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.- 178 MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JANUARY 9, 1984 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt and Mayor Courtney. <br />MEMBER RICHARDS APPOINTED MAYOR PRO TEM. <br />Member Bredesen was seconded by Nember Schmidt, appointing Member Frederick S. Richards <br />as Mayor Pro Tem for the year 1984. <br />As recommended by Mayor Courtney, motion of <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Courtney <br />Motion carried. I HEDBERG AND SONS CONFANY REQUEST FOR REZONING TO POD-1 AND PRELIMINARY PLAT APPROVAL <br />CONTINUED INDEFINITELY. Planner Hughes recalled that the request for rezoning to <br />POD-1 and for preliminary plat approval of Hedberg and Sons Company,-for property <br />generally located east of France Avenue and north of Parklawn Avenue, had been <br />continued from the Council Meeting of December 19, 1983. <br />ponents have now requested that the matter be continued indefinitely. Member <br />Richards' motion was seconded by Member Schmidt to continue indefinitely the rezoning <br />request and preliminary plat approval for Hedberg and Sons Company property. <br />He adv'lsed that the pro- <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />AMENDMENT TO THE COMPREHENSIVE PLAN FOR 1980-90 CONTINUED INDEFINITELY. As recom- <br />mended by staff, Member-Richards' motion was seconded by Member Schmidt to continue <br />indefinitely the Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan for 1980-90 concerning public <br />park and land uses for the area generally located west of York Avenue South, north <br />of W. 76th Street and east of France Avenue. <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Courtney _- <br />Motion carried. <br />HEARING DATE SET FOR KYLLO DEVELOPMENT REZONING REQUEST AND PRELIMINARY PLAT APPROVAL. <br />As recommended by staff, Member Bredesen's motion was seconded by Member Richards, <br />setting January 16, 1984, as the hearing date for the rezoning request of Kyllo Deve- <br />lopment to PRD-2 and preliminary plat approval. <br />I Ayes : <br />Motion carried. <br />Bredesen , Richards , Schmidt , Courtney <br />METROPOLITAN COUNCIL APPOINTMENT DISCUSSED. <br />representative of the Edina area, has resigned her position on the Metropolitan Council. <br />Mayor Courtney advised that Pat Hasselmoe, <br />Nr. Rosland stated that, in checking with the Secretary of State's office, the following <br />persons have formally applied: Carol Hanson from Golden Valley, Palmer Tang from Edina, <br />and Joel Raymond from Golden Valley. He added that Harvey Lang, former mayor of . <br />Robbinsdale and Dottie Rietow of St. Louis Park, intend to apply for the position'and <br />that applications will be accepted until February 14, 1984. Mayor Courtney asked the <br />Council Members to think about candidates that we should support for appointment or <br />any additional names to submit so that a recommendation can be made at the meeting of <br />January 16, 1984. No formal action was taken. <br />1984 CITY LEGISLATIVE POLICY SUBMITTED. Mr. Rosland explained that, subsequent to the <br />preparation of the City's 1983-84 legislative policies which had been sent to Council <br />Members in December, four items have come to staff's attention which should be added: <br />1) zoning filing, 2) definition of part time worker, 3) defense of criminal charges for <br />public officials, and 4) cornunity health services. <br />look at their calendars so that a date could be set at the next meeting'whereby the <br />Council would invite the state legislators representing Edina to a morning meeting so <br />that Council could state their views on proposed legislation. <br />Council to review the legislative issues that have been ideatified prior to the meeting. <br />No formal action was taken. <br />PROPOSED JOINT AND COOPERATIVE AGREEbENT/LOBBYING EFFORT REVIEWED. Mr. Rosland <br />advised that some of the city managers of the suburban metropolitan communities have <br />been meeting with the objective of developing a lobbying effort in the state legisla: <br />ture. The cities that have been involved are comparable to Edina and have common <br />interests. <br />in an effort to jointly hire a lobbyist to represent their interests at the state <br />legislative level. <br />Municipal Legislative Commission to be governed by a Board of Directors composed of <br />two directors from each participating city. <br />city is not to exceed $.25 per capita, with a maximum contribution of $10,000. <br />Mr. Rosland stated he would recommend that the City of Edina participate in this <br />organization in an effort to bring the concerns of the Edina taxpayers to the state <br />legislature. <br />next Council meeting to allow time to evaluate the proposed agreement. <br />was taken. <br />He suggested that Council Members <br />Mr. Rosland asked the <br />1 <br />A draft Joint and Cooperative Agreement is being presented to each city <br />The agreement would establish an organization to be known as the <br />The annual financial contribution--of each <br />After discussion, Nayor Courtney suggested a decision be made at the <br />No action