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138 <br />[k." <br />MINUTES OF JOINT MEETING <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL <br />EDINA HOUSING AND REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY <br />MAY 6, 1985 <br />Answering rollcall were Councilmembers/Commissioners Bredesen, Kelly, Richards, <br />Turner and Courtney. <br />Mayor Courtney announced that this joint meeting of the Edina H.R.A. and Edina <br />City Council had been convened for the purpose of conducting a public hearing on <br />the proposed "Edinborough" project in southeast Edina and that it would be required <br />that action be taken by the H.R.A:and the Council individually. <br />PUBLIC HEARING CONDUCTED ON MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT; PROPOSED PROJECT PRESENTED. <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved and ordered placed on file. <br />Mr. James Van Valkenburg gave a brief introduction of the various components of <br />the proposed project as follows: 1) Elderly housing will provide 202 units in <br />an 18-story building with two restaurants, one open to the public, developed by <br />Henry Hyatt's group, Partners for Senior Communities; 2) Office phase will consist <br />of approximately 200,000 square feet, developed by Winfield Development, represented <br />392 condominium units of which 80% will be designated for moderate income buyers, <br />developed by Laukka and Associates, represented by Larry Laukka; and 4) City owned <br />public park in the center of the development. Mr. Van Valkenburg advised that <br />Edina East Housing Foundation, a non-profit corporation, prill be involved in , <br />second mortgages on the residential property. Peter Jarvis, af the firm of BRW, <br />then gave a summary of the proposed project and stated that the basic site plan <br />is the same as the Council saw last Fall. Refinements will demonstrate the land- <br />scaping and architectural concepts. <br />residential units located on the northerly one-half of the site with access from <br />Pork Avenue and also from the west; the public park located in the center of the <br />site with an enclosed structure of about 42,000 square feet; two office <br />bgild'ings flaking the elderly high-rise of approximately 110,000 square <br />feet each; and a 18-story elderly building of approximately 202 units. <br />'by !Lick Martens; 3) Residential housing to be completed in 7 phases will provide <br />Mr. Jarvis presented graphics showing the <br />Parking <br />. facilities for each component were poinfed out. Nr. Jarvis advised that Phase I <br />-of the proposed project would include the southeast office building, the elderly <br />high-rise, the park and the first pod of housing. Each pod of 56 residential <br />units.would be constructed as a consecutive phase of the project. The second <br />phase office building is identified to go under construction with Phase IV of the <br />housing in 1987. <br />the park which interconnects structurally the elderly, the west office building <br />and the east office building into one large integrated project. <br />entirety under one approximately 39,000 square feet, with multi-level <br />facilities (e.g. storage, restrooms) that yield a total of 48,000 square feet. <br />Mr. Jarvis then showed a graphic illustrating the footprint of <br />The park in its <br />I <br />1 <br />I 1 <br />! <br />i <br />The recreation and cultural areawithin the park is approximately 44,000 square <br />feet. <br />the amphitheatre and'on the west end by the exhibition skating area or gymnastics <br />area. <br />cultural and quiet activities located in the southerly half and athletic and/or <br />banquet capabilities in the northerly half. <br />showing the detail'of the residential areas with regard to materials, colors and <br />landscaping. <br />is necessary because of the density which approximates 40 units per acre. <br />City Attorney Tom Erickson advised that there are two legal documents before <br />the Council and the Edina Housing and Redevelopment Authority (H.R.A.): 1) the <br />Southeast Edina Redevelopment Plan which must be amended to accommodate this <br />development and proposed agreements, and 2) the agreement between the.H.R.A. <br />and the East Edina Housing Foundation (the "HRA Contract"). <br />requires that Ph&e 1:only be conveyed to the Foundation and the H.R.A. also <br />agrees in connection with the sale to make certain improvements, e.g. public <br />parking, landscaping, grading and construction of the park itself. It agrees <br />also to try to obtain City approval for certain other public improvements such <br />3s streets and utilities and sventually for the City to issue tax increment <br />bonds for the cost of doing the work and housing revenue bonds for the elderly <br />development. <br />to assist in the prodaction of low and moderate income housing. The Fourrdation <br />in return agrees to build the proposed improvements and has the right to <br />exercise options to acquire the balance of these phases and the right to assign <br />its obligations to another redeveloper with the approval of the H.R.A. <br />Mr. Erickson explained that the Foundation then proposes to sign a subsequent <br />agreement, with the approval of the H.R.A., with The Edina Partnership. The <br />Partnership is comprised of York Edina Partnership (a general partnership co-m- <br />prised of Winf ield Development, Inc . , Laukka, Inc .., and Jarvis , Inc . ) , Henry <br />Hyatt, Sheldon Baskin and Tjaniel Epstein; aad Thomas W. LaSalle. <br />agrees in that agreement to assign its rights under the IiRA Contract for the <br />development of the project. <br />The park will be heavily landscaped and is anchored on the east end by <br />It is designed to a great variety of fuactions; basicalJy, <br />Mr. Jarvis then presented renderings <br />He noted that the landscape budget equates to $2,300 per unit and <br />That agreement <br />The H.B.A. also agrees to make certain interest reduction payments - <br />The Foundation- <br />The Partnerahip agrees to assume the Foundation's