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-._ <br />--_ 58 - <br />MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR BEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JANUARY 21, 1985 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Richards, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />COMMLTNITY SERVICE AWARD PRESENTED TO THE CITY OF EDINA AND THE EDINA RECYCLING <br />CONMISSION BY GOODWILL INDUSTRIES. <br />Industries, presented the Community Service Award to Mayor Courtney for the City of <br />Edina and the Edina Recycling Commission for assistance in developing or expanding <br />1981, the Edina Recycling Center has been a very popular donation point; 340,000 pound <br />of donated household material has been collected since then. The Recycling Commission <br />community awareness in support of Goodwill Industries Easter Seal Societies. Since <br />through its Recycling Center has afforded Goodwill Industries the opportunity to conti <br />services to the disabled community within the Twin City area. <br />Recycling Commission were commended by Mrs. Edwards for helping her to get to know the <br />recycling business. She pointed out that it is a tribute to the Commission that it is <br />their 15th year in the recycling business. <br />Del Edwards,.a representative of Goodwill <br />* <br />*I Individuals on the <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETINGS OF NOVEMBER 5, DECEMBER 3 AND 17, AND SPECIAL MEETING <br />OF DECEMBER 28, 1984, APPROVED. The motion submitted by Member Turner to approve the <br />minutes of these meetings was seconded by Member Richards. <br />Ayes: Kelly, Richards, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON ZONING CHANGE FROM R-1 TO MD-5 FOR EDINBOROUGH LEFT OPEN. <br />As recommended by staff, Member Richards' motion was seconded by Member Turner to <br />Zeave open the public hearing date for the second reading of the zoning change from <br />R-1 Single Dwelling Unit District to MD-5 Mixed Development District for Edinborough, <br />generally located west of York Avenue and south of Nest 76th Street. ... Ayes : Kelly, Richards, Turner, Courtney <br />Notion carried. <br />PROPOSAL FOR ZONING CHANGE FROM R-1 TO POD-2 FOR OPUS CORPORATION/NORMANDALE GOLF, INC. <br />RETURNED TO PLANNING COMMISSION. <br />dale Golf, Inc. for rezoning from R-1, Single Dwelling Unit District, to POD-2, Plannec <br />Office District. <br />and east of T. H. 100; it measures 27.5 acres in area, and it is the present site of <br />Normandale Golf Course which is a nine-hole, par 27 executive course. The golf course <br />is served by an existing A-frame pro shop/ticket office and a parking-lot which is <br />accessed from West 77th Street. <br />the Edina Comprehensive Plan. Adjoining the rezoned parcel to the west and east are <br />developed properties which are zoned POD-1. Across the street to the south are pro- <br />perties zoned PID and POD-2. <br />developed R-1 lots,.and adjoining the east boundary of the golf.course is Lake Edina <br />Park. <br />POD-2, Planned Office District. <br />shows a five-story 106,600 square foot office building for the rezoned parcel. All <br />parking will be located between the proposed building and Vest 77th Street. The pro- <br />posed building location maintains a distance of about 290 feet, at the closest point, <br />from the rear lot lines of the single family lots which border the north edge of the <br />golf course. Mr. Hughes stated that according to City records the office/industrial <br />land in the vicinity of the subject property was rezoned in 1962. <br />minutes documenting this rezoning note concern expressed by some residents and Council <br />members regarding future deyelopment of the golf course. <br />a discussion concerning deed restrictions or protective covenants to prohibit future <br />development of the golf course, no such restrictions were then imposed and, to the City's <br />knowledge, no restrictions now exist which affect the development of the golf course <br />other than normal zoning and development controls. <br />Edina may be interested in acquiring the balance of the property and operating the go1 <br />course. He also noted that, from a land use standpoint, the proposed development of <br />the southerly portion of the site for office purposes and the retention of the balance <br />of the site as a golf course/open space/buffer represents a reasonable use of the pro- <br />perty which is in keeping with surrounding developments. However, the proposed five- ' <br />story building is somewhat taller than surrounding developments and therefore a rezoning <br />to POD-I, which has a four-story height limit, may be more appropriate for the subject <br />property. Mr. Bob Worthington, Executive Director of Government Affairs for Opus <br />Corporation, was introduced; lie explained that a portion of the building would be used <br />for a clubhouse for the golf course and that there would be an easement on the balance <br />of the property to insure that the open space remains. He stated that Mr. Rauenhorst, <br />the original developer, did not intend for this land to always remain a golf course. <br />I Mr. Hughes reported on the proposal by Opus/Norman- <br />The subject property3.s generally located north of West 77th Street <br />The subject property is designated "quasir-public" by <br />Adjoining the northerly edge of the golf course are <br />The applicants request a rezoning of the-southerly 6.75 acres of the property to <br />A preliminary development plan has been submitted which <br />The City Council <br />Although the minutes indicate <br />i Mr. Hughes noted that the City of <br />-