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Answering ro <br />Courtney. <br />MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />OCTOBER 1, 1984 <br />lcall were Members Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner ant <br />1 <br />Mayor <br />EDINA'S YEAR OF THE SCHOOL PROCLAIMED BY MAYOR. <br />following proclamation which was unanimously approved: <br />Mayor Courtney presented the <br />PROCLAMATION <br />WHEREAS, Edina Public Schools' lifelong education responsibility will become <br />increasingly important as our society moves into an information age and desires job <br />retraining and early childhood and family education; and <br />WHEREAS, the public schools of Edina have long been seen as community resources, <br />centers for intellectual, physical, social and emotional fulfillment of community <br />residents; and <br />WHEREAS, public schools in Edina are committed to providing outstanding educational <br />opportunity for all learners, regardless of sex, race, religion, or economic status; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, Edina Public Schools are responsive to recent calls for self-examination <br />and evaluation'and, are making changes for improvement; and <br />WHEREAS, the Edina Public Schools have encouraged and fostered public involvement <br />and direction through many vehicles; and <br />WHEREAS, personnel staffing Edina Public Schools have shown,.over the years, con- <br />sistent and unwavering devotion to meeting the varying needs of individual learners; <br />and <br />WHEREAS, the Edina Public Schools contribute significantly to the quality of life <br />in our City; and <br />WHEREAS, the Edina Public Schools have been recognized nationally as outstanding; <br />NOW, THEREFOREy I, C. WAYNE COURTNEY, Mayor of the City of Edina, do hereby proclaim <br />1984-85 to be <br />PROCLAIMED this 1st day of October, 1984. <br />rl 0 00 <br />c') m a <br />EDINA'S YEAR OF THE SCHOOL <br />JERRY DALEN COMMENDED. <br />as Finance Director-Treasurer for the City. <br />the City in the Fall of 1955 and that he is has been the key person in keeping the <br />City in good financial status, <br />in serving the City and presented him with a silver pen bearing the City logo. <br />Council Members joined in expressing their appreciation for his excellent work. <br />Mr. Rosland asked Jerry Dalen to come forward to be introduced <br />He advised that Mr. Dalen started with <br />Mr. Rosland commended him for his duty and dedication <br />The <br />. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meetings of August 6 and August 20, 1984, and of the Special <br />Meeting of August 20, 1984, were approved as submitted by motion of Member Schmidt, <br />seconded by Member Turner. <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS CONDUCTED ON SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS (BA-259 AND TT-84). <br />Notice were presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. Due <br />notice having been given, public hearings were conducted and action taken as herein- <br />after rec-orded on the following proposed assessments: <br />Affidavits of <br />1. STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. BA-259 <br />Location: Vernon Avenue from Gleason Road to Lincoln Drive; Lincoln Drive from <br />Vernon Avenue to Londonderry Drive <br />Engineer. Hoffman recalled the the public hearing on special assessment for Street <br />Improvement No. BA-259, Vernon Avenue from Gleason Road to Lincoln Drive; Lincoln <br />Drive from Vernon Avenue to Londonderry Drive, had been continued by the Council <br />at their meeting of September 17, 1984, to this date so that the developers of The <br />Habitat who had appeared in objection to the proposed assessment could prepare and <br />present a specific proposal as to assessment for the irregular shaped Lots 1, 5, 6 <br />and 14 abutting Lincoln Drive. <br />assessing lots that do not front on the improved street is to assess against 1/3 of <br />the proposed footage. -He pointed out that the Council had 'reduced a backyard assess- <br />ment from 1/3 of the total footage to 1/6 of the total foot'age for the Dewey Hill <br />Road project. <br />is that the City would allow access to the Dewey Hill project and no access was <br />allowed in The Habitat project due to the road configuration. <br />is some added value as a result of the lmproved roaubay but would recommend the <br />Council review this as a slightly different situation than normal to decide if the <br />ratio of assessable footage should be reduced. Rudy Trones, &*developer of The <br />Habitat, was present and stated their objections to the assessment as proposed for <br />these reasons: 1) the design of The Habitat projeet is such that no usage of the side <br />or back yards for acess is permissable as stated in the resolution approving the plat, <br />and 2) the D.N.R. wetlands on Lot 5 and 6 emcompass 50% of these lots diminishing <br />usable space and therefore the effective yard footage should be reduced accordingly. <br />In response to Member Richards a specific proposal for the assessment, Mr. Trones <br />. <br />Mr. Hoffman explained that the City's policy for <br />The difference between the Dewey Hill Road project and this project <br />Staff believes there