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MINUTES <br />OF Tm SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />MARCH 26, 1984 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner and Mayor <br />Courtney. <br />FUNDING MECHANISMS FOR EDINBOROUGH PROJECT PRESENTED AND DISCUSSED. Mr. Rosland <br />gave a brief review of the proposed Edinborough project showing 400 housing units, <br />two office buildings, a building for the elderly of 202 units and a park. Funding <br />mechanisms were then presented for the Council to consider. Mr. Van Valkenburg <br />pointed out the objectives of the project with regard to subsidized housing for <br />low and moderate income persons. <br />potential risks.of..the project and the steps that may reduce such risks. <br />subject of housing revenue bonds was discussed. <br />voiced concerns regarding housing-revenue bonds financing, how the eligibility. <br />for..the housing units would be determined, subsidy to the office buildings, and <br />need for the proposed park. Mr. Rosland stated that the concerns of the Council <br />would be brought to the developers for their response and then the project would <br />be brought to public hearing for action by the Council. <br />taken. <br />City Attorney Erickson then explained the <br />The <br />During discussion the Council <br />No formal action was <br />EDINA COMMUNITY CENTER DISCUSSED. Member Turner gave a brief presentation of <br />the conceptual outline for the Edina Community Center that had been developed <br />by the Community Center Advisory Board of which she is a member together with <br />Assistant City Manager Bernhardson. <br />of Schools. She advised that the Board has begun to attempt to define what a <br />true community center is* and to look at long term support for that facility. <br />The Conceptual Outline was developed to aid in that task and proposes that it <br />is unlikely that necessary capital costs can be borne by the users of the facility, <br />therefore it will be necessary,*for the City and the School.Dfstrfct to bud.get equal <br />contributions for capital needs on an on-going basis. <br />that the proposal is for a three way partnership: the School District and the <br />City as the two joint powers, being legal entities, and the community as the <br />third partner. <br />summarized 1) that this discussion was to inform the Council of the Advisory <br />Board’s position, 2) that if there are needs for space for City use that <br />facility should be kept in mind, and 3) that it is recommended that no action <br />should be initiated by the Council at this time. No formal action was taken. <br />The Board is advisory to the Superintendent <br />Mr. Bernhardson explained <br />Following discussion of the concepts as outlined, Member Turner <br />- <br />WINE LICENSING DISCUSSED. Member Richards recalled that the issue of on-sale wine <br />licenses in the City of Edina has been brought to the Council on a number of <br />occasions in recent years and that the Council has not approved issuance of such <br />licenses because they felt the majority of the community did not approve of wine <br />being served in the City. <br />an advisory referendum on the issue be placed on the ballot.for the general .. <br />election this November when it is anticipated there will be a large voter response. <br />After discussion of an advisory referendum on the issue, it was the consensus of <br />the Council that the staff investigate the legalities involved as well as the <br />costs that would be incurred and to report back to the Council. <br />ALTERNATIVE REVENUE SOURCES TO BE STUDIED. Mr. Rosland handed the Council Members <br />a listing of alternative revenue ideas which have been developed by the staff, <br />asking that they review the list and that it would be discussed at a future <br />off-Monday special meeting. No action was taken. <br />He suggested that the Council may wish to consider <br />No action was taken. <br />There being no further items for discussion, the iueeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m. <br />I <br />1 <br />7~fLUfJ4-”lr77 w- <br />City Clerk