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MINUTES <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THII <br />EDINA CITY COUNCIL HELD AT CITY HALL <br />SEPTEMBER *9 , 1985 <br />257 <br />Answering rollcall were Members Bredesen, Kelly, Richards, Turner and Mayor <br />Courtney. <br />CITY EMPLOYEES COMMENDED. Mr. Rosland introduced the following City employees: <br />John Olson, Utility Inspector with 33 years of service; Don Lofthus, Supervisor of <br />Surveys with 31 years of service; John-Dans, Survey Crew Chief with 29 years of <br />service; and Jim Michalko, Supervisor of Inspections with 24 years of service. <br />He explained that they have been instrumental in the development of over 2/3 of <br />all the City's streets, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and watermains. Mr. Rosland <br />commended them for their excellent performance and dedication and each was <br />presented with a silver pen bearing the Edina Logo. <br />extended their thanks and appreciation to these empioyees. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meetings of August '5 and 19, 1985, Special Meeting of <br />August 12, 1985, and Joint Council/HRA meeting of August 19, 1985 were approved <br />as submitted by motion of Nember Bredesen, seconded by Member Kelly. <br />Members of the Council also <br />Ayes: Bredesen, Kelly, Richards, Turner, Courtney <br />Motion carried. <br />BUDGET FOR 1986 PRESENTED TO COUNCIL. Mr. Rosland presented the proposed Budget <br />for 1986 to the Council Members for their review and consideration at the special <br />budget hearings which have been scheduled. He advised that the Budget for 1986 <br />must be adopted by October 1, 1985 as mandated by statute. .No formal action was <br />taken. <br />WOODDALE PARK PLAN AND PARKING LOT IMPROVEMENTS IN WOODDALE/UTLEY PARKS APPROVED. <br />Mr. Rosland recalled that the Wooddale Park improvements and proposed parking in <br />Wooddale and Utley Parks has been continued at the last Council Meeting and that <br />staff had been directed to draft a parking plan for Wooddale and Utley which <br />would locate the parking lots along W. 50th Street to serve the parking needs of <br />the parks and also St. Stephens Episcopal Church. <br />summarized as follows: <br />areas, one equipped for pre-school age children and the other equipped for grade <br />school age children; to the south a hard surface area; to the west open play <br />space area (softball, soccer, fpotball); backstop with 4' fence south of playing <br />fields; remaining area would be open space; existing retaining wall on north side <br />would remain and fence would be repaired; from top of tbe..reta$ningLwall a 3tl slope <br />would be sodded; two points of interest on each side of Wooddale Avenue/5Qth Street <br />would mark the official entrance to the Country Club District; Wooddale Park <br />would be opened to the west into Williams Park. Alternatives for Parking/Wooddale: <br />1) access off W. 50th Street further west from existing entrance and adjacent to <br />proposed access to Utley Park; lot sited easterly with 25 spaces, with 10 addi- <br />tional spaces optional; 2) access off Wooddale Avenue; lot sited southerly with <br />25 spaces. Alternatives for Parking/Utley: 1) access off W. 50th Street further <br />west from existing entrance and adjacent to proposed access to Wooddale Park; lot <br />sited approximately in existing location redesigned with 47 spaces; 2) 47 spaces <br />as stated in option #l, 9 additional spaces sited south of tennis courts; <br />3) 47 spaces as stated in option #l, with parking bay on Utley side of W. 50th <br />Street providing 12 spaces; 4) 46 spaces, lot setback 20 feet from street right <br />of way, sited along W. 50th Street and preserving the large trees; .5}.:47 spaces <br />as stated in.aoption ill, 9 additional spaces sited with access off Wooddale Avenue. <br />Staff would recommend Plan A as presented for the Wooddale Park improvements. <br />Regarding parking,,staff would recommend the 25 spaces in Wooddale accessed off <br />W. 50th Street, with 10 additional spaces as an option; and would recommend <br />47 spaces in Utley Park in existing location, with options of 9 spaces below <br />the tennis courts or coming off Wooddale Avenue and the parking bay on the <br />Utley side of W. 50th Street providing 12 spaces. Engineer Hoffman explained . <br />that the proposed median on W. 50th Street westerly of Wooddale Avenue would <br />be 10 feet in width, tapering-to 4 feet at each end and would be planted <br />as a green area. Jim Curry, 4817 Upper Terrace and representing St. Stephens <br />Episcopal Church, said he would take the staff recommendation regarding parking <br />(94 spaces) baclc to the church vestry to seek their approval. <br />opposition to the proposed parking were Jane and Charles Paulus, 4617 Moorland <br />Avenue; Kathy Stassen, 4406 Sunnyside Road and Dave Duhaime, 4401 Country Club <br />Road. Paul FOSS, 5329 Interlachen Boulevard, stated that the park area now <br />known at Utley Park was originally dedicated as a war memorial park in memory <br />of the boys from Edina who lost their lives in the war and that it should be <br />preserved for that original purpose. <br />wqre Pat Rile, 4506 Moorland Avenue and Nancy Purcell, 4518 Wooddale,Avenue. <br />Mayor Courtney then called for comments from the Council. <br />that of the various options presented he favored limiting the parking in Wooddale <br />to 25 spaces off W. 50th Street, 47 spaces in Utley Park in existing location <br />Graphics were presented <br />Plan A: Kidney-shaped tot lot SO' x 120' with two play <br />Speaking in <br />Speaking in favor of the proposed parking <br />Member Bredesen said