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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JUNE 4, 1984 <br />63 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner and Mayor <br />Courtney. <br />KIM HOLLAND AND KAREN KISER COMMENDED. Mr. Rosland introduced Kim Holland.and <br />Karen Kiser, advising that both are leaving the employ of the City. <br />has been custodian of City Hall since September of 1981, and has done a commendable <br />job in maintaining the building. <br />Police Department since October of 1979, and initiated the data entry system for <br />that department. <br />will be missed. <br />bearing the City logo, in appreciation of their service to the City. <br />the Council also extended their appreciation and thanks. <br />Kim Holland <br />Karen Kiser has worked as a secretary in the <br />She has been a conscientious worker and her pleasant personality <br />He commended both Kim and Karen and presented them with silver pens <br />Members of <br />OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD FOR ACCIDENT PREVENTION PRESENTED. On behalf of <br />the Minnesota Safety Council and the Edina Citizens Safety Council, Alison Fuhr <br />presented the Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding .accident <br />prevention performance in traffic safety to the City of Edina for 1983. <br />Courtney accepted the Award on behalf of the City. <br />Mayor <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of May 7, 1984, and May 21, 1984, were approved as <br />submitted by motion of Bember Turner, seconded by MEmber Schmidt. .- Ayes: 'Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />PRELIMINARY PLAT APPROVAL FOR MILLER ADDITION CONTINUED TO JULY 2, 1984. <br />Richards asked that he be excused from the meeting; so that there would be no <br />Member <br />appearance of possible conflict of interest with regard to the Miller Addition. <br />Mr. Hughes recalled that at its meeting of May 21,..1984, the Council had taken <br />action to continue the hearing for preliminary plat approval for the Miller Addition <br />to this meeting so that the issues of access by condemnation, site drainage and <br />.the relationship of the Miller plat to the proposed plat east of Dearborn Street <br />could be researched. Mr. Hughes advised that the plat to the east is entitled <br />Commission at its last meeting. He stated that the Blake Woods plat involves <br />three existing lots on the east side-of Dearborn proposed to be replated into <br />four lots. The plat relies on vacation of the unused portion of Dearborn to the <br />north as well as vacation of Spruce Road-along the north property.line. <br />four new lots would be arranged around a new cul-de-sac on Dearborn and would be <br />located opposite the westerly extension of Dearborn Street as proposed by the <br />plat of Miller Addition. <br />extent, on access to the Miller Addition. Mr. Hughes recalled that the Miller <br />Addition relies upon the acquisition of right of way across lots on the west side <br />of Dearborn which are not oked by the proponent. <br />is not acquired, some modifications to Blake Woods will be needed. <br />view, the existing access to the Miller property via Dearborn Street and Spruce <br />Road must then be-preserved. ._- <br />from Harrison Avenue to the west my be possible. .Although no right of way exists- <br />for such a street, it appears that some parcels presently owned by the public could <br />be used as right of way. David Licht, Northwest Associated Consultants, was present <br />representing the proponent. He recalled that two concerns were voiced over other <br />issues at the last meeting: 1) drainage and 2) benefit derived by condemnation, <br />He then summarized his letter of June 4,-1984, addressed to the Council, that while <br />the Millers would undoubtedly benefit, there are indeed advantages for the City as <br />a whole, the spedfic area and notably, :The Ruenzlies. <br />the lot layout which has been suggested for the Miller land represents a reasonable <br />and good design and use of the property- <br />reviewed the storm water drainage plan and presented graphics showing what would <br />occur with a 100-year rain storm. <br />all ultimate development in the area.-, to the south would be inundated <br />and-no-property to the west would be inundated except for a little portion of the <br />alley. He also pointed out options which may be considered. Member Bredesen c <br />asked if any properties would be inundated with a 100-year event whose property now <br />would not be inundated. <br />now be inundated which would not be under the proposed plan and that no other <br />properties would be inundated. <br />outlot would be connected to the main inundation area. Member Bredesen asked for <br />Engineer Hoffman's opinion as to the proposed drainage plan. <br />that all possible options for drainage have been presented and if the properties <br />to the east are developed a storm sewer system will be required which goes to the <br />east towards the pond in the area east of Griffit Street and north'of Maloney Avenue. <br />Blake Woods" and was reviewed by the Community Development and Planning It <br />The <br />The proposed Blake Wood plat depends,:to a certain <br />If access to the Miller Addition <br />In staff's <br />As an alternative, .access-to the Miller property <br />He pointed our again that <br />Len Xraemar of Barr Engineering Company <br />He stated that they had taken into consideration <br />- <br />Mr. Kraemar atated that there-are properties that would <br />In response to Member Schmidt, he stated that an <br />Mr. Hoffman responded