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MINUTES <br />SPECIAL YEAR-EXD MEETING <br />EDIMA CITY COUXCIL <br />DECESBER 28, 1984 <br />49 <br />rl 0 co 0 <br />5 m <br />Mayor Courtney called the meeting to order at 5:05 p.m. <br />Members Richards, Schmidt, Turner and Mayor Courtney. Member Bredesen arrived <br />at 5:lO p.m. <br />Answering rollcall were <br />PUBLIC HEALTH NURSING CONTRACT FOR 1985 APPROVED. Mr. Rosland recalled that at <br />the Council Meeting of December 17, 1984, the Council had reviewed the agreement <br />for public health nursing services which the Bloomington Division of Pubiic Health <br />had agreed to provide to Edina residents at a cost of $78,560.00 for 1985. <br />amount is $740.00 less than the 1984 contract due to the $5,000 reduction in <br />funding. <br />the service areas which will be reduced, to offset the reduced funding, the Council <br />had directed the staff to contact Bloomington and to bring back that information <br />to the Council. Mr. Rosland stated that Bloomington has been contacted and they <br />have indicated that there will be no specific elimination of any category of service <br />which they are presently providing and that they will always specifically treat <br />remedial cases referred to them by the various hospitals. Services presently <br />provided by the Bloomington Division of Public Health are: Home Health Services, <br />Community Nursing Services, Disease Prevention and Control Services, Health <br />Education (partially funded by United Way) and Maternal and Child Health Service. <br />The dollar cutback in the Edina contract has resulted in Bloomington reducing its <br />marketing efforts of its health prevention programs. <br />efforts has resulted in a reduction in demand for those services and thus Blooming- <br />ton has been able to keep the Edina component of the contract in line with the <br />monies provided. Bloomington has advised that with the further reduced contract <br />in 1985, there will be a continued lack of promotion of prevention efforts in <br />order to have sufficient money to take care of the remedial, part-pay and no-pay <br />patients. <br />present and spoke in support of the recommendation that the public health nursing <br />contract for 1985 with the Bloomington Division of Public Health be approved. <br />Following discussion, Member Turner moved approval of the 1985 Public Health <br />Nursing Contract to the Bloomington Division of Public Health at $78,560.00. <br />Motion was seconded by Member Schmidt. <br />This <br />Because the Bloomington Division of Public Health had not identified <br />This reduction in marking <br />Barbara Reynolds, chairman of the Edina Advisory Board of Health was <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />VARIOUS MEETING DATES NOTED BY CITY MANAGER. Mr. Rosland informed the Council <br />Members of the following meeting dates: <br />1) Meeting with Commissioner Randy Johnson and Commissioner-elect John Keefe <br />regarding Hennepin County's 1985 Legislative Program - January 2 or January 7; <br />2) Nunicipal Legislative Commission Board of Directors Meeting and Legislative <br />Delegation Reception - January 24; <br />3) LMC Legislative Conference - January 29. <br />4) Wooddale School' Site Informational Meetings - January 8 and January 15. <br />He also indicated that the.Wooddale Site issue would probably be on the Council <br />Agenda on February 4, and that the Second Reading of the rezoning for Edinborough <br />and preliminary plan approval, the draft Wine Licensing Ordinance and the LMC <br />Legislative Policies will probably b,e on the Council Agenda on January 21. <br />No action was taken. <br />STATEMENT OF ESTIMATED EXPENDITURES AND RECOMAENDED TRANSFERS APPROVED. <br />recommended by Mr. Dalen, Member Turner's motion was seconded by Member Schmidt <br />for approval of "Statement of Estimated Expenditures and Recommended Transfers <br />for Year Ended December 31, 1984". <br />Bredesen, Richards, Schmidt, Turner, Coutney <br />As <br />Ayes: <br />Motion carried. <br />CLAIMS PAID, <br />of the following claims as per Pre-List dated 12/28/84: <br />Park Fund $27,863.78, Art Center $2,529.91, Swimming Pool Fund $378.14, Golf <br />Course Fund $3,426.70 , Recreation Center Fund $1 , 518.69 , Gun Range Fund $46.98 , <br />Waterworks Fund $12,833.37, Sewer Rental Fund $3,782.89, Liquor Dispensary Fund <br />$34,116.59, Construction Fund $375.00, Total $195,151.73. <br />Motion of Member Turner was seconded by Member Bredesen for payment <br />General Fund $108,279.68, I <br />There being further business on the agenda, Mayor Courtney declared the meeting <br />adjourned at 5 :25 p .m.