cub Scout Pack 1/68 <br />CGood Sanaritan United Methodist Church of Edina) , Xr. Bruce Walters , Cubmaster; <br />Boy Scout Troop #78 (Christ Presby- <br />Bay Scout Troop a123 (Shep- <br />(Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church of Edina), Mr. David <br />Boy Scout Troop 11198 (Normandale Lutheran Church. of Edina) , Mr. Jerald Silver- <br />man, Scoutmaster: Cub Scout Pack 11198 (Normandale Lutheran Church of Edina), <br />Mr. William Bauer, Cubmaster; Boy Scout Troop 114 (Edina-Morningside Community <br />Congregational Church), Mr. Robert Davis, Scoutmaster; Cub Scout Troop 1k ~ . . <br />Edina-Morningside Community Church), Mr. Robert Davis, Cubmaster; Boy Scout . <br />Troop #48 (Calvary Lutheran Church of Edina) , Mr. Donald Schlaefer, Scoutmaster. <br />Awards will be made to each troop. <br />ONE COWOXATE CENTER PHASE 6 UTILITY AND DRAINAGE EASEMENT VACATION APPROVED. <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by the Clerk, approved as to form and <br />ordered placed on file. Mr. Hoffman presented the petition for vacation of a <br />utility and drainage easement located in One Corporate Center Phase 6, advis- <br />ing that a substitute easement has been granted to the City and that no objec- <br />tions had been received. No comments being heard, Member Schmidt offered the <br />following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION VACATING <br />EASEMENT FOR UTILITY AND DRAINAGE PURPOSES <br />WHEREAS, a resolution of the CitylCouncil, adopted the 1st day o€ February, 1982, <br />fixed a date for a public hearing on a proposed vacation of easement for utility <br />and drainage purposes; and <br />WHEREAS, two weeks' published and posted notice of said hearing was given and <br />the hearing was held on the 1st day of March, 1982, at which time all persons <br />desiring to be heard were given an opportunity to be heard thereon; and <br />WHEREAS, the Council deems it to be in the best interest of the City and of the <br />public that said easement vacation be made; and <br />WHEREAS, the Council has considered the extent to which the vacation affects <br />existing easements within the area of the vacation and the extent to which the <br />vacation affects the authority of any person, corporation, or municipality om- <br />ing or controlling electric or telephone poles and lines, gas and sewer lines, <br />or water <br />tion, to <br />- pipes, mains and hydrants on or under the area of the proposed vaca- <br />continue maintaining the same, or to enter upon such easement area or