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MINUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING <br />OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />SEPTEMBER 24, 1984 <br />3:30 P.M. <br />159 <br />Mayor Courtney called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m. <br />Members Schmidt, Turner, Courtney. <br />and Member Richards entered at 4:OO p.m. <br />Answering rollcall were <br />Member Bredesen entered the meeting at 3:45 p.m. <br />Mrs. Canny Wright, Chairman of the Human Relations Commission, reported that it is <br />the consensus of the Commission, after reviewing the budget request of Storefront/ <br />Youth Action, to recommend full support of their request of $14,650 for the Chemical <br />Abuse Coordinator position. Member Turner and Mrs. Micki Gamer also spoke in support <br />of the budget request of Storefront/Youth Action. <br />PARAMEDIC PROGRAM DISCUSSED; PUBLIC COMMENT HEARD. <br />number of persons were present because of their concern over the future of the <br />Mayor Courtney noted that a <br />paramedic program in the City. <br />continuing paramedic service to the residents of the City, but under consideration <br />is how that service will be provided and funded. <br />concern is the funding of the positions so that there is an adequate number of <br />paramedics. <br />position to become firemen only. <br />paramedic and it is hoped this recommendation will provide the adequate manpower <br />so that paraiuedic service can continue to be.provided by the City. Mr. Rosland <br />pointed out that if paramedics continue to opt out of the program due to burnout, <br />alternatives for providing the services will need to be considered. '.It was noted <br />that presently only Edina and St. Paul provide paramedic service to their residents <br />and that Burnsville is beginning a paramedic program. <br />receive paramedic service from Hennepin County or from private companies. <br />following spoke in support of continuing to have the City provide paramedics: <br />James Kelsey, 5720 Kemrich Drive; an unidentified gentleman; Bob Soelberg, 5205 <br />Tifton Avenue; the security supervisor at 7500 York Avenue; Doug Erickson, 5020 <br />Richmond Drive; Sherrill Grams, nurse at Edina Care Center; and Lewis Jones. Member <br />Richards commented that the issue of the paramedic service is a very difficult and <br />complex one that the staff and Council has been grappling with and that no defini- <br />tive answers have been reached that will resolve this issue forever. He stated <br />further that he did not think it was right for:persons who had signed on as para- <br />medics to now file a grievance with the union because they did not want to continue <br />as paramedics. Member Richards pointed out that as elected officials the Council <br />bas the responsibility of seeing that the tax dollars are properly allocated and <br />that the best possible service be given for those dollars. He added that there <br />are still questions to be asked and answered in regard to the issue. Mr. Rosland <br />pointed out that in order for the recommendation to hire one additional paramedic <br />to work there has to be a buy-in by present personnel and that it is not a total <br />financial issue but there are other problems that must be resolved to preserve the <br />present paramedic program. Member Schmidt stated that she has felt that almost <br />whatever the cost of the paramedic program it was worth having because it has <br />functioned so well in the community. She had suggested considering hiring persons <br />solely as paramedics and not have them connected with the Fire Department to avoid <br />the union involvement. <br />review the way services are delivered to the citizens to make sure they get the <br />best possible service in the most efficient manner. <br />has spent at least the last six months in looking at the way we deliver services in <br />the City, including the paramedic service. <br />presented, Member Turner submitted that the one before the Council now is the best <br />one that is available since the one she was interested in, namely provision by a <br />hospital, is not available. <br />of the proposal which would be one new man, plus training up ,of three current fire <br />fighters, increase in paramedic supplement, gradual change in administrative <br />structure and increase in fees. <br />comments made by Members Richards and Turner, but had questions as how we fund the <br />recommendation. He added that he wanted the paramedic service to be the first <br />class service it has been regardless of how it is delivered, but if there is a <br />way to do it as effectively for less money then he would support that because that <br />is the responsibility he had been charged with when elected to the Council. <br />ion followed on the number of calls since the 911 system was put in place, paramedic <br />workload per shift, number of shifts worked and salary. <br />budget recommendation. <br />The Council then reviewed the proposed budget for the Park and Kecreation Depart- <br />ment, noting that expenditures are 5% higher than last year's appropriation. <br />was noted that the City is contracting for services which the present staff cannot <br />provide,rather than adding additional personnel. <br />He commented that there is no intention of dis- <br />Mr. Rosland explained that the <br />Under the present system, paramedics have been able to opt out of the <br />The budget request would provide one additional <br />All other communities <br />The <br />Member Turner commented that every year the Council must <br />She pointed out that the Council <br />Of the numerous proposals that have been <br />She added that she would support the various aspects <br />Member Bredesen stated he concuked with the <br />Discuss- <br />No action was taken on the <br />It <br />The Council then directed the prepare the following documentation: <br />1) salary comparisions, . .. 2) suggested budget reductions to an approximate 5%