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155 <br />MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />MAY 20, 1985 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Kelly, Richards, Turner and Mayor Courtney. <br />rl 0 <br />AWARD OF HONOR PRESENTED. <br />which, as a plaque, was presented to Theodore Charles Frank: <br />Mayor Courtney read the following Award of Honor <br />Award of Honor <br />Theodore Charles Frank <br />April 22, 1985 <br />Theodore Charles Frank is given the Award of Honor for his heroic rescue act of <br />April 22, 1985. On that date, he was traveling on West 66th. Street in Edina <br />adjacent to Lake Cornelia. Another motorist lost control of her vehicle, and <br />it left the roadway, going:into the lake. The driver was unable to extricate <br />herself, and the vehicle began to sink. With little regard for his own personal <br />safety, Mr. Frank dove into the icy water, swam to the vehicle, dove underwater <br />to check for.additiona1 passengers, and then freed the driver by pulling her <br />through the window of the vehicle. Mr. Frank then aided the driver to shore <br />and provided for her comfort. Mr. Frank's deeds exceed those expected of the <br />common man. He acted in a courageous manner and possibly saved the life of a <br />motorist. For this, he deserves our commendation and Award of Honor. <br />Signed: Craig Swanson, Chief of Police; and C. Wayne Courtney, Mayor. <br />EMPLOYEE COMMENDED. Mr. Rosland introduced Rick Jacobson, the City's Assistant <br />Park and.Recreation Director. <br />Park and Recreation in Golden Valley. He has been with the City of Edina since <br />1969, coming on board as the Recreation Supervisor. In 1977, he became the <br />Assistant Park and Recreation Director. On behalf of the City of Edina, Mr. <br />Rosland extended wishes for success in his new position, and he commented that <br />Rick is one of the finest Park and Recreation people in the Twin City area and <br />the State of Minnesota. <br />Rick will be leaving to become the Director of m a <br />PRD-3 PLAN AMENDMENT APPROVED FOR CAHILL ROAD AND WEST 78TH STREET (KLODT CON- <br />STRUCTION). Affidavits of Notice were presented by Acting City Clerk, approved and <br />ordered placed on file. Planner Larsen advised that the subject project, generally <br />located at the-NW quadrant of Cahill Road and West 78th Street, was rezoned to <br />PRD-3 in 1980 to allow the construction of an 89 unit, 8 building condominium <br />project. In.March of 1983, a plan was approved which contained 54 condominium <br />units in two buildings on the east side of the site while leaving three <br />original condominium buildings containing 35 units on the westerly portion of <br />the site. In August of 1983, a second amendment was approved which increased <br />the condominium count from 54 to 60 units and replaced the original units on the <br />west side with 29 townhouse units. None of the plans have commenced construction. <br />Mr. Larsen stated that the proponent, Klodt Construction Company, had submitted <br />new plans which modify the overall development by reducing the number of townhouse <br />units from 29 to 24 and increases the number of condominium units from 60 to 65, <br />all of which would be in one building, not two as previously approved. <br />townhouse units were presented as four six-unit structures. The overall density <br />of 8.5 units per acre and the unit count of 89 remains the same in all proposals. <br />. The current proposal represents a departure from the earlier proposal in two <br />significant respects. <br />building. This results in a much more imposing building. Second, the townhouses <br />are now proposed to have one main living floor and a walk-out basement. <br />earlier proposal had two living levels plus a basement. <br />coverage and increases the amount of the site occupied by the townhouses. <br />Larsen explained that there would be 2,015 square feet for each townhouse unit, <br />which includes the floor area of the garages. <br />unit sizes would be similar to those in the previous plan. <br />condominium building have been reduced slightly in size and are now proposed at <br />the minimum size required in the Ordinance. Parking, lot coverage and building <br />and parking setbacks all conform to the requirements of the.Zoning Ordinance. <br />The landscaping plan conforms in regard to'quantit&es, but the sizes of some <br />items are smaller than required. <br />'diameter, and coniferous trees should be at least 6 feet in height. The proposed <br />utility plan is satisfactory for the condominium but needs additional information <br />for the townhouse portion of the site. The two curb cuts on Cahill Road limit <br />or prevent access by fire-fighting equipment. <br />proposed use and mix of unit'types remain from previously approved plans and <br />that Staff continues to support the concept. The Community Development and Planning <br />Commission heard the subject'proposal at its May 1, 1985, meeting and recommended <br />approval, subject to the following conditions: 1) Redesign of access to accommodate <br />emergency vehicles; 2) A utility plan acceptable to City Staff; 3) Developer's <br />agreement; 4) Shademaster Locust be increased to a minimum caliper diameter of <br />The <br />First, the condominium units would now all be in one <br />The <br />This increases lot <br />Mr. <br />In this respect, the individual <br />Units in the <br />Deciduous trees should be 2% inches -_ -- in -' <br />Mr. Larsen reported that the