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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />MAY 17, 1982 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner and Mayor <br />Courtney. <br />MINUTES of May 3, 1982, were approved as submitted by motion of Member Schmidt, <br />seconded by Member Turner. <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner, Courtney <br />Nays: None <br />Motion carried. <br />PART PAID/VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS RECOGNIZED. <br />appreciation to Chief Kehoeand to the following Part Paid/Volunteer Firefighters <br />for their contribution to the Edina Fire Department: Gregory Bretson, Lawrence <br />Friedrichs, Steve Hatzung, Thomas Jenson, Steven Nelson, Robert Prestrud, Gerald <br />Reifschneider, Daniel Scheerer, John Scheerer, Martin Scheerer, John Senior, <br />Michael Wech and Raymond Wolff. <br />The Mayor expressed his sincere <br />Plaques were presented to all members. <br />MARTH COURT IMPROVEMENTS AUTHORIZED. Mr. Rosland recalled that public hearings <br />on Permanent Street Surfacing with Concrete Curb and Gutter Improvement No. P-BA- <br />254, Grading and Graveling Improvement No. P-C-140, Sanitary Sewer Improvement <br />NO. P-SS-364 and Watermain Improvement No. P-WM-349 had been continued from the <br />meeting of May 3, 1982, as requested by the developer. Affidavits of Notice <br />were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Put- <br />suant to due notice given, public hearings were conducted and action taken as <br />hereinafter recorded: <br />A. PERMANENT STREET SURFACING WITH CONCRETE CURB & GUTTER NO. P-BA-254 IN THE <br />FOLLOWING: <br />Marth Court from W. 78th Street to cul-de-sac <br />.B. <br />C SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. SS-364 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />GRADING AND GRAVELING IMPROVEMENT NO. P-C-140 IN-THE FOLLOWING: <br />. Marth Court from W. 78th Street to cul-de-sac' . _-- - . <br />Marth Court from W. 78th Street to cul-de-sac <br />Marth Court from W. 78th Street to cul-de-sac <br />Mr. Hoffman recalled that the original hearing on April <br />D . WATERMAIN IMPROVEIGNT EO. P-WM-349 IN THE FOLLCWING : <br />The improvements above listed affecting the same properties, public hearings were <br />conducted concurrently. <br />19, 1982, had been continued so that details for right-of-way could be worked out <br />between property owners on the East and West sides of the road. <br />Valkenburg, attorney.for the developer of property on the West side of the road, <br />advised that no agreement has yet been reached. He recalled that his client does <br />need the improvements and needs a five foot strip of land on the West side of the <br />road, as well as a ten foot strip of land on the East side of the road and asked <br />that Council authorize the improvements and also authorize condemnation so that <br />these strips of land can by acquired for right-of-way. Mr. Roger Evanson, 7717 <br />Marth Court, read a letter that he had sent to Mr. Van Valkenburg on May 12, 1982, <br />objecting to the 90~ per square foot price offered by the developer. <br />Valkenburg pointed out that the price would depend on whether "buildable" or <br />Mr. Jeffrey Longtin, 5828 W. 78th St., <br />said that he would not sell his non-buildable property for less than $2.00 or <br />$3.00 per square foot, and asked that the developer be told to make a realistic <br />appraisal. <br />be taken from his front yard is very important to the value of his property. <br />Stating that people have a right to develop their property, that the value of <br />the land is unknown at this time and that the cost of the condemnation would be <br />included in the assessment, Member Richards offered the following resolution and <br />moved its adoption: <br />W. James Van <br />Mr. Van <br />unbuildable" lots are being discussed. I1 <br />Mr. Evanson emphasized that the ten foot strip of land proposed to <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING IMPROVEMENTS - PERMANENT STREET SURFACING WITH CONCRETE CURB & GUTTER NO. BA-254 <br />GRADING AND GRAVELING IMPROVEMENT NO. C-140 <br />SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. SS-364 <br />AND WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT NO. WM-349 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Edina, Minnesota, that this <br />Council heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published and mailed to <br />owners of each parcel within the area proposed to be assessed on the following <br />proposed improvements: <br />1. CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT STREET SURFACING WITH CONCETE CURB AND GUTTER <br />P-BA-254 IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />Marth Court from W. 78th Street to cul-de-sac