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106A <br />MINUTES <br />OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL AND EDINA SCHOOL BOARD HELD AT CITY HALL <br />OCTOBER 10, 1983 <br />City Council Members present: Richards, Schmidt, Turner and Courtney. <br />School Board Members present: Atchison, Christianson, Gleason, Jones, Kelly and <br />Moe. The meeting was held in the Council Chambers. <br />Mayor Courtney. introduced Mrs. Kelly, Chair of the School Board, who explained that <br />the purpose of the meeting was to-consider the use of the Wooddale School property <br />for which the Board, after 'setting enrollment projections, sees no need at this time. <br />The Board believes, therefore,"that the property.'should be held under the domain of <br />the City of Edina for the benefit and interest of the public. Mrs. Kelly advised <br />that Council Member Fred Richards would-chair the meeting. <br />Mr..Richards explained that he and Member Turner had met with some of the School. Board <br /> discuss.:some of- .the.concernaIof,.the Board regarding the Wooddale School <br />property and other'and that this joint meeting was scheduled to give <br />residents of the.City an opportunity to comment and -voice their concerns, -He noted <br />that it was not the intent of'the City Council or the School Board to.make a decision <br />at this meeting regarding the Wooddale School property. <br />Glenn Smith, former School Board Member, -read a:proposal fox-the Wooddale School <br />property in which he agreed with the premise:-that the land be used for park.purposes <br />but was concerned about the disposition of-the- ,.building. He suggested that the building <br />should survive if .there is a need for it to survive and that the need to survive is <br />based on whether or.not.there is an effective and viable use and occupancy for the <br />Wooddale building..: He stated that it should not be at the expense of the taxpayers. <br />Mr. Smith proposed that occupants be found- .who--can afford to rent at Wooddale and that <br />if we cannot get commitments for occupancy then we should not maintain the building. <br />To implement this plan he suggested the­'following: l) appoint a task force, 2) fund <br />the task force so that they might receive.information relative to remodeling and <br />rehabilitation work, etc., 3) charge them with:developing a funding proposal for the <br />work that nee.ds-:to be done, and 4) have them report to the Council and School Board <br />in- February. <br />Foster'Duriwiddie; Chairman of the Heritage Preservation Board, also presented a <br />written report regarding the Wooddale School. He noted that Wooddale School has <br />long been recognized for its historical and architectural significance. In 1982, <br />it was listed in the National Register of Rtp toric Places in Washington, D.C. as a <br />"pivotal" building within the Country Club Historic District of Edina. As a National <br />Register property, it is afforded certain protection from the adverse effect of <br />Federally - funded projects. Mr.:Dunwiddie advised that one of the benefits of <br />National Register status is that rehabilitation -and restoration costs expended on <br />such income producing properties qualify fora 25% tax credit. It would also <br />qualify for matching State and.Federal grants for rehabilitation costs. He noted <br />that he had conducted an inspection of the building to,assess its current condition <br />and need for repair and had concluded that it is in -good condition for a building of <br />its age. He agreed - that-:a citizen's committee should be established to study the <br />matter -of the continued use of Wooddale School and its future disposition. <br />Donna Skagerberg, representing the Edina Historical Society, advised that the Society <br />feels strongly.that the building saved...Joan-Cornwell, 4905 Browndale Ave., <br />expressed the..concern -of area residents for more park space. Canny Wright, 4600 <br />Sunnyside Road, questioned. th:e cost of maintaining the closed school building. Jack <br />Curtis, 4400 W. 50th Street, asked about the square foot rental now being charged <br />the present tenants. Nat Robbins, 5023 Wooddale Avenue, said that he would not like <br />to see future uses creating more traffic in the area, that the building should go, <br />and the-land be used for a.park or playground. Other concerns expressed were that <br />the land should not be-used - 'as parking for.St. Stephens's church, that if the building <br />were preserved it should not be through use of taxpayers' funds, that the Council <br />and'School Board should take a long range look for the maintenance of the building, <br />and that. -any decision regarding the Wooddale School property should be based on how <br />it.would best serve the community. <br />Chairman Richards adjourned the discussion meeting at 8:00 p.m. Members of the City <br />Council then met in"the. Manager Conference Room to discuss implementation of the, <br />Committee on Alternative. -- Strategies for Delivering Municipal Services. No formal <br />action was taken. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m. <br />City Clerk <br />