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EDINA CITY COUNCIL MEETING - MARCH 4, 1985 - -. 84 <br />The Regular Council Meeting scheduled for March 4, 1985, was cancelled by order of <br />the Edina City Council due to the severe snowstorm on that date. <br />City Clerk <br />MINUTES <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL AND THE ADVISORY BOARD OF HEALTH <br />MARCH 11, 1985 <br />OF THE SPECIAL IGETING OF THE <br />HELD AT CITY HALL <br />City Council Members present: <br />Advisory Board of Health Members present: Aadalen, Branch, Hagen, Hansen, <br />Human Relations Members present : Barman, Llona, Oye, Westphal, Workinger <br />SHHSC representative present: Emerson <br />Kelly, Turner, Richards, Courtney <br />NcCollister, Rash, Reynolds and Wilder <br />and Wright <br />Mayor Courtney stated that the Special Meeting of the Council and the Advisory Board <br />of Health was called at the request.of the Board so that they could advise the Council <br />of public health problems and concerns in Edina which have been identified by the <br />Advisory Board of Health. <br />Barbara Reynolds, Chairman of the Board, gave an overview of public health as to <br />definition, focus, major values, major goals, major intervention strategies and <br />enforcement. <br />I <br />Chairman Reynolds then reviewed their report, "Public Health Problems/Concerns <br />Identified by the Edina Health Advisory Committee." <br />following issues : 1) problems and concerns, 2) public health values/goals , 3) possible <br />action steps, and 4) provider. <br />were: 1) older adults, 2) youth, 3) poverty, 4) domestic disturbances, and 5) visi- <br />bility of public health services in Edina. <br />Also discussed was the need for improving public relations with regard to informing <br />the residents of the many human service agencies which are available to them in <br />time of. crisis. Suggestions for implementation included: City Newsletter article, <br />more prominent placement in Sun directpry, literature distribution at food distri- <br />bution centers, dissemination through the Neighborhood Home Watch Program and infor- <br />mation distribution at Expo '85. <br />Because the meeting was called for information' purposes only, no formal action was <br />taken by the Council. <br />The report pointed out the <br />The four major catagories identified and discussed <br />The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m. <br />I ?A%. u <br />City Clerk