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282 <br />MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT .CITY HALL <br />MAY 16, 1983 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner and Mayor - Courtney. <br />THOMAS OMESTAD CONGRATULATED. <br />of Congratulations to Thomas Omestad, which resolution was unanimously adopted: <br />WHEREAS, Thomas Omestad, an honor student of Edina High School, graduated from <br />the University of Minnesota in Economics with a grade point average of 3.91; and <br />WHEREAS, Thomas Omestad was one of ten students to win the coveted Carnegie <br />Endowment for International Peace Internships, under whose sponsorship he will <br />spend six months with Foreign Policy magazine in Washington, D.C.; and <br />%REAS, Thomas Omestad will be assisting authors with research and reviewing <br />manuscripts and hopes for a career in foreign policy; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Edina City Council does hereby commend <br />Mayor Courtney presented the following Resolution <br />RESOLUTION OF CONGRATULATIONS <br />THOMAS OMESTAD <br />-for his outstanding academic accomplishments and does wish him every success in <br />his future endeavors; and <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be spread upon the pages of the <br />Minutes Book of the Edina City Council and that an appropriate copy be presented <br />to him. <br />e- <br />RUTH HORSTMANN COMMENDED FOR TOYS FOR TOTS PROGRAM. Mr. Rosland advised that <br />Ruth Horstmann of the Edina Fire Department has been the coordinator of the Edina <br />Toys for Tots Program sponsored by the Marine Corps Reserves for the past three <br />years of participation by the City. As coordinator she has organized the drop- <br />off areas, the City-wide publicity, along with the pick-up of toys donated which <br />are then distributed through the Marine Corps Reserves to agencies and referred <br />individuals, thereby making Christmas an extra special day for some lucky needy <br />children. <br />with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Marine Corps Reserves. -The CounCil <br />joined in thanking Ruth for her time and,effort:in this program. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of April 18, 1983, and the Special Meeting of <br />April 25, 1983, were approved as submitted by motion of Member Schmidt, seconded <br />by Member Turner. <br />Mr. Rosland commended her for this volunteer effort and presented her <br />PUBLIC HEARING CONDUCTED ON GOLF TERRACE IMPROMNT NO. P-BA-260. <br />Notice were presented by Acting City Clerk, approved as to form and ordered <br />placed on file. Pursuant to due notice given, public hearing was conducted and <br />action taken as hereinafter set forth: <br />Affidavits of <br />A. PERMANENT STREET SURFACING WITH CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER P-BA-260 IN THE <br />FOLLOWING : <br />Golf Terrace from Wooddale Avenue Westerly 2100 Feet Plus or Minus <br />Mr. Rosland presented total estimated construction cost for Permanent Street <br />Surfacing with Concrete Curb & Gutter at $122,173.41, with the estimated amount <br />to be paid by the City at $61,086.71 and the estimated amount to be assessed <br />at $61,086.70, proposed to be assessed against 3,848.48 assessable feet at an <br />esimated cost of $15.87 per foot ... Engineer Hoffman explained that construction <br />of this improvement, if approved, could be accomplished in 1983 with the except- <br />ion of a finishing seal coat.which will be applied in June of 1984. Assessments <br />would then be levied in 1984 with the initial installment due in 1985. *his <br />improvement is proposed to be assessed over a ten year period at an annual rate <br />of interest not to exceed the amount allowed by law. <br />hearing has been called as a result of concern over the deteriorated condition <br />of the curb and some portions of the street. <br />Kenneth and Grace Manick, 4705 Golf Terrace, stating they do not wish to parti- <br />cipate in the proposed concrete curb and gutter replacement project. <br />Kovpick, 4708 Lakeview Drive, pointed-out that her lot is partly on Golf Terrace <br />and that there is no curb and gutter on the Lakeview Drive main side; and that <br />talking to Mr. Hoffman he indicated the curb and gutter was proposed to stop <br />at the driveway. She stated that she did not see the need for curb and gutter <br />and that it would look strange if it were only constructed on part of her lot, <br />but that she was supportive of the street improvement. <br />view Drive, commented that he was in favor of the street improvement but did <br />not see where curb and gutter would enhance his property. <br />the project as proposed were John Barton, 4700 Golf Terrace and Dick McGuire, <br />4615 Golf Terrace. Member Richards stated that he would support. the project, <br />but suggested the City Engineer work with the two property owners on Lakeview <br />Mr. Hoffman stated this <br />Note was made of a letter from <br />Susan <br />John Burritt, 2706 Lake- <br />Speaking in favor of