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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />FEBRUARY 6, 1984 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Schmidt, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />FLAG CEREMONY CONDUCTED BY GIRL SCOUT TROOP NO. 615. <br />No. 615 opened the meeting by presenting the colors and Pledge of Allegiance. .The <br />Mayor and Council Members welcomed them and thanked them for the samples the. <br />Annual Scout Cookie Sale. <br />Members of Girl Scout Troop <br />JAYCEE WOMEN MEEK PROCLAIMED. <br />WHEREAS, the Minnesota Jaycee Women have promoted community service in Minnesota <br />Mayor Courtney read the following proclamation: <br />PROCLAEiATION <br />for 34 years; and <br />WHEREAS, the Minnesota Jaycee Women is an organization of over 5,000 young women <br />of today in over 275 communities; and <br />WHEREAS, the Minnesota Jaycee Women shall set aside the week of February 12 through 18 <br />to educate the community in the areas of ongoing projects in Accent on Youth, Aid <br />to Retarded Citizens, Community Service, Medical Health, Epilepsy, Osteogenesis <br />Imperfecta and Today's Women; and <br />WHEREAS, the Minnesota Jaycee Women provide individual development to tomorrow's <br />leaders; and <br />WHEREAS, THEIR CREED STATES, "May we leave the world a better place because we <br />lived and served within it"; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the week of February 12 thru 18, 1984, be pro- - <br />claimed JAYCEE WONEN WEEK. <br />GORDON "BUD" COLEMAN AND GORDON RUDOLPH COMMENDED. Assistant City Manager Bernhardson <br />introduced Gordon "Bud" Coleman and Gordon Rudolph, advising that both men are light <br />equipment operators with the Public Works Department and have been employed'with the <br />City since 1969 and 1962, respectively. <br />conscientious service to the City of Edina and presented them with silver pens bearing <br />the Edina Logo. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Council Meeting of January 16, 1984, and Special Meeting of <br />January 23, 1984, were approved as submitted by motion of Member Turner, seconded by <br />Member Schmidt. <br />He commended them for their faithful and <br />The Council Members joined in congratulating and thanking them. <br />I <br />Ayes: Schmidt, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />COMPREHENSIVE ZONING ORDINANCE GRANTED FIRST READING/PUBLIC HEARING TO BE HELD OPEN <br />TO FEBRUARY 27, 1984. <br />hensive Zoning Ordinance conducted at the last-meeting had been continued to receive <br />additional oral or written comment and he suggested that the hearing be held open <br />to February 27 for any further comment from property owners. <br />rezoning issues that were pointed out at the previous meeting as follows: 1) Vacant <br />property presently zoned multiple residence - three properties are involved, one at <br />the junction of 7th Street and Co. Rd. 18, another direcsly south of Interlachen Hills <br />apartments and the third parcel is located just west of Cahill Road. Staff would <br />propose that those properties which are zoned either R-3 District or R-4 District <br />under the present ordinance be rezoned to R-1 District in connection with this process. <br />2) Some properties that are zoned Planned.Industria1 District (P1D)'now are proposed to <br />be rezoned to Planned Office District (POD) : <br />Office Park, the Edina Office Center building, and the Xerox Building. Because they are <br />developed with office buildings it is proposed they be rezoned to POD. 3) Some prop- <br />erties in the Southdale area presently zoned Commercial District are developed with <br />office buildings and would be better zoned POD. They are the Southdale Office Center <br />and the Titus Building. Nr. Hughes recalled that at the last meeting the Council had <br />requested that staff notify the owners of those properties to solicit their comments. <br />It was found that many of the buildings are owned by companies that are located out <br />of state. <br />have indicated they see no particular problem with the proposed rezoning, but would <br />have to consult with the owners. <br />gested that the whole issue be deferred until February 27 for solicitation of comments <br />from the building owners, noting that no one had objected to date. 4) Developed resi- <br />dential properties which are presently zoned R-3 District, R-4 District and R-5 District <br />and have to be put into some catagory under the new zoning ordinance. <br />explained that the policy followed in preparing the new zoning map is to rezone those <br />properties to the highest density PRD use permitted by the Comprehensive Plan, but <br />only to the degree of density to prevent any non-conforming status for each site. He <br />noted that there are some developed properties in the City that will be non-conforming <br />by virture of the adoption of the new zoning ordinance due to their density exceeding <br />even the highest zone that is proposed. Mr. Hughes then pointed out the second general <br />Planner Hughes recalled that the public hearing on the Compre- <br />Mr. Hughes then reviewed <br />Th6sG properties include .areas off. Pentagon <br />I . <br />Staff has contacted the management companies for those properties and all <br />Because of the distances involved, PIr. Hughes sug- <br />Mr. Hughes