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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />JUNE 17, 1985 <br />179 <br />Answeri g roll <br />Courtney. <br />all were Members Bredesen, Kelly, Richards, Turner and Mayor <br />MINUTES of the Regular Council Meetings of May 6 and May 20, 1985, were approved <br />as submitted by motion of Member Turner, seconded by Member Kelly. <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Kelly, Richards, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING CONDUCTED; TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGNAL SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT NO. 85-8 <br />AUTHORIZED. <br />placed on file. Mr. Hoffman recalled that the Council at its meeting of January 21, <br />1985, had heard the report of the consulting engineering firm, Strgar-Roscoe-Fausch, <br />Inc., who had been commissioned by the City to study the traffic operations and <br />safety characteristics of W. 70th Street between Highway 100 and France Avenue. <br />One of the recommendations of the study was to signalize the 70th Street and Cor- <br />nelia Drive intersection to enhance pedestrian safety in the neighborhood adjacent <br />to the school and park. <br />recommendations and authorized the staff to prepare and send a signal justification <br />report to the State of Minnesota for approval. The State has approved funding of <br />one-half of the cost of the signal installation from State Aid funds. Mr. Hoffman <br />advised that the cost of the signal installation is estimated at $70,000.00 and <br />that the remaining one-half of the cost or $35,000.00 requires a local funding <br />source. <br />are: 1) City General Fund, 2) City General Funds and School District Funds, and <br />3) Special Assessment of neighborhood at an estimated assessment of $42.00 per single <br />family residence. Because pedestrian safety is one of the factors, Mr. Hoffman <br />explained that the proposed area to be assessed is bounded approximately by West <br />Shore Drive on the west, West 66th Street on the north, Valley View Road and Lynmar <br />Lane on the east and Gilford Drive on the south. This is the approximate walking <br />area for students attending Cornelia School. The construction of the project, if <br />approved, is proposed to occur in the Fall of 1985. If a portion of the project <br />costs are assessed, the assessments would be levied in 1986 with the assessment <br />payable in 1987. Mr. Hoffman advised that this hearing is to seek authorization <br />of the project and to discuss what funding method to use to provide the local share. <br />Member Bredesen asked if the City's General Fund has previously paid for traffic <br />signals. <br />explained further that two legs of the subject intersection are local streets and <br />do not qualify for State Aid funds. Persons speaking in objection to the traffic <br />light and/or the special assessment funding were: <br />Paul Green, 6945 Southdale Road, and Donald Johnson, 7137 Cornelia Drive. Donna <br />Fry, 7208 Heatherton Circle and Gary Chlebowski supported using the General Fund <br />of the City to fund the project. Sandy Phillips, 6817 Point Drive, urged Council <br />to prrceed with the traffic signal project. <br />Member Turner made a motion to authorize the traffic control signal system improve- <br />ment, with the understanding that the funding method would be by special assess- <br />ment to the School District and the City. Motion was seconded by Member Kelly. <br />Member Turner stated that in this situation the primary justification for the <br />warrants for the signal was the pedestrian crossing at this intersection as the <br />result of the school located there. Because there are district-wide programs at <br />Cornelia, Member Turner stated she felt the School District should be assessed, <br />together with the other benefited property owner, the City, because of the park. <br />located there which is used by families from all over the City. Member Richards <br />commented that he could not support 'the motion because part of the impetus for <br />the traffic signal came from the residents of the area who argued the need for <br />the signalization that would be a benefit to the properties. He agreed that a <br />portion of not funded by State Aid should be picked up by the City <br />and the School District, and that a portion should be picked up by the affected <br />neighborhood that will particularily benefit by the signal. <br />then called for rollcall vote on the motion. <br />Affidavits of Notice were presented by Clerk, approved and ordered <br />The Council gave concept approval to several of the <br />The three proposed alternatives for funding the local share of the project <br />Mr. Hoffman responded that this has not been Council policy in the past and <br />Kathy Lucas, 4212 W. 70th Street; <br />There being no further discussion, <br />Mayor Courtney' <br />Rollcall : <br />Ayes: Kelly, 'Turner <br />Nays: Bredesen, Richards, Courtney <br />Motion failed. <br />Member Richards then introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption, <br />with the recommendation that the one-half of the construction cost not funded by State Aid funds be assessed one-third to the City, one-third to the School <br />District and one-third to benefited property owners as identified in the <br />staff report: <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING TRAFFIC CONTROL SIGNAL SYSTEM <br />IMPROVEMENT NO. 85-8; S.A.P. 120-145-15 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the City of Edina, Minnesota, that this Council <br />heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published and mailed to owners