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overdl budget increase over 1984, and 3) recommended capital funding progrsm. <br />The next budget discussion meeting was set for Wednesday, September 26, 6:30 p.m. <br />with the formal adoption of the budget to be accomplished in the Regular Meeting <br />of October 1, 1984. <br />Mgyor Courtney adjourned the meeting at 5:45 p.m. <br />* <br />1 <br />MINUTES OF SPECIAL BUDGET MEETING <br />OF THE EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />SEPTIDBER 26, 1984 <br />6:30 P.M. <br />Answering rollcall were Members Richards, Schmidt, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />Mr. Rosland recalled that the Council had asked the staff to prepare a schedule <br />of salary comparisions, suggested budget reductions and a recommended capital <br />funding program for their review. <br />- <br />Council was presented with a Comparision - Maximum Yearly Salary Reported in <br />Stanton Survey of the top 10 Group V cities together with a Comparision - Yearly <br />Percentage of Increase in support of the proposed 5% overall salary increase for <br />the 1985 Budget. <br />Mr. Rosland presented the following recommendations from the Finance Director for <br />1) That the Park Fund be combined with the General Fund as of December 31, 1984. <br />23 That the Waterworks Fund and the Sewer Rental Fund be combined as of December 31, <br />3) That a Trust Fund be established during 1984 for the purpose of holding funds <br />.to pay 1985 and 1986 installments for bonds and interest of Improvement Bond <br />Redemption Fund I. <br />That a Working Capital Fund be established by transferring the remainder of <br />the accounts of the Improvement Bond Redemption Fund, and the Permanent Improve- <br />ment Revolving Funds as of December 31, 1984. <br />Capital Fund be used for capital improvement per Capital Improvement Budget. <br />consideration by the Council: 9 <br />. 1984. The new fund shall be the Utilities Fund. <br />4) <br />Any earnings of the Working <br />Council was then presented with a Working Capital Plan for years 1985-1989. <br />proposed projects for 1985 total $-100,000 and for 1986 the proposed projects tota2 <br />$250,000. The proposed projects were discussed briefly. Mr. Rosland recommended <br />that the Council approve the concept of a Capital Budget. <br />The <br />The Council Members next reviewed a list of possible Reductions to the 1985 BudgetY ’ <br />totaling $188,221.00. <br />final adoption of the 1985 Budget could be made at the October 1,.1984 Council <br />Meeting. <br />Mayor Courtney adjourned the meeting at 8:30 p.m. <br />The proposed reductions were thoroughly discussed so that <br />. ..