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.. .. <br />MINUTES . <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JUNE 18, 1984 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Bredesen, Richards, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />RESOLUTION OF CONDOLENCE FOR T. LEA TODD ADOPTED. <br />Resolution of Condolence for T. Lea Todd which was unamiously adopted by the Council: <br />.Mayor Courtney read the following <br />RESOLUTION OF CONDOLENCE <br />WHERAS, T. Lea Todd was a long time resident of the City, having brought his - <br />family to Edina in 1937; and <br />WHEREAS, he was held in high esteem by all who knew him for his many civic interests <br />and his selfless and timeless efforts in serving his community; and <br />WHEREAS, he served on the Planning Commission for a total of twenty years and was <br />Chairman for ten years, during Edina's greatest period of growth from 1943 to 1968; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, he was elected as President of the Village Council and served a two year <br />term from January 1, 1944 through December 31, 1945; and <br />WHEREAS, he was a strong proponent for the establishment of the first Edina Munici- <br />pal Liquor Store with the proceeds thereof to be used for the development of parks <br />and streets in a rapidly developing community, and <br />WHEREAS, he was a charter member of the Edina Taxpayers Association which was -- organized in 1951; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Edina City <br />passing of <br />on June 11, 1984, at the age of eighty-eight years, <br />to his wife, Minerva, and to his children and their <br />. T. LEA TODD <br />Council does hereby mourn the <br />and extends its condolences <br />families ; <br />BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Resolution be entered into the Minutes Book of <br />the Edina City Council and that a copy be presented to his family. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Council Meeting of June 4, 1984, and of'the Special Meeting <br />of June 7, 1984, were approved as submitted by motion of Member Turner, seconded <br />by Member Richards. <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON W. 44TH STREET IMPROVEMENT CONCLUDED; RESOLUTION ADOPTED AUTHOR- <br />IZING IMPROVEMENT NO. BA-262. Engineer Hoffman recalled that at the meeting of ,.___.. <br />May 21, 1984, the Council had continued the public hearing on proposed improvement <br />of W. 44th Street to this meeting to allow staff to prepare a proposal which <br />would address the concerns of the W. 44th Street residents as voiced at that <br />meeting. <br />Street on a block by block.basis, noting the years in which re-construction is <br />proposed for the various segments. He stated that the project includes: a) structure <br />replacement at Minnehaha Creek, b) concrete curb and gutter installation, c) concrete <br />sidewalk (north side), and d) new bituminous surfacing. Mr. Hoffman recalled that <br />issues of concern were: 1) street width, 2) parking restrictions, 3) structure <br />location on Minnehaha Creek, 4) traffic volumes/speed, and 5) funding of the project. <br />He then reviewed the possible alternatives: I) 36 feet wide (standard used by City), <br />with parking allowed on South side and funding-through gas tax monies with standard <br />assessment to adjacent property owners; 11) 32 feet wide, with no parking allowed <br />and funding through gas tax monies with standard assessment; 111) 28 feet wide <br />(subject to State Aid approval on traffic), with no parking allowed and funding <br />through gas tax monies with standard assessment; and IV) no build. As directed <br />by Council, Mr. Hoffman advised that staff has been working on Alternative I11 <br />and believes it may be possible to obtain State Aid funding but pointed out that <br />state approval is dependent upon documentation that the traffic on W. 44th Street <br />does not exceed 3,000 trips per day. A consultant has been brought in to verify, <br />traffic counts and to prepare supporting data. <br />an exception to the normal collector street policy for several reasons. <br />right of way is only 50 feet wide instead of the normal 60 feet and the homes <br />are sited closer to the street than normal. Mr. Hoffman advised that he had met <br />with three of the properties owners who would be affected the most and that the <br />28 foot width had been measured out so that they could see how it would affect <br />their homes. With regard to the structure at Minnehaha Creek, it can be placed . ' <br />to align with the street so it will not impact the back yard of the Bonn home. <br />The structure would have sidewalk on the north side and a viewing area on the <br />south side, with screening at the viewing area to protect the Maxeimer's privacy. <br />Mr. Hoffman noted that letters had been received from S, R. Maxeiner, Jr., <br />5L01 W. 44th Street, and David and Adele Hersey, 4412 Grimes Avenue So., copies <br />of which have been given to the Council. Jim Welna, 5139 W. 44th Street, stated <br />that'the residents on W. 44th Street continue to object to the proposed improve- <br />ment, but that if the Council authorizes the project, Alternative 111 (28 foot <br />I <br />Mr. Hoffman reviewed the average current.:width in feet.of West 44th <br />He added that W. 44th Street is <br />The I <br />". -.