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MINUTES <br />OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JUNE 7, 1984 <br />The Edina 'City Council meet in special session at 5 :48 p .m., immediately upon <br />adjournment of the Board of Review. <br />Schmidt, Turner. and Courtney. <br />Answering rollcall were Members Richards, <br />ORDINANCE NO. 434-A8 ADOPTED; SECOND READING WAIVED (SWIMMING AND SPECIAL <br />PURPOSE POOLS). Mr. Rosland advised, that as directed by the Council at its <br />Regular Meeting of June 4, 1984, the amendment to Ordinance No. 434 has been <br />clarified and staff would now recommend adoption thereof. <br />the amendment changed the definitions of "swimming pool" and "special purpose <br />pool"; amended part of Section 6 regarding pool deck requirements and amended <br />Section 23 with regard to location requirements. <br />Member Turner moved adoption of Ordinance No. 434-A8 with waiver of Second '' <br />Reading as follows: <br />He pointed out that <br />No objection being heard, <br />I <br />ORDINANCE NO. 434-A8 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 434 <br />TO DEFINE SPECIAL PURPOSE POOLS AND SWIMMING <br />POOLS, CHANGE DECK AREA REQUIREMENTS, CLARIFY <br />FENCE REQUIREMENTS AND AMEND LOCATION REQUIREMENTS en <br />a? THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF EDINA, MINNESOTA, ORDAINS: : SecEbn*L -5ecLim-i J. xi€ .Drwee -901:~434 3s .hereby &ea by ..changing the <br />"Swimming Pool" is any basin for holding water, designed for human use, with <br />"Special Purpose Pool" is any basin for holding water, designed for human use, <br />1 43 3XUow2ng de€initions : <br />a water surface area exceeding LOO square feet. rn a <br />, 100 square feet or less in water surface area. This definition includes, but is <br />not limited to, treatment pools, therapeutic pools, whirlpools, spa pools, hot <br />tubs and wading pools. <br />Sec. 2. Paragraph (g) of Section 6 of Ordinance No. 434 is hereby amended <br />1 . to read: <br />"(g) Pool Deck. Unobstructed deck areas not less than 48 inches wide shall <br />be provided to extend entirely around each swimming pool; however, no deck need <br />be provided for that side of a swimming pool forming a common wall with a special <br />purpose pool, where the water depth of both the swimming pool and the special <br />purpose pool are less than 54 inches, and where the deck extends around all of <br />those sides of the special purpose pool not sharing a common wall with the swimming <br />pool. <br />the normal water line. <br />and the surface shall be such as to be smooth and easily cleaned and of non-slip <br />construction. <br />foot, designed so as to prevent back drainage into the pool. If deck drains are <br />provided, drain pipe line shall be at least two inches in diameter; drain openings <br />shall have an open area of at least four times the cross-sectional area of the <br />drain pipe. The deck drain system shall have indirect connections to the sanitary <br />sewer. <br />Pool decks shall be constructed above, but not more than 9 inches above, <br />I <br />The deck area shall be constructed of impervious material, <br />The deck shall have a pitch of at least one-fourth inch to the <br />The deck drains shall not be connected to the recirculation system piping." <br />Sec. 3. Section 23 of Ordinance No. 434 is hereby amended to read: <br />"Sec. 23. Location. No portion of a swimming pool or appurtenances thereto <br />shall be located at a distance less than ten feetfromany side or rear property <br />, line, nor in front of the building line. <br />I or appurtenance thereto shall be located at a distance less than five feet from <br />* any side or rear property line, nor in front of the building line." <br />No portion of a special purpose pool <br />.Set, 4, <br />"Sec. 24. Fences. All swimming pools and special purpose pools shall be <br />Section24 of Ordinance No. 434 is hereby amendedto read: <br />- TXII@L~~ ;enclosed by anon-climbing type fence. All fence openings OT points <br />of entry isto the-podl area-enclosnre shall be equipped with gates. <br />and gates shall be at least four feet in height and shall be constructed of a - <br />minimum number eleven gauge woven wire mesh corrosion-resistant material, or of <br />other materials approved by the Building Inspector. <br />with self-closing and self-latching devices placed at the top of the gate or <br />otherwise inaccessible to small children. All fence posts shall be decay or <br />corrosion-resistant and shall be set in concrete bases, or other suitable <br />protection. The openings between the bottom of the fence and the ground or other <br />surface and the openings between the vertical pickets shall not be more than four <br />inches. <br />its passage and publication. <br />Motion for adoption of the ordinance was seconded by Member Schmidt. <br />The fence <br />All gates shall be equipped <br />- <br />c - <br />Sec. 5. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect immediately upon